James Pethokoukis

The way forward on climate change …

September 7, 2009

This, from Tom Barnett amplifying on a Bjorn Lomborg op-ed, seems like a policy that could actually work in the real world. Reducing economic growth is a sure loser:

McCain and stimulus: a counterfactual

September 7, 2009

From Brad DeLong:

Had John McCain won the presidential election of 2008, at the start of 2009 he would have in all likelihood proposed a trillion dollar fiscal stimulus bill–3/4 tax cuts and 1/4 aid to states–and he might have picked Tim Geithner for his Treasury Secretary. Democrats would have called for fewer tax cuts, more state aid, and some government infrastructure spending initiatives in the fiscal policy mix, but the need for the government to cushion the recession would have brought them into line. When Obama took office he bid $800 billion for his fiscal stimulus bill–about 1/3 spending, about 1/3 aid to states, about 1/3 tax cuts–thinking that would be a plan that would win broad bipartisan assent. And he was wrong.

Can Amtrak evolve into something more?

September 7, 2009

This analysis of Amtrak is worth reading in full. But I like this paragraph in particular:

Will Obama kill all the Bush tax cuts?

September 7, 2009

Might the POTUS get rid of all the Bush tax cuts, even the ones for the middle class? Larry Summers certainly has hinted at this. And I missed this one from the WaPo a couple of weeks back:

Kudlow: Obamanomics and the jobless recovery

September 7, 2009

The great Lawrence Kudlow tells a hard truth, I think, about the economy and the day after tomorrow: