Is there where economic growth will come from?

September 11, 2009

Barry Ritholtz ticks off ten technologies:

My top 10 list (in order of biggest near term potential):

1. Nano Technology (Think of the line “Plastics” in The Graduate).

2. Green (low carbon) Energy  (generation)

3. Battery technology  (storage)

4. Genomics/Stem Cell Research

5. Web 2.0/3.0 — smaller, niche companies using increased bandwidth

6. Robotics — the continued replacement of humans by machine, for both labor and judgement

7. Life extension Technologies (not disease cures, but actual extension technology)

8. Bio-Agriculture (GMF, etc.)  Feeding 15 billion people will require some technological breakthroughs.

9. Atmospheric Engineering — modifying Earth’s biosphere to keep it hospitable to Humans in the face of an ice age or global warming;

10. Terra forming/Extra Planetary Colonization (uh-oh, time to go)

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I like the list. Although, I would place Robotics/AI higher on the list. I would also place green energy and Genomics/Stem Cell lower.

My reasoning is this. Robotics/AI/UAV are going to dominate the future US military- that is a lot of R&D and spending. They will also continue to remake manufacturing efficiency. They will become more human like, and there will be greater human-Robot/AI interaction. AI will also factor heavily in advanced web. Matrix here we come!

While green energy is currently the rage, we do not have an energy shortage per-se in this country currently, and not globally except for China & India. It will be a self-sustaining industry, but I doubt it will be a major player.

I also downgrade genomics/stem cell technology, because of the inherent weaknesses in the pharma industry and the fact that the tech is still in infancy. We discovered how to clone years ago, but this has yet to develop into a behemoth industry. There will be a lot of trial and error, and moral/ethical debates. However, genomics/stem cell technologies will contribute to, and advance life extension technology. Really, they should be one category.

Otherwise, a very interesting list. Thanks for posting it!

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