About those Baucus healthcare co-ops ….

September 16, 2009

Here is what the CBO says about them:

The proposed co-ops had very little effect on the estimates of total enrollment in the exchanges or federal costs because, as they are described in the specifications, they seem unlikely to establish a significant market presence in many areas of the country or to noticeably affect federal subsidy payments.


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It must be pretty easy having your job. I wish I could just reprint other people’s words and get paid to do it. Aren’t you supposed to say something original if you’re writing a blog?

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Co-ops are a piss poor substitute for real healthcare reform. These co-ops will organize and ultimately the liability will be underwritten by the same miserable vampires at the same or higher piece of the action.

Here’s a thought,,,,To hell with the insurance industry! These guys have blackened their own reputation with their high paychecks for the Grim Reaper and horribly immoral, unethical claims decisions.

Aside from the wealth they use to grease our politicians, what reason would anyone have to perpetuate that particular species?

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Republican want the status quo; supporting the health insurance industry and continuing their games such as Pre-existing condition etc etc etc etc. Under the current system; the health insurance industry is only eager to collect premium but, when illness kicks in; there is a host of issues. People are getting laid off and loosing their health coverage and are unable to buy health coverage because of a pre-existing condition and being strapped financially. America is supposed to be a world leader; but, we Americans have the most rotten health care system that have led many into bankrupcy.
There should be a public option too. Healthcare for all should not be considered a privilege, but a right for all Americans. Who need to be targed is the health care industry with their outrageous cost and the top wealthy 5%. Many people are loosing healthcare coverage because large corporation are moving their jobs sites out of the US for cheap labor. Americans are treated as consumers without a job. American corporation dont want American to manufacture their products but want us to be purchaser. I have decided and I encourage all Americans for the Love of America Buy American Made Product. Dont we hear enough in the news of some products made in China with lead base; tainted baby formula; toothpaste and defective products. Oh by the way I believe CHINA has the dough to purchase US treasury is due to the jobs being shifted to China. We have funnelled our US dollars into that Communist regime.

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Responding to ASW:

Bravo my good man!

One point you might consider as well is the plan put forth by Baucus will maintain the status quo. Very likely it would expand the customer base for the same vampires who screw us now!

If pre-existing conditions are forced on insurance companies what would prevent them from jamming the backbreaking premiums and deductables on that same hapless individual to the point of bankruptcy?

As far as your protectionist views are concerned,,, I applaud you for them! After all,,, What about America is not worth protecting? (besides those zany characters in my upcoming video,, “Capitalists gone wild”

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