The cap-and-trade endgame on Capitol Hill

September 30, 2009

The great Dan Clifton of Strategas Research hears the same thing I am hearing:

We continue to believe the Senate does not have 60 votes for a meaningful cap and trade bill and today’s events are largely designed to keep the process moving. With healthcare taking up so much of the calendar and financial regulation to follow, cap and trade is now squarely put into the election calendar. Should something pass next year, we expect the legislation to a be a stripped down energy bill (as opposed to cap and trade) and that will feature a Renewable Portfolio Standard and possibly easing of approval for transmission lines.


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Look over there, my boy and cheer
For coming from the yonder shore,
Bringing promises and more,
Old Cap’n Trade is here.

Far beyond the politics we know,
He sails the seas of emission trade,
Avoiding the perils of party debate,
Just watch him go.

The perils of the world are grand.
Cresting the waves of voter polls
And the erratic winds of public opinion,
The Cap’n will stand.

So away he sails to foreign lands,
While young lasses and presidents
Are tucked safe in bed,
And old men sit on their hands.

Who can say just where or when
Old Cap’n Trade will sail his boat,
Or when that peerless mariner
Will see our shores again?

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Still, we can not take it for granted. Proposed cap and trade legislation would cost Americans thousands in increased energy costs as well as lost jobs. Write to Congress at

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