Geithner, the dollar and the deficit

November 11, 2009

First, Geithner on the dollar and deficits:

“I believe deeply that it’s very important to the United States, to the economic health of the United States, that we maintain a strong dollar,” Geithner said in a meeting with Japanese reporters at the U.S. embassy.  “We bear a special responsibility for trying to make sure that we are implementing policies in the United States that will sustain confidence … in investors around the world that as growth recovers and growth strengthens that we’re going to bring our fiscal position back to a sustainable balance,” he said.

Now, Harry Reid on job creation:

Senate Democrats will take up a new job-creation bill in the wake of the 10.2 percent unemployment rate, Majority Leader Harry Reid told his colleagues Tuesday. … House Democrats have signaled openness to a tax credit for each new hire companies make, but lawmakers have yet to introduce a bill proposing it.

Me: Look, it is going to be jobs first, deficit second with the ObamaCrats. I would not be surprised if Obama’s State of the Union address paired a near-term jobs bill with some commission to deal with the longer-term deficit so as to not freak out the bond vigilantes. A jobs bill would also leapfrog past cap-and-trade, which is starting to look like a 2011 issue.

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