China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform

November 16, 2009

Guess what? It turns out the Chinese are kind of curious about how President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform plans would impact America’s huge fiscal deficit. Government officials are using his Asian trip as an opportunity to ask the White House questions. Detailed questions.

Boilerplate assurances that America won’t default on its debt or inflate the shortfall away are apparently not cutting it. Nor should they, when one owns nearly $2 trillion in assets denominated in the currency of a country about to double its national debt over the next decade.

Nothing happening in Washington today should give Beijing any comfort or confidence about what may happen tomorrow. Healthcare reform was originally promoted as a way to “bend the curve” on escalating entitlement costs, the major part of which is financing Medicare and Medicaid. That is looking more and more like an overpromised deliverable.

For instance, a new study from the U.S. government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services finds that the healthcare reform bill recently passed in the House of Representatives would increase healthcare spending to 21.3 percent of GDP by 2019 compared with 20.8 percent under current law. That’s bending the curve the wrong way. The study also questions the “long-term viability” of the $500 billion in Medicare cuts meant to help pay for expanded insurance coverage.

In addition, the CMS study gives a clearer cost estimate than the one provided by the Congressional Budget Office. According to the CBO, the 10-year cost of PelosiCare is $894 billion. But that analysis includes early years with little government spending, According to the CMS, the House approach would cost $1 trillion from 2013-2019, or some $140 billion a year when fully put into effect.

Few realists in Washington think any of the current reform plans make a significant dent in the long-term healthcare cost to government. Indeed, the Senate Budget Committee recently held hearing about creating a bipartisan commission to find solutions to America’s entitlements problems.

If healthcare reform really bent the curve, there would be a no need for such a commission to do Healthcare Reform 2.0.

The Chinese might want to keep up the questioning.


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I am completely tired of socialist idiots playing the “profit card”. Spitting out the word “profit” with a sneer in the same sentence as “capitalism” may convince your snarky friends of your intellectual prowess, but the rest of us know its just the left’s version of tourette’s.As a human, we each require a certain amount of nutrition each day to function. Imagine it takes you 2,000 calories to handle all your daily activity. Certain days, you save some energy and have calories left over… other days, you need more than 2,000 to survive. It is these extra calories – these hateful “profits” – which allow you to function on days when you are short of nutrition.So when you’re a car company in the 90s, and youre making those hated profits… and a leftist union forces you to give up more of those profits until you’re running on the barest of margins… the day comes when the economy tanks and you suddenly need all those terrible profits to survive. And they aren’t there.Profits are prosperity. They allow an entity to flourish during difficult times, living off the fat of better years.Socialist don’t like profits, because they see it as “loose money” that can be allocated for their “liberal utopia project”.The socialist who started off these comments by stating that he couldn’t stand people’s healthcare being left in the hands of those evil profit-driven bastards… well, he wants a healthcare system in the hands of those government-obsessed bastards. He doesn’t want profit, because he doesn’t care about prosperity or success. In other words, he doesn’t care if the healthcare is good; he just doesn’t want it to be successful.Which is perfect – because socialized medicine isn’t.

Posted by john robinson | Report as abusive

Who says the gov isn’t also greedy Gibson?

Posted by John | Report as abusive

hahaha !!! As an American Business Man I am quite familliar with this one. It is called getting bitc* slapped by your investor. This can only happen if you have taken money from an investor and the returns and or direction are not panning out the way you said and you are left trying to explain. Suddenly they start worrying about everything you are doing, and rightly so since the investor often has more hard cash in than you do. So we got bitc* slapped by our investor… The depths we have lowered ourselves too. We are a capitalist system and as such we must respect our investors ! if we owe them that much then we now have to take their chides and criticisms and it goes with the territory of needing capital and not having it and reaching out to someone else who did amass it to get it.get used to it till we get out of debt… and even though I am no fan of a communist country we are in major debt to them and we have to roll with the punches and treat them with respect !

Posted by Brian Paul Jaus | Report as abusive

People People People, enough already! This has nothing to do with your health. This is ALL about power. When are enough people going to get this! These folks want complete control of our lives, health care is the one area that will give them the largest amount of control. Once they have health care, it’ all downhill.What you eat, how and what you drive, where you go to school, you name it the state will dictate how it works. Welcome to Moscow folks!

Posted by Jaws2 | Report as abusive

If you’re using Saw VI or Sicko as source material for your fears of healthcare – you fail.

Posted by JJ | Report as abusive

I’d not like to have the Federal government controlling health care treatment payments and specifying what choices I and my family’s doctor can make because of cost. I would much prefer being able to purchase insurance from a so-called “greedy corporation – like the non-profit Blue Shield of California – (and/or self-insure to some extent using a medical savings account). The “greedy corporations” do a much better job in every arena as compared to government-run disasters like Amtrak (compare to any private rail company) – the Psotal Service (compare to FedEx, UPS, etc.) – DMV (it is easier to BUY a car from a dealer than to get a license from the DMV) -etc. etc. – and I will also cite my horrible experiences with the UK’s National Health Service when I was posted in the UK – it is horrible – filthy, wait-time, bad service, subpar care!I would choose the “greedy corporations” to build computers over a govt run computer maker – to supply groceries rather than a government-mandated grocery service – and to provide my second most valable service (after food provision) – my health care.Government makes a disaster of everything it controls – including Medicare which is teetering on bankruptcy and only survived this long because of cost-shifting to the private payors.

Posted by Mark Kaskin | Report as abusive

If everyone is so worried about spending, how come no one cared that the reason the deficit is so high because of tax cuts and 2 wars? Why is that foreigners own a good portion of our debt and basically hold our currency or policies hostage? I thought we are THE superpower, but yet our own billionaires don’t want to buy up the debt.

Posted by George | Report as abusive

Model the system after what we have in the military. Say what you want but it works. Our healthcare system in this country is broke and the only way to fix it is through government. This is all about money and not about quality of life. For god sake’s this is the USA. We should have the best health care system available for free. Stop giving my tax dollars away to foreign countrys. And fix the Federal Reserve while your at it. They allowed us to get into this mess.

Seeing the forest and big picture !!To date, out of the earmarked $787bn in stimulus package , roughly $155bn dollars, not sufficient to reverse the trend of jobless rate, have been doled out. But, away from job saving and creation, GDP growth etc, the added value on the stock market alone might stay at roughly $1trillion, which could help us see the forest in light of conclusion of the historic health care and sustainable energy act.As always, focusing exclusively on up-front cost and subtracting its added value from equation, we will more likely be trapped in a small cage.

Posted by hsr0601 | Report as abusive

even if this healthcare plan was a good idea (which it is not) America can not afford it

Posted by leadstrader | Report as abusive

I could give a damn less WHAT China wants to know or thinks about USA Health Care. I am simply wondering myself what, exactly, is the relevance of this article?

Posted by Nettie | Report as abusive

Take a good look at how the feds run VA hospitals and Military healthcare. After a cursory look I doubt anyone would want that type of treatment.

Posted by zek | Report as abusive

Mark Kaskin – Since the government makes everything a disaster it controls, I guess our military is a DISASTER, right? No wonder they can’t WIN a war or 2 against a 3rd world country. I guess that’s why we need contractors and mercinaries to do the job for them.

Posted by George | Report as abusive

This demonstrates that the Chinese leadership has Obama’s number and is therefore smarter than the average American voter.Obama’s proposals are clearly unaffordable. In the long run the U.S. governemnt will face the choice of default or severe inflation. They will choose inflation.

Posted by Mark Carlton | Report as abusive

The article makes a point that everyone seems to miss. Why do the Chinese need to be asking the tough questions instead of the liberal media? If anything, this little ditty belongs up there with a Freudian moment. This message reinforces the notion of capitalist free market policy that ultimately motivates well being. The only thing so called Health Care needs, is more user responsibility and less Marxism. Policies can be put into place that cause this shift, however it is not painless and will take time. It is much preferable to the gargantuan misguided morass of socialized medicine that has failed every country where it has been introduced.

Posted by jbero | Report as abusive

My wife went to an Emergency Room with what she thought was a broken foot. We got a bill for $13,000 for the ER, X-rays, Radiologist, and General practitioner etc….. We had insurance and the bill became a 50 dollar co-pay. The insurance companies negotiate reasonable rates and were billed a fraction of the 13,000. Japan has the healthiest population on the planet. They pay $10 a night for a semi private hospital room and $90/night for a private room. Why don’t Doctors and hospitals show patients what they charge for visits and procedures? This is all about money. Big Pharma/AMA/Private insurance wants us to keep paying through the nose for basic health care. I say use common sense. Medicare was and is a well run alternated to private insurance. It puts non- negotiable fair pricing in place….pays Doctors and Hospitals on time… is treats all people the same. I have worked for Private Hospital and believe me.. your money is their top concern. Health care reform will pass. Fear mongers can’t stop it.

Posted by the truth | Report as abusive

Its not just how the poorly the government is running the VA hospitals but look and the inaccuracies stated within the website should show how well government manages anything.The only thing they do well is give the best for themselves both in perks, retirement and medical coverage.

Posted by michael | Report as abusive

Health care is very important. That’s why it shouldn’t be left in the hands of greedy politicians, whose only concern is using their power to enrich themselves and their friends, and left to the free decisions of individuals making voluntary economic exchange.

Posted by Fearsome Comrade | Report as abusive

OK, All you folks that are infuriated and sickened by the recent chain of events that are driving our great country “down the tubes”. Please take 15 minutes from your day to find the numbers and call and keep calling your senators and so called “representatives” Tell them the exact things you are saying in your comments. Go to gatherings that are organized to tell the government “NO”. We are a country of mostly responsible and level headed people whom are letting theminority thinkers run this country. If you voted for our current situation and now see how bad things are you have more of an obligation to help straighten this bad situation out. Go out and Vote these ludicrious representatives out of office !!

Posted by RM | Report as abusive

Syrin said “Is there ANYTHING the gov’t is good at?”,One thing government is good at? Aging, they give us all grey hairs quite proficiently! All, kidding aside, you’re right. We need to pass a bill back to where the house and senate members get a meager paycheck! Then keep that law into a required military service type position that no one really wants! But is 100% completely necessary to be a citizen in this nation.We also need a president in office who know what the veto does. Since Reagan, only one president tried hard to fix our deficit. And Clinton’s aim was off with the veto, but he could hit the broadside of a dress! Is that our military? Aim high?

Posted by Brave new mexican | Report as abusive

WOW! It takes the Chinese to recognize the cost of Obama’s healthcare proposal, not our own citizens! Sure the Chinese are concerned because they hold so much of our debt. However, our citizens should recognize they are the ones that have to repay that debt. We can reform healthcare without instituing Obama’s plan that completely ignores tort reform and inter-state competition. Obama is not truly interested in saving money and improving healthcare or those two items would be included in any healthcare bill! Obama wants to grab 1/6th of economy for his administration. Wake up America.

Posted by Freedom Isn't Free | Report as abusive

Wheee! Let’s encourage the Chinese to ask MORE questions! They’ll probably get more answers than do we, the citizens of the United States!

Posted by jamesod2 | Report as abusive

Anybody who owns a business knows that when you buy volume you get a better deal and when you sell volume you increase revenue. So inevitably buying health insurance for all in one government program will lower health care cost while increasing revenue for the health industry overall(excluding HMOs). There is no way the Gov. can screw up this basic economic principle.As for the argument that you will get inferior care in a government run system you only need to look at how HMOs provide doctors incentives for not recommending expensive test and procedures that could genuinely help. Furthermore let us not forget about the people with preexisting conditions of whom the cherry picking HMOs will not cover.

Ok the one single thing I see in all these blogs is every one on here is complaining about the friggin government and how the all the people in office are screwing us blind.I could not agree more.But guess what people you are the same complainers who put them in office.So my guess is we all need to get them out as fast as we can.NO EXCUSSES JUST DO THE WORK.NOW

Posted by Woody | Report as abusive

It is already too late for some. Last spring the stimulus bill included a panel to oversee the cost effectiveness of medical treatment for hospitals and doctors. I didn’t know did you? Scene is set. In June my husband who was on dialysis, and had successfully fought a staph infection for 4 years had a heart attack. We knew his ten year old angioplasty procedure would need work. His doctors, who previously, had intelligent eyes, used aggressive measures and had a plan always as my husband bounced back quickly once good treatment was done. Now they walked into the room with eyes that looked like deer caught in the headlights. They couldn’t look my husband or me in the eyes and they began to stutter that he was too fragile to undergo heart surgery (he was still in his sixties), too fragile to make the 30 mile trip to a nearby city for surgery. They went on and on and I didn’t recognize them. He then said he would go off of dialysis (death sentence) if he could go home to hospice and his loved ones. Well, he survived the 33 mile ride to our rural home. Survived being poorly handled by the ambulance crew. He survived another 3 days. I am convinced that the word came down that he was not cost effective because of his existing condition and they talked him into a bad decision. They are slipping in the really bad parts already as amendments to other bills and I believe that we who survive will suffer greatly when the big bills come due to be paid.

Posted by Linda Mock | Report as abusive

This is HILARIOUS!!The COMMUNIST CHINESE are b!tch slapping the “most brilliant president ever” (as portrayed by the sock-puppet democrat transcriptionists in the U.S. media) over his destruction of the American dollar with unfunded gov’t programs, profligate spending and a balloning deficit!!!It’s a sad day when an old MAOIST COMMUNIST country has to teach the American president about fiscal responsibility!!!

Posted by Barry Soetero | Report as abusive

“the truth” said “Why don’t Doctors and hospitals show patients what they charge for visits and procedures?”I’ll tell you why; when I attended a ‘new’ health care bill conference in 1989. The insurance industry had already starting buying up hospitals nationwide. I’ll also say, their financing scheme was immaculate; because 20 years to the day, I might guess 25 years to the day; they gambled the government would bail them out 2009?While their gamble already paid off, we the taxpayer are stuck with their bailout, bad investments, and controlled investment ponzi schemes, these schemes will never stop in the US. Unless we pass a bill reverting senate and house members work for minimal pay, and a no contact order with lobbyists, and they must listen to their constituents complaints, which they are paid to ignore. Too bad everyone has to threaten each other to keep afloat in this country, I think it’s unpatriotic, what most senate and house members are doing; even treasonous, we as the people should prosecute.And the way state governments are operating; its almost a perfect time for the people to let state, city, county, and federal government offices close up. Then quietly walk into those offices, volunteer their time and take over, so when those who think they have a job when the government shuts down, they have a job! Why should they, they screwed the people. I still think the pen is mighter, and I thought government offices were open. To me, the government offices look very closed.

Posted by Brave new mexican | Report as abusive

I love it… American’s cannot question Healthcare Reform but China’s government can!!So does that mean the Chinese are racist and sexist? I cant wait to hear the adminstrations retort….

Posted by evilR3 | Report as abusive

RE: Health Care Reform: To my knowledge, neither Obama, Pelosi, nor Reid have publicly agreed to enroll in the proposed government health care plan that they like so much. If all three think the planned system is so wonderful for America, why aren’t Obama, Pelosi, and Reid willing to drop all current health coverages that they and other Congress and Senate members enjoy and join in with the rest of the OP’s (ordinary people)? Then just like the rest of us they too will be able to receive the fine benefits that are being proposed. Afterall, as employees of the OP’s and legal citizens of America shouldn’t they be required to enroll in the exact same coverage as everyone else?

Posted by MJ | Report as abusive

Seriously,the very argument it self was created by the government. THEY made the rules about crossing state lines, THEY made tort law the way it is, THEY listned to insurance lobbiest and designed the system to work the way it does. The big bad insurance companies do not exist in a vacuume , they function under the “restictions” placed on them by the SAME EXACT people (in government) you think can fix the problem.Government doesn’t fix problems, they CREATE them. AND yes NOTHING done by the Fed works efficiently, ask any soldior. (how many pages is the TAX code?)

Posted by GW | Report as abusive

It seems that all of the posters here are in agreement except our first one. You know, there are so many good points brought out that I could not improve on any of them, except to ask this question…I may sound like a black helicopter paranoid, but has anyone ever thought that the Chinese have been offered our land with all “our” natural resources as collateral for our huge debt? We, the citizens are never allowed to profit from any of the natural gas or oil…the government is trying to shut down the coal industry…and the other land that is also wealthy such as in California, where so much of our food is grown, has now been shut down by the government by cutting off their water??? I’m just ask’in…

Posted by Juju Smith | Report as abusive

To IMGIBSON:It is not MY resposnisbility to make sure YOU do what is necessary to obtain healthcare and maintain you and your family’s. It is not my responsibility to pay for you. What obligation do I have to you just because you were bron? If you think it is so important, then I would expect you to make sure you have it.And if you have a prexisting condition, then you have to deal with that. That is life and life is not fair. I should know. I have dug myself out of huge holes that simply were “not fair” for me to be in in the first place.Stop whining and expecting everyone else to pay your way.

Posted by Unfair | Report as abusive

Wow, the first post here is so telling about how ignorant the american people are about the health insures. As an average the health insures made a profit of 2.5 percent in 2008, not exactly a win fall profit. If my company made that I would starve. If these companies accepted anybody with any condition. The majority of us would pay for there illnesses with huge increases in premium. Currently in a case of a major dibilitating illness there is the choice of government sponsored plan, Medicaid once personal monies are exhausted. Although unfortunate how it can effect a persons financial life. Coverage is there.I refuse to believe the inefficient government can handle my health care better. Just look how effective the recent bailouts have been. Saved or created, my arse.The politicians are just greed power hungry control freaks who think they know whats best for us. We have a constitution that gives me the right to run my own life and I will fight for that right just like our for fathers. Wake up folk, don’t let them in to our live more than they are, ask a business owner. Red tape consumes many a hours month to stay in compliance with crap.Do we really want to go to a society where all are equal in all ways. No amount of hard work and dedication will allow you to prosper.Lets keep this country free, Give me freedom or death there is no between.

Posted by Rob | Report as abusive

This is the question I would like to ask. Health next to family is probably the most important aspect of one’s life. Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy POLITICIANS whose only concern is self promotion. To me that is unbelievable. There concern is not your health so why would we believe they’re going to do anything in our best interest. Ask the families of people who have died because the POLITICIANS looked the other way while their constituents floundered in poverty and despair. If that’s not a death panel I don’t know what is. Look at every major city, and tell me that government hasn’t made conditions worse. Of course they only want to TAX healthy people and RATION care while continually raising fees for lawyers and doctors and will continue to do it because WE HAVE NO CHOICE. How long is going to take the idiotic liberals to realize their emotional pleas are compelling, but have been repeatedly proven to be unworkable. We have had our fill of these changes and reform that only succeed in making a bad situation worse, while filling the pockets of politicians and their cronies. We’re killing ourselves with good intentions.

Posted by Pat Denoli | Report as abusive

Isn’t it REALLY cool that our nation has sunk to a point where our countries tell us what to do & question our policies? {{rolling eye balls}}. Now that’s a shame. But, I guess if any country would be nervous about our debt, it’s be China. Haven’t they bought most of our debt?

Posted by Can't belive it | Report as abusive

@Jeff…there is NO SUCH THING as FREE health care!!!

Posted by Nancy | Report as abusive

We do need reform. The current bill does not reform and does not control the greedy lawyers. There are no real cost controls in the new bill other then short changing medicare providers even more than they are now. We need what Obama promised, an open and transparent debate with everyone at the table.

Posted by Konrad | Report as abusive

Medicare denies more claims than insurance companies !!!!Wake up folks – GOVERNMENT run HEALTH CARE will be WORSE that private companies.

Posted by Yagenrok | Report as abusive

Why is healthcare the responsibility of the Government?

Posted by Khan | Report as abusive

What is with you fools that think corporations are evil and the govt. is the answer!?!? You dolts, the govt. is the biggest, most inneficient, bloated, worthless corporation of them all!!!!!!!

Posted by biffula | Report as abusive

we should be concerned with CHANGE and the goverment run health care. We may need reform to the current system but not a total make over done in just a few months. My father had a stent put in this spring for a heart blockage. the follow up medication caused kidney failure for which the treatment choices were a DNA shot to jump start his kidney function. Medicare said NO you are too Old at 86. We already have DEATH PANELS…he died in Sept.

Posted by K Borman | Report as abusive

Wow… Now even the Chinese have more concern about this Healthcare bill on the economy then the Democrats do.

Posted by Maxwells | Report as abusive

By Jon Pananas in response to imgibson”this is in response to the posting by imgibson. Per your reasoning, why in the world would you let your family eat the food grown by farmers whose only concern is for profit? Why would you trust your family’s safety in a car manufactured by a profit motivated corporation(exempting GM and Chrysler, two government owned non-profit organizations.) Why do you live in a house built by greedy builders? The list goes on and on. One presumes that you work for “profit”. It is the profit motive that drives the free market and results in a higher standard of living for all.”Doug says,You are absolutely correct, Jon. Let’s boycott all of the evil businesses that make a profit. Let’s refuse to buy anything they sell. While we’re at it let’s boycott coal and all the products associated with it. There’s the coal that is used to produce the metals going into automobiles, airplanes, ships, steel reinforcement for buildings and bridges, washing machines, dryers, sewing machines for making the clothes we wear, and countless other steel products. Not to mention a few of the by-products of coal, such as: paving, roofing insulation, storage batteries, fungicides, paint thinner, perfumes medicines, baking powder, fertilizers, paint pigments, synthetic rubber, and linoleum, to name a few. So, imgibson, get you a following together and cease to buy any of the above-listed products. You can show them.

Posted by Doug | Report as abusive

The government replaces gratitude with a sense of entitlement.If I take my money and happily buy someone food, of my own free will, there is genuine gratitude, human contact.The government takes my money by force (IRS). Now I’m kind of bitter about it. Gives someone their “fair share”, no gratitude, only entitlement. There is no human contact/factor.I thought this whole thing was about health care INSURANCE issues.Our “health care” is the best in the world. We get the best people from all over the world doing their best work here.Insurance is not an option in issues that concern another citizen’s health or property ( car insurance, homeowner’s).I’m young, what did this country do before health insurance? Payments directly to the doctor? I think doctors even allowed bartering for treatment? Doctors are generally good people with good intentions. Would you pay for all that schooling just to deal with law suits and insurance companies for fun?Let me pick my own insurance, screw this group rate crap.Squash expensive litigation and frivilous lawsuits with a loser pays policy.The rest of us need to sack up and work for what we want.We need to strive to take care of ourselves and those who can’t without the government.

Posted by Devilsadvocate | Report as abusive

Why is there so much discussion about the relative merits of government controlled health care? So much could be done to reduce health care costs without this huge bureaucracy.Let’s begin with limiting malpractice awards to an amount that will compensate the injured party for damage done. This would include limiting the amount that an attorney could charge for a malpractice case. Many many attorneys have become wealthy on the awards for this kins of case, and we the people are getting poorer. And, while we are at it, let’s also limit the amount of time that such a case can be in the court system.Next, let’s digitize health records and make them available to doctors who need them. Many many tests cat scans etc are repeated, or done unnecessarily because doctors are 1, afraid to make a diagnosis without a full panel of tests, and 2, because the results of previous tests are not available. My 85 year-old mother has had so many redundant tests that she is now refusing some of them.Similarly, prescription records are not shared between physicians. When my mom came home home from the hospital, she had the same pain medication prescribed by three different doctors. One prescription alone was $600. But of course, her co-pay was $5. She already had the very same medication sitting in her cabinet from two previous prescriptions. This particular medication was so strong she chose to stop taking it after just a few days, even though each prescription was a 30 day supply. What a waste!Of course all of this is just silly, because the health care bill is not about health care, it’s about power. The government has already nationalized two of our biggest remaining industrial companies, GM and Chrysler, and by getting control of our health care they will virtually have taken complete control of what was once the most wealthy and powerful economy in the world. Why are they doing this? Why are we letting them? Maybe we should stop them…

The only ‘greed’ in US health care right now are the politicians greedy for power and money to be gained from those who benefit from what ever ‘reform’ is passed.Trial lawyers drive up costs by siphoning off money from the hospitals and doctors, thus causing excessive, costly, and unnecessary care. Their political donations protect them from any ‘reform’.Corporations are protected through political donations to enact ‘regulations’ which inhibit competition. Remove those restrictions and let competition amongst insurers work. Look at the airline industry, de-regulation increased competition and kept airfares low for nearly a generation.Insurers make only a small profit margin, which when compared to the waste in a government run program, is a much more efficient way to provide health care. Plus,you have a choice of insurers, not so when your careis determined by someone in Washington.

Posted by MR | Report as abusive

Typical Liberal calling the American people ‘idiots’. And , of course using the word “change”. How original and clever. Dehumanize the ‘enemy’ by calling them idiots. Congress can make laws to cure all of the ills of health care without taking over the entire health care system. Health Insurance Companies don’t even make all that much profit. (2%). Do we really trust our government with all of that money? After they have stolen the Social Security trust fund, etc.. No. We don’t. The Founding Fathers NEVER intended for the federal government to be trusted with anywhere near that much money! Do not trust the Feds with that much money. And for every American to run the risk of fines and/or jail, just for being alive is so far left as to be unconstitutional and immoral and not at all helpful.

Posted by Holly | Report as abusive

Thanks Syrin, ___ ___That was funny……… (O) (O)vIf you missed it click below….. \~~~~~/ 111609_FULL.jpg

Posted by Brave new mexican | Report as abusive

When you owe somebody money you have become their slave. Every day Democrats in our government are putting more of our wealth and our children’s wealth on the hook as collateral to the Communist Chinese while our President, Senators, and Congressmen loot our treasury and give it to those who helped them get elected. All this so they can stay in power and gain more and more control over us.

Posted by Ed | Report as abusive