China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform

November 16, 2009

Guess what? It turns out the Chinese are kind of curious about how President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform plans would impact America’s huge fiscal deficit. Government officials are using his Asian trip as an opportunity to ask the White House questions. Detailed questions.

Boilerplate assurances that America won’t default on its debt or inflate the shortfall away are apparently not cutting it. Nor should they, when one owns nearly $2 trillion in assets denominated in the currency of a country about to double its national debt over the next decade.

Nothing happening in Washington today should give Beijing any comfort or confidence about what may happen tomorrow. Healthcare reform was originally promoted as a way to “bend the curve” on escalating entitlement costs, the major part of which is financing Medicare and Medicaid. That is looking more and more like an overpromised deliverable.

For instance, a new study from the U.S. government’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services finds that the healthcare reform bill recently passed in the House of Representatives would increase healthcare spending to 21.3 percent of GDP by 2019 compared with 20.8 percent under current law. That’s bending the curve the wrong way. The study also questions the “long-term viability” of the $500 billion in Medicare cuts meant to help pay for expanded insurance coverage.

In addition, the CMS study gives a clearer cost estimate than the one provided by the Congressional Budget Office. According to the CBO, the 10-year cost of PelosiCare is $894 billion. But that analysis includes early years with little government spending, According to the CMS, the House approach would cost $1 trillion from 2013-2019, or some $140 billion a year when fully put into effect.

Few realists in Washington think any of the current reform plans make a significant dent in the long-term healthcare cost to government. Indeed, the Senate Budget Committee recently held hearing about creating a bipartisan commission to find solutions to America’s entitlements problems.

If healthcare reform really bent the curve, there would be a no need for such a commission to do Healthcare Reform 2.0.

The Chinese might want to keep up the questioning.


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This is the question I would like to ask. Health next to family is probably the most important aspect of one’s life. Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits. To me that is unbelievable. There concern is not your health so why would we believe they’re going to do anything in our best interest. Ask the families of people who have died because the insurance companies refused or denied life saving treatment. If that’s not a death panel I don’t know what is. Of course they only want to insure healthy people and omit pre-existing conditions while continually raising premiums and will continue to do it because WE HAVE NO CHOICE.How long is going to take the idiotic American public to realize we must have changes and reform.

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The government has never been the model of efficiency on anything. In fact, everything they touch eventually deteriorates because the people working for the government do not care about us. They just punch the clock and try to get by doing the least they can knowing they can not get fired. At least in private companies, people must perform or they get fired. Look at the DMVs, Social Security offices, post offices, etc. If we want lower rates, encourage competition by let us buy insurance across state lines like we can with car insurance. Tell the states to stop designing expensive medical insurance requirements that force up premiums and let individuals have the option of taking only catastrophic coverage. If an individual pays the first $2000 a year of medical costs before coverage kicks in, the cost of insurance will go down significantly. If people get policies with little or no co-pay, the medical system will be overwhelmed by people who would normally self-medicate and shake it off. If medical care is free, it will be used for every little issue.

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this is in response to the posting by imgibson. Per your reasoning, why in the world would you let your family eat the food grown by farmers whose only concern is for profit? Why would you trust your family’s safety in a car manufactured by a profit motivated corporation(exempting GM and Chrysler, two government owned non-profit organizations.) Why do you live in a house built by greedy builders? The list goes on and on. One presumes that you work for “profit”. It is the profit motive that drives the free market and results in a higher standard of living for all.

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NO system of health care can deliver the very best quality health care to everyone. There is always something more you could spend on.To sober up those who think the European statist system is perfect, I’d like to mention that I know TWO people here in Germany whom the state insurances have denied life-saving health treatments (standard officially recognized treatments) for cost reasons.

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Unintended consequences!!!! We are told that the “greedy” insurance industry won’t collapse if placed in a market against teh taxpayer subsidized government option….but what if it does? Everyone knows people that work in teh insurance industry, what if that industry collapses and you have another million + unemployed + our 401ks that plummet as companies drop like flies? Congress doesn’t think about what they are doing, just whatever it takes to win teh next election. How about teh Flex Spending and Health Saving account industry that will no longer be tax free if the bill passes? Another ton of folks out of work.. Any doubt a greedy company like FedEX could run the USPS more efficiently and not cost the taxpayers billions every year in losse….This bill is not free…it will limit every aspect of our lives from what we can eat to what we drive…The poor saps that actually work & pay taxes are the biggest losers in this.

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Now that America is inextricably indebted to China and have already given them our manufacturing base it’s no surprise that they wish to impose their values on us! What does surprise me is our government’s downright refusal to protect American interests where China is concerned. These guys still have missles pointed at us!!! Why did allegedly poorly educated working men tell our government 30 years ago what has happened would happen only to be rebuked by legislators and our corporate owners??? Representative government MY ASS!!!

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Are the Chinese also racists for asking the same questions about ObamaCare that Tea Party protesters asked? Or are the people who are being asked to loan Obama the money to pay for this monstrosity finding common cause with the people who must, along with their children and grandchildren, eventually repay the loan?

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HAHAHAHA, getting pushed around by the big Red Machine. Better go start a war with them to save face… they only outnumber America by one billion people.Well, it was a good run: 149 years without slavery. Back to the drawing board, America. And you know what else, it’s NOT Obama’s fault either!

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“This is the question I would like to ask. Health next to family is probably the most important aspect of one’s life. Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits. To me that is unbelievable. There concern is not your health so why would we believe they’re going to do anything in our best interest”That’s funny. Who is a better ‘they’…politicians?(Where are these millions of altruistic doctors and healthcare workers and medical researchers who will take better care of us without reward for their crazy workload?)

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[…] by admin on Nov.17, 2009, under Finance China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform […]

Posted by How often does China have to chide us for overspending before we realize we have to stop the madness? – The World of Aklaim | Report as abusive

@ imgibsonBecause greedy corporations are the least worst alternative when you consider an incompetent government or paying cash or not getting care are the only other choices?My son is alive today because I use a greedy corp for insurance. If we had been in Canada, he most likely wouldn’t have recieved chemo in time.That’s enough for me.

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Does anyone know…Did the idiot bow to the Chinese dictator too? Any chance we can all get into a time machine and fast forward to 2012?Oh Yeah, Obama 4 the Heisman!!!!

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What makes you think that health care is a right????

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LMGIBSON-According to the 2008 National Insurer Report Card, Medicare (a non-profit, government run health insurance program) denies nearly 7% of all claims filed. Private Insurers, those greedy corporations, deny less than 4%. And one major difference between a private and public insurance program- when your claim is denied by a private insurer you have a legal recourse in the court system, and, if you win, can get punitive damages. If denied by a government program, your only recourse is in that administration’s own administrative appeals process, which is often heavily stacked against you.Private Insurers are driven, at least in large part, by profits. But that doesn’t necessarily equal a bad thing. When controlling costs is a goal, they can focus on lowering administrative costs and streamlining operations. Things that a public plan, with the full backing of the U.S. Federal government, would have no real incentive to do. Look at every federal entitlement program out there- they all cost more every year than they were ever envisioned to cost. How would Pelosi or Obama Care be any different? The U.S. Post Office lost more than 3 Billion Dollars last year, and all they do is deliver mail. Imagine that sort of organization running the most important aspect of our lives- our health.

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There are several actions that could be taken that do not involve the federal government spending money or taking control over health care and our personal lives. But these are free market solutions and the Marxist in Chief won’t hear of it. Start with tort reform and public pricing of health care services. See what happens. Meanwhile, impeach Obama, Reid and Pelosi for their numerous violations of the Constitutiton.Ironic how quickly the Chi Coms have caught on to capitalism and how far it has brought them in such a short time.

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I’m a small business owner. Reform is needed but in simple form, not the convoluted bill the house passed. Treat health insurnace like car insurance and let the consumer shop around. I don’t provide car insurance to my employees, why do I have to provide health insurance. Allow consumers to shop for Health Care across state lines with real competition. If that doesn’t work, then take more draconian measures, but try common sense first. Or is the health care bill really not about health care after all?

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dear imgibson,the insurance companies are private enterprises in search of making a profit for themselves and their stockholders. That is absolutely true and representative of the American capitalist model. They have been hamstrung over the years by increasing regulatory oversight to the point where whole departments exist within each company to follow and comply regulations at the federal, state, and even local levels. If you for a second think that the government has your best interest at heart you are either very young, very naive, or both. Government is only interested in amassing more power and the beauty of the setup for them is that they don’t have to put any of their own money in the game to win it. They take your money, given to them by the coercive force of taxation, and distribute it as they see fit to ensconce themselves in positions of more and more power. I don’t know where you get the idea that a government bureaucracy with no inherent risk is going to be more responsible than a company trying to turn a profit. What is government’s motivation? What happens if their service is bad? What happens if you complain? Can you sue them? Can you vote the program out? Can you pick a different provider?

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Part of the Obama sales pitch on healthcare was the USA pays more of GDP for healthcare then other nations.His plan INCREASES percent of GDP and does not decrease it. Secondly we were told we PAY too much for healthcare as a nation. So how is adding another Trillion Dollars help?

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A figurative slap upside the head is probably in order. The Chinese should invite over some of the key House and Senate members and explain to them if they vote for Obamacare, China will sell a large quantity of its US holdings.

Posted by Tim, NY | Report as abusive

I like Not_American’s comments and though I believe Obama is a catastrophe he cannot be blamed for this particular mess. But his party certainly can and so can the Republican bafoons who have been in office for years(i.e. John McCain) and done nothing but advance their own portfolios and resumes while we have no energy policy, no medical plan, no answer to the trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilites in social security and medicare, just to name a few of the disasters that await this country. It has been a good run but it is over. Unless you are ready to fight WW3 the gig is up. Checkmate!!

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@imgibson: you should have the most say on your health. Also, read an economics book.

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According to an article on, Medicare denies more claims than commercial insurers.“Medicare was the most likely to deny any part of a claim, with a 6.9 percent rate. Aetna was a close second at 6.8 percent while the others ranged from 2.7 percent to 4.6 percent.

Posted by Dennis D | Report as abusive

I cannot understand how some folks continue to blast away at insurance companies and our present health system’s shortcomings as a way to say we can do better by turning it all over to a socialized government defict-run system! If it is not as good as we need now why make it worse? Pelosi’s House Bill will ruin this nation and the Chinese know it, as well as anyone who sees the numbers! It does nothing to increase competition among insurers by state, nothing to reform tort law. Legislate to elimintae the abuse by insurers and do these other things that actually save money and improve care. I am so fed up with the ignorance and lies. Stay out of my pocket already!

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Insurance co.s only have about a 2-3 % profit margin. And yes, profit is what drives the nation. If you want to rant and rave about something, direct it towards our screwed up Congress and House of Reps. The gov is the main problem with our America. Too many regulations, too many greedy politicians, too many lobbyists, too many that think someone OWES them something. Get off your lazy rears and work, contribute to society rather than sponge off of it. We don’t owe anything to anyone except the rights outlined in the Constitution.

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Its amazing – I guess the Obama, the House, and their followers have figured out the secret to the “Free Lunch”…Oh wait – that does not exist. I wonder if the Attorney General will spring into action to examine this ‘scheme’? Maybe Bernie Madoff will have some company soon.

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I thought Obama was going to pay my rent and my gas bill. He has not done that yet. We true Americans deserve free medical. We need the President to move forward on Healtcare for America. God Bless us all!

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

QUESTION?????????????What has the US government predicted right?Common sense says that insureing more people especialy those who have no money will raise everybodies costs and cause huge waiting lists for care since we are not increaseing the number of doctors. . Entrusting 20% of the US economy to the US government to run anything to the government is a mistake and China should be worried. .

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All you “Liberal” scum…die!

Posted by gary | Report as abusive

I have a friend who has been waiting in Portugal for 4 years for an operation – her doctor has told her she should go to the USA to get the operation because she still has to wait another 2 years and he thinks she might be dead by then. State health is so good? If it wasn’t for our terrible system she will die. Our’s may not be perfect but its still the best in the world. I don’t know anyone who wants to go to Portugal for an operation, its always the other way arround. I don’t want european style health care. It’s too much like no care at all. Hope this health care bill dies a good death in the Senate.

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Mr PrezAre you smarter than a Chinaman?

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If you have private insurance, you still have some recourse with the government ro remedy an injustice via regulatory agencies and/or the courts. If the government provides health care, you have less recourse and less competition.Quo warranto, B.O.?Psalm 109:8

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To the very first comment…..”imgibson”This is where you pinheads get it all worng. It is YOU that is responsible for your health and your health care. Not ‘big, bad, mean corporations’ and not the government – which the last time I checked supposed to mean me and the other millions of Americans that don’t live at your house. And I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR HEALTH CARE. Take care of yourself blowhard.

Posted by spottedstone | Report as abusive

How ironic if the Chicoms ultimately spare us from the ruination of our free market health care system by our irresponsible, free spending increasingly socialistic government! The politicians in Washington, if they are successful in passing the current proposed measures, should be held accountable by more than just the loss of their government jobs. They are quick to prosecute corporate leaders for malfeasance, and yet they violate their fiduciary responsibilities and ignore the oath they took to uphold the Constitution. Apparently not one of them can cite Constitutional authority to force government mandated health care on us. Most Americans do not want this forced health care. It sickens me to hear Nancy Pelosi speak about Congress’s “gift” by Christmas to the American people – a “gift” you and your future generations have to pay for, a gift you cannot refuse, and if you do, you will be fined and imprisoned. No thank you Nancy!

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imgibsonIf you really believe that all will be well and everyone will receive all the medical treatments that they need no matter what the cost if only the government were in charge of health care, then there really is no polite way to tell you how very stupid you are. You’re probably a decent person who just wants everyone to play nice and share and provide for each other and you wonder why can’t the world just be rosy and wonderful……thats a nice pipe dream, it doesn’t work in the real world and there are lots of other countries who have tried it and it has failed.

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2 out of every 5 workers in the United States pay NO federal income taxes. How long can the other 3 carry everyone ???

Posted by keither | Report as abusive

I love the last comments talking about leaving healthcare in the hands of “greedy corporations”. The health insurance companies in American have an average profit margin of 2-3%. That means their profit is 2-3 cents for every dollar – hardly, runaway “greedy” profits yet the insurance companies have been demonized.Pelosicare must die in the Senate and the voters MUST balance the power in the 2010 midterm elections. Democrat or Republican, neither party can seem to handle having absolute control. I feel that the 2010 election is the absolute last chance we have to keep America great. If voters do not elect some Republicans/Independents to balance the power in Washington, we will slip into European Socialism with enormous taxes, high government debt and unheard of government control over the people of the United States.

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To imgibson. Your comment: “Ask the families of people who have died because the insurance companies refused or denied life saving treatment.” First please give some concrete examples. Second, Insurance companies cannot deny you treatment – they just can refuse to pay for it, if it contravenes the policy (rare). Hospitals BY LAW must treat any and all patients regardless of their ability to pay or their insurance coverage.

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[…] out that they can have return of their money & yet effectively face default through inflation.Close Forward this […]

Posted by China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform – Viewsflow | Report as abusive

Imagine that! Our largest shareholder, for lack of better description, is questioning the moves of the board as they try to spend more than they have. Ha, ha, I love it! Get BO out! He stinks! Isn’t that what BO is? Get rid of PC, quotas, redistribution, reparations, etc. Y’ALL got your freedom! Now go to work!!!!

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[…] mere citizens are not the only ones feeling the weight of government oversight on our shoulders.  James Pethokoukis reports that China is asking detailed questions about the impact of health care reform on the US economy […]

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Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, a teleprompter if racing its way to China to answer that question.

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Private insurers are making profit, but not outrageous profits. If anyone is thinking private insurers are making outrageous profits, they’re wrong. Just look at their stock prices and imcome statements. Private insurers deserve the reasonable profits they are earning because they are efficient at managing the health care cost. If you compare their profits with government waste and fraud in Medicare and Medicaid or any other government programs, it’s no brainer that health care management must be left in private hands. Private sector exists because it’s supposed to solve the problem of government waste. Just look at China. The Chinese have to privatize many industries because of scarry government waste and inefficiency.In the current system, poor people do have worse health care than the rich. But that’s a necessity. If one by right can have the same health care as the rich, why should I study hard while in school and work hard while in a job ? Socialism fails because the lazy have the same privileges as the hard-working. So no one is willing to work hard, and the whole system failed, which is exactly the case in the old Soviet Union and Communist China.

Posted by xiaobo | Report as abusive

Why would we leave are health care in the hands of the government which has never implemented a major spending bill or program without being fiscally irresponsible. Want to ignore government health care as it is now? Medicaid/Medicare reimbursements are ratcheted down so far- that is the cost saving strategy- that doctors cannot keep offices open with that level of pay out. They are refusing to participate in the plans so there is dramatically diminished access to care for populations who need it most. The plans drive out quality care and are not financially sound. These programs have had a negative impact on medical education by underfunding care for the poor and those without insurance at teaching med centers, leaving them financially compromised and limiting good medical education. Then there are the examples of the VA and Bureau of Indian Affairs health systems which are appallingly bad. So the issue is modifying what we have, not letting the government in the door to manage the largest single sector of our economy or take over care directly. Dems want to socialized every sector of the economy or overregulate it to meet their own political ends and create dependent constituencies. Obamacare will be no care at all within a relatively short time.

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Why do liberals trust government so much??Name one government program that has even approached doing what the liberal hope this one will do?The Answer is NONE.

Posted by S GLitz | Report as abusive

[…] Link to the original article […]

Posted by » COMMUNIST CHINA!!! Questions obama care | Report as abusive

Given how Obama and the Chicago way is performing, no, Obama is not smarter than a “Chinaman.” He just thinks he is Allah’s gift to the world.

Posted by Neo | Report as abusive

As I read through some of these posts it becomes clear that this “health care” is not an issue of common sense but rather one of emotion.Here is an “out of context” quote. “How long is going to take the idiotic American public to realize we must have changes and reform.” The words “changes and reform” are, in themselves meaningless. However the public has bought into them, never asking what they mean. There is seldom any specificity from politicians, only broad stoked nice sounding cliches, bough by an uninformed public. It reminds me of the little boy on his first day in school. The teacher said “now we going to learn arithmetic” One and One is two, to which the little bit answered yeah, one and one is two………What’s a two?And so it is with “change and reform” change and reform to what? Obama says we will save money on Medicare, why couldn’t we have saved money on medicare years ago because it’s a crock, that’s why. If you extend health care to a few million people the cost is equal to the number you ensure. How does that save money? You are being treated to Governmental slight of hand and you are buying into the lie. It’s not about health care, it’s about Government control and power……….WAKE UP!

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Anyone that believes that government can run health-care need only look at social security and Medicare, and if they then cannot see the writing on the wall, which is as clear as daylight, then they are utter abject morons that believe in the tooth fairy, and arguing with a moron is pointless…Government run health care is one thing, and one thing only: it is one group of people’s strategy for wresting the profits and power away from the group of people who are making the profits now, and it is no more than that.Government health care will be 10-times worse than you fools that want it, can imagine, and you are morons for falling for the fraud, petty for believing you have some right to what other people have earned for themselves, and utter imbeciles for believing any socialist will give you anything but excuses while they blame someone else for their shortfall.

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my husband is an anesthesiologist. He gets $15 for a labor epidural from medicare. That doesnt cover the costs of the needle the gloves and his medical liability. Doctors will refuse to work if they personally lose money FOR THEIR OWN FAMILY! everytime he sees a govt health insured patient

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Those who see profit as greed, may I remind you that in government profit is called a surplus. Since most on the left see profit and surpluses as greed what do you call deficit spending? Righteous? Responsible? Greedy? Deficit spending usually is a sign of operational inefficiencies and outright waste and since government has no competiton, it has no incentive to achieve efficiencies and eliminate waste that result in a surplus because deficit spending is paid out of your pay check the same way health care premiums are. What do you call Medicare and Medicaid programs that underpay providers with the expectation that mandated government discounts will increase private insurer premiums 11-25 percent a portion of which is paid by you? Greedy? Sneaky? Corrupt? Are government deficits which are seldom challenged really more righteous than corporate profits which are always challenged? Could the costs of government inefficiencies and waste be greater than corporate profits? Would a health care system under corrupt and greedy health insurers constantly challenged be cheaper than a under the whims of a corrupt and greedy Congress and entrenched bureaucracy that is seldom challenged?

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[…] China questions costs of US Healthcare reform […]

Posted by Is China our only hope to stop government Healthcare? | | Report as abusive

They will probably ask about the success rate of combating obesity, the fast food culture and all other related health issues. I just hope that they dont bring out the human rights and gender equality issues.

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[…] James Pethokoukis Blog Archive China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform | Blogs | __________________ Give a Man a Fish, Feed Him For a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, Feed Him For a Lifetime Lao Tzu […]

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Hmm. Everyone has a right and responsibility to your own health – but why should the Chinese pay for it? We already owe them $2 trillion. And I’m guessing that the price of gold is going up because countries like China are dumping dollars and buying gold bullion instead as they suspect that we in America are unable to balance our budget without piling on debt and printing money until we run out of trees – which, let’s face it, is exactly what’s going on. We’re in a lot of trouble. And as great as it is that our leaders like Obama want to give us more socialized healthcare – the bottom line is that we can’t afford it right now. Obama wants to make it his presidential legacy. I think he should be more concerned about being a more fiscally responsible leader. Of course that will never happen because all our leaders want is to be re-elected. They don’t care about the people. They just care about power and their pals on Wall St. Both Dems and Republicans are the same. Two heads on the same snake. It’s time for a REAL change. Next time vote a libertarian (you know, LIBERTY – remember that one??) candidate like Ron Paul. He’ll turn this ship around…

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Oh how we forget, it’s only the other guy who’s greedy.

Posted by germ | Report as abusive

If they really wanted to fix healthcare, then they would address the problems that it has. Nowhere in the House Bill does it try to do this. In fact, it makes allot of the problems even worse. Tort Reform is a proven method to lower costs. It’s worked in every state that has it. In this bill, it does the opposite by allowing more lawsuites. This only helps the lawyers. Giving treatment to illegal and even tourists is costing the hosbpitals millions of dollars. If a person shows up at the Emergancy Room and is dying, the hospital has to take care of them. That’s fine, but if a person who lives in another country comes here, goes to the emergancy room, that person also gets treatment. They are doing it every day just to get free treatment. When the hospital has to treat people for free, the ones who pay have to make up the difference. That drives up the cost for all of us. Insurance companies are not allowed to cross state lines. Let them offer plans all over the country and allow us to chose the best one. The solutions are pretty well known, but nowhere in the bill are they trying to fix the problem. It’s a big scam and as a result, it will only get worse. It can’t get better if you don’t fix the problems.

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Why should China loan America money to have better health care than China? Maybe China should be spend their money on their own health care.

Posted by dg | Report as abusive

“How long is going to take the idiotic American public to realize we must have changes and reform.”The pot…is not very smart.

Posted by k | Report as abusive

[…] at: is/2009/11/16/china-questions-costs-of-u s-healthcare-reform/ Social Bookmarking Posted on: 17th of November 2009 in Civil Liberty, Economics, Ethics, Health […]

Posted by China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform | Lux Libertas – Light and Liberty | Report as abusive

If the ‘public option’ is so great I have this very simple question to ask:Why did the Dems. exempt themselves from it?If socialized healthcare is so wonderful and perfect, how come the fatality rates of Colon Cancer (25%) and Breast Cancer (16%) are greater in countries with socialized medicine?If the Canadian health system is one we need to copy why did I attend 3 funerals (2 in the same year) with grieving friends who had relatives die of cancer.Of note 2 of them died before seeing the oncologist for the first time (about 1 yrs wait) and the other survived long enough to see the doctor but was in the end to late.Finally, if our system of healthcare is so crappy how come people from other parts of the world come here for life saving surgery, especially Canadians. When I lived on the Canadian border the local ER had more Canadians who were willing to pay out of pocket instead of getting it ‘for free’ because the ‘for free’ could be a 12+ hr wait.

Posted by Vick | Report as abusive

Several comments noted claims rejection percentages by payers ranging from 4-7%. The epitome of government run healthcare is the NYS Medicaid program. Recently a major healthcare receivables management company posted the rejection rates it receives from payers across the US and NYS Medicaid’s was 40% of all claims received. With payment rates as low as $7.00 for an office visit, can you imagine this model being expanded for all of us?

Posted by fun pilot | Report as abusive

Maybe OBowMao can give them Hawaii in return for the debt so he can implement his socialist health care.

Posted by Darrel | Report as abusive

It’s easy to blame “greedy corporations”, however the facts are the average healthcare company turns a 3% profit, substantially lower than dozens of other industries and one third of the 8% to 10% profit motive that is the objective of most business models. The reason quality healthcare costs so much is because quality healthcare actually costs so much. Pelosicare will die because of abortion, death panels, public option and jail time for “non-insurance felons”. Yes, avoiding her insurance options are a felony, which also kills your ability to vote. It is unconstitutional and the Supreme Court will throw it out.What we need is tort reform, insurance sold nationally across state lines (like car insurance), eliminate the 70,000 page IRS tax code that costs companies enormous amounts of money to comply with, more generic drugs and more preventive care. To pay for it, the size of our government must be cut by 10% to 15% to not only balance the budget, but pay down the debt. We spend $500 million a day in interest on the debt (which will go up substantially when interest rates rise). That would easily pay for health care reform when eliminated. The problem is too much government NOW, not a need for more government intervention. The Chinese couldn’t be more spot on–it’s just like Guido sending the knee breaking thug to check on the shark loan. They’re concerned about the deficit and plummeting US dollar and for good reason–the deficit is doubling and the US dollar is plummeting.

Posted by fast eddie | Report as abusive

It would be (deliciously) ironic if the reason Obama backed off from Socialized Medicine was a need to place our Communist Chinese creditors….

Posted by CatoRenasci | Report as abusive

We’ve read this book before…it was called “forced busing.”Just as “forced busing” destroyed public schools where it was implemented against the will of the people, so will “forced government healthcare” destroy the health care system.Just as parents opted out of the public schools rather than have their children bussed, so will people who can afford it opt-out of the public health care system and purchase private insurance at private medical facilities.The system will quickly become a caste system with the poor and middle class receiving little or no health care and the rich receiving quality care. Doctors will bend over backwards to work in the private system and the public system will be left with only the doctors not hired in the private system.If anyone thinks the Detroit public school system is a success, they will love government health care.If you want to lock in insurance rates before they skyrocket from Obamacare, visit

Posted by Charles Bradshaw | Report as abusive

Maybe OBowMao can bow deeply and then trade them Hawaii for his debts and socialized health care.

Posted by Darrel | Report as abusive

Why should this country mortgage it’s future and sink deeper into debt to insure what for the most part are the bottom feeders in our country? The uninsured are mostly lazy and irresponsible and have been attached to the government tit since birth. The best way to provide coveraqe is to hold these folks responsible and put their lazy butts to work. Sure there are exceptions to this theory, but by and large we are going broke to insure gangbangers and criminals and folks that would rather spend their disposable income on weaves and Escalades than their own health care. We see this in the schools when people drop their kids off in fancy vehicles and their kids eat the free lunch. We need to stop making “Life free” and demand people take care of themselves. Now the government wants to step in and break the country to take care of people who arent responsible for themselves. If most liberals believe in leaving nature undisturbed, then by reason they should allow that socila Darwinisim be allowed to run it’s course.

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“This is the question I would like to ask. Health next to family is probably the most important aspect of one’s life. Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits.How long is going to take the idiotic American public to realize we must have changes and reform.” (Posted by imgibson)- Why would we forfeit our freedom to choose how we see fit to spend our money on proper health care over to a central government? Why would we leave one of the most important aspects of our family life in the hands of government bureaucrats? Which is the better choice, Government control or Private control? This is the question the “Idiotic American Public” is asking. And in my opinion, even a glance at history answers the question unequivocally. Governments do not have your best interests in mind, they have the government’s best interest in mind. Worse yet, once a government program starts, it never goes away, no matter how inefficient or big of a drain it is on society. Before you scurry with your tail between your legs to the governments supposed safety, take a deep breath, and look at the situation.Tort reform is by far the most important change needed. And it is in fact what makes our health care so expensive.

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What I find comforting is that Chinese, like Mexicans, have more clout with elected officials then the citizens (real government) of the United States of America.

Posted by oregonrr | Report as abusive

the real problem isn’t democrat or republican. it is the federal reserve. if they are allowed to continue creating money out of thin air then we will keep getting wasteful social programs, wars for the hell of it and an economy that is based on consumption and piles of debt. but don’t take my word. do your own research about sound economic policies.

Posted by silver fox | Report as abusive

imgibson asks: “Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits. To me that is unbelievable.”I ask imgibson: Why in the world would YOU leave one of the most important aspects of your life in the hands of incompetent politicians whose only concern is their own retention of power? To me, that’s even more unbelievable (not to mention dangerously naive).

Posted by LaurieP | Report as abusive

I have sold insurance for 44 years. People try to say the insurance companies are greedy. Let me tell you the truth about health insurance. Health insurance is not a money maker for a insurance company. Almost every company I have sold health insurance for has got out of it several years ago. Why?It is not profitable. One company I sold for made only one million dollars profit. I stopped selling for them because that is not enough for a large company to make in a year and be safe. I will not sell life insurance or annuities for a company that also sells health insurance. One of my companies that had a excellent rating was bankrupt and had to be bought out after two years in the health business. The profit of the average health company is only 3 to 4 percent on their money. The company that only made 1 million dollars paid a quarter of a million dollars on one of my clients for his triplets birth and care. The politicans who are trying to make health insurance companies appear greedy do not know what they are talking about. Remember, as a insurance man I will not sell other lines of insurance for a company that sells health. Think of the names of companies that sell health insurance. Go buy a health policy from any of the top life insurance companies. Why do they not sell it? Because it is not profitable.

Posted by george | Report as abusive

WTF is this sh*t you mean the Chinese don’t want to pay for our healthcare?????????

Posted by Redneck44 | Report as abusive

The Chinese ought to be concerned and as far as I can tell, are our friends as long as we maintain mutually beneficial relationships. Obama has proven himself irresponsible with the company store and democrats have left their campaign promises in the dust so far as no lobbyists in the White House, health care will be deficit neutral, ad. nauseum. I am glad they are asking the kind of detailed questions they are because it bring the democrats back to the realization that we already have good health care and those who are left out are illegal aliens and the young who generally don’t have as many health concerns as the elderly. If Obama does not listen to Americans, maybe the Chinese can get his ear and he can recant all the 2032 pages of gobble de gook in that wretched health care bill.

Posted by SHEARWATER | Report as abusive

What I will be very, very curious about is whether the Chinese can actually get fact-based answers to their questions.I don’t see how obowma could risk fact-based answers, because the commitment on the part of the leftists to this misnamed health care plan is fully dependent on the facts NOT being made clear or acknowledged.

Posted by Ann Nelson | Report as abusive

What ever happened to “rugged individualism” and faith in God in the United States of America. Why is it now we believe the government can handle everything we need and Jesus is ridiculed and hidden but Allah and the Muslims are protected. To the people who believe and complain about their position in life and how bad their health care is I would ask them to pull up their boot straps and do something to change their position. Also, take the time to really look into the matters they so vehemently speak and care about to find out the facts. I spent many years in other countries and realized how blessed and fortunate I and every American is to have been born in America. We are not perfect but the Lord has already said this in his word. However the USA is still the best opportunity to be in to have the freedoms, choices and lifestyle we all enjoy and take for advantage. Liberals need to get off Moms milk.

Posted by Westo Keeler | Report as abusive

Liberals (the logically challanged) say ‘Don’t trust the greedy insurance companies!’ The private sector ALWAYS operates more efficiently than the government. And those greedy insurance companies have smaller profit margins most other business (3%-8%). Get the real facts and stop believing the lies. Question: Do you believe that past performance is the best indicator of future performance? The government can’t run a damn thing and their budget estimate for entitlement programs are ALWAYS LOW by a magnitude of 5-10 – so $1 trillion becomes 8 Trillion!

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

This is what happens when you have a lawyer inexperienced in running any organization running a $14 trillion operation with the advice of failed economists. If you want to actually do your homework, you will find that this Great Recession was caused by Greenspan (easy credit through quantitative easing), and the $500 TRILLION derivatives market that was invented by Wall Street and protected (left unregulated) by Greenspan, Rubin, Larry Summers, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. Summers is now Obama’s advisor.There are some reforms with health care that can help, though it doesn’t matter without the underlying issues being resolved. Number one, the mother of all asset bubbles is being created RIGHT NOW through easy money from the dollar carry trade (Forex) being invested in risky assets. People are able to borrow US dollars at a -10% to -20% interest rate and are buying ANYTHING as the profit is already built in to the carry trade. This works until the dollar finally stops plummeting and stabilizes, then all the shorts will be called and the risky assets collapse. Number two, the US deficit. It cannot continue to grow without bursting. When this deficit bubble bursts, China and Japan call in their debt, the entire country will collapse. Most the states are already bankrupt, the US has to pass legislation every year to authorize more debt (to keep from officially being bankrupt) and Americans are taxed out. Business taxes in our state are 49% of sales and taxes on Americans will soon go to 60% to 65% of gross income. There is no one left to “bail us out”. The only solution is bankruptcy of the country, or, as is often the case historically, you go to war with your creditors and if you win, there is not more debt to repay.

Posted by big daddy | Report as abusive

China isn’t the only one questioning the cost of yet another government-run entity. The problem is, no one actually writing the bill is listening, nor will they. They want this bill passed, regardless of its cost, who it covers, or who it punishes. Call me a teabagger, or whatever third grade acronym one can come up with, but for me, I like to know what something actually costs before I buy it.

Posted by 2012yet? | Report as abusive

The Chinese should absolutely be worried. If the health care reform the democrats designed gets out of the Senate, it will balloon the national debt. They fully recognize we cannot pay back what we owe now.Obama and company must have some scheme planned. The Chinese are asking the right questions e.g. wanting assurances the US won’t default on its debt or inflate the shortfall away.No other entity can operate like our Federal government contining to spend into deficits. Even our local city, county, and states are having to do layoffs to stay within budget. That is precisely what Obama should be doing.

Posted by Bulldog | Report as abusive

STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY.You are soooo fired in less than a year.

Posted by mark | Report as abusive

Whoever wrote the following is an idiot:”This is the question I would like to ask. Health next to family is probably the most important aspect of one’s life. Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits. To me that is unbelievable. There concern is not your health so why would we believe they’re going to do anything in our best interest. Ask the families of people who have died because the insurance companies refused or denied life saving treatment. If that’s not a death panel I don’t know what is. Of course they only want to insure healthy people and omit pre-existing conditions while continually raising premiums and will continue to do it because WE HAVE NO CHOICE.How long is going to take the idiotic American public to realize we must have changes and reform.”It is not the responsibility of a government or a society to provide health care or any other subsidies to the citizenry. Each person is, and must be, responsible for themselves and their families if a society of free people is to be maintained. To mandate free health care for society the government must first STEAL it at the point of a gun from those who provide it. How is that fair to those who have sacrificed both financially and personally to acquire the skills necessary to treat our illness. STOP BEING A LOOTER and take responsibility for yourself and your family. It is not my responsibility to work to pay for my family and yours.READ THE CONSTITUTION or move to another country. STOP DESTROYING THE FREEDOM AND LIBERTY OF THE RESPONSIBLE AMERICANS!

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I cant believe that some people think the Government is more compassionate and more competent to handle their illnesses than a person who’s motive to make you better is to feed his family. Havent you ever been to the DMV or the Post office?In my twenties I spent two years under a Canadian Health care plan, and if you enjoy sleeping in hallways, and seeing people die right in front of you with little or no pain medication, The Obama plan is your deal. Thank God I never got sick, but I saw plenty eho did. You have no idea how good you have it.Greed (as you call it) is the engine that makes the term “good customer service” work. If hospitals or Doctors treat people badly, they wont have customers. There is real competition for you to go to their hospital, we see advertisements all the time. If you think that an underpaid, overworked, poorly educated physician/nurse/ is going to give you better care than a well educated (someone who got their training in a real hospital instead of off a cereal box), you must be an imbicile.

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Interesting that the Chinese are asking the tough questions and the US press and congress are milk toasting the whole thing. What a bunch of losers. Hope and change? Hope China can change US fiscal policy.

Posted by MiBu | Report as abusive

Maybe the Chinese’s are concerned because they invented the first calculator. Perhaps they could teach Nancy, Reid, Barack, and Geithner how to use one.

Posted by Jeff | Report as abusive

Why government sees fit to tell us what we should be covered for health insurance? Why can’t they mandate something very simple, everyone must carry a hospitalization insurance, like, the liability car insurance. The rest should be up to the individuals to decide what kind of coverage they want, like a high deductible, a low or no deductible, full coverage, or etc. So in health insurance, the basic hospital coverage is necessary because that was to protect our neighbors really, so, they don ‘t get stuck with our bills. The rest should be up to decision by individuals. Insurance companies can come up with different type of premiums that cover different things, such as preventive care package, and etc.Yes, health is different than the car, but isn’t it all our own responsibility to begin with anyway? For those illegal immigrants, I am sorry, I think we should send their government their bills, or, we should charge the price to the aid that was given to their government, somehow, someone ought to pay for it, and I don’t see any reason why we should pay for other people’s problem.

Posted by Dots | Report as abusive

Giving our failed medical system more money is like fighting a fire with gasoline. Many “standard” treatments cause more injuries if they don’t flat out kill you.The science literature based parts of naturopathic medicine can provide more answers for chronic diseases.

Posted by ba | Report as abusive

Dear imgibson:So you want the likes of barney frank messing with your health? If so, you deserve what you get.

Posted by JuanitoVerde | Report as abusive

And why are Obama and Congress ignoring the fact that Medicare currently has an unfunded liability of $37 trillion?In his speech to Congress about his “plan,” Obama stated that the only thing his plan would eliminate is the “hundreds of billions of dollars in waste and fraud” associated with Medicare.Let’s see if the government can eliminate all that Medicare waste and fraud before it embarks on another health program sure to be accompanied by more scams.

Posted by judithod | Report as abusive

Recently the Chinese critized the current administration for destroying the value of the dollar by excessive borrowing and “printing” of money. Now they are lecturing the US President on capitalism and questioning the the cost of the “health care” plan. As a veteran of the cold war, I never thought time would come when we would depend on the Communist Chinese to protect us from our own government. But apparantly it has.

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After passing Health care reform, maybe Dear Leader can pass Church reform. It’s too confusing with all these churches, which one Dear Leader wants me to go to; it would be much easier if he would ban all the ‘bad’ ones and have an approved church checklist. That way we can make sure we are all attending the good “progressive ” churches that teach such Universal Truths as Climate Change, Gay Marriage equality, and Maoism!

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Big Daddy hit the nail on the head: GOVERNMENT HAS NO MONEY!! they produce NOTHING so they have nothing to sell. YET, they promise us great things…FOR FREE! Wake up America. Government can only “pay” for health care by three ways.1. Taxation2. Cut spending on other social programs (not likely)3. The hidden tax: INFLATION…counterfeiting dollars and devaluating our currency

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To imgibson, who asks: “Why in the world would we leave the of the most [sic] important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits[?]”, I ask, Why in the world would we leave our health care in the hands of power-hungry incompetent politicians in Washington, whose only concern is confiscating yet more of our wealth in exchange for greater control over every aspect of our lives? Moreover, why would we leave it in the hands of the same people who have bankrupted Amtrak, the Postal Service, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae? Furthermore, health care is not in the hands of “greedy corporations” presently. It is in the hands of ourselves and our doctors. The “greedy corporations”, which earn a net profit of a piddling 6% for spreading risk in a huge population, do not have the power to dictate life and death, despite the rhetoric of the Left. They rarely deny claims, and when they do, you can take them to court. The government under Pelosi/Obama-Care, on the other hand, really would have the power of life and death, and there would be no ability to sue the government in court if they deny care (which they will, under their “death panels”). Wake up. If you really want to reduce health care costs, remove barriers barring insurance companies from selling policies across state lines, implement tort reform so we stop making ambulance chasing lawyers rich with resulting higher insurance premiums, increase the amount of money people can put into tax-exempt health savings accounts, and stop the government from mandating insurance companies to provide gold-plated coverage to people who don’t want or need it.

Posted by LoonsToTheLeftOfMe | Report as abusive

Here in Massachusetts, we have recently learned that the states groundbreaking univeral coverage health care plan — the one used as a model for the Federal plan under consideration — is, in just its second year, running hundreds of millions of dollars over budget. Apparently it is more difficult than anticipated to predict the costs of universal heathcare proposals.

Posted by JohninBoston | Report as abusive

I wonder if they will accept the song and dance number as “detailed answers” as easily as american sheep do? Smile mega-watt smile, slap some backs, read the flowery script, tap dance, dash about madly in the 71 car motorcade……will it work on the Chinese?

Posted by ceeceee | Report as abusive

There is one question that still remains unanswered about providing health care to all Americans. Where are we going to find all the doctors to take care of over 40 million new patients?With the current number of doctors we have in the country, something gotta give. The quality of the health care people receive will either go down or we increase the number of doctors. This is what Obama is not telling us.

Posted by Poodle Breeders Online | Report as abusive

Why do you government health care bill government control loving drones want some entity like the U.S. Government who is bankrupt, running and providing your health care?! I don’t understand you entitlement loving Democrat Drones. In September, the Treasury Department reported it spent $46.6 Billion more than it took in. A month that usually shows a surplus. Socialism has never worked anywhere, yet you people just can’t wait to stand in line for what you believe is going to be a freebee paid for by someone else. That is the metality of liberalism and Democrats. The State is the Plantation and it keeps its members controlled and when elections come around, the State reaps its votes.

Posted by WeMadeAmistake | Report as abusive

“Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits.” -imgibson.IMGIBSON, you quickly forget that hospitals are private entities that get paid as private corporations. By definition, by going to a hospital or a doctor’s office, you are entrusting your care to a “greedy corporation”. Would you like the government to acquire all hospitals from the private sector to better control healthcare costs?

Posted by Joseph | Report as abusive

The good news is I applaud the US Postal Service for cutting $12 billion in expenses. The bad news is they still lost -$4.8 billion. Ok, stay with me on this and draw the trend line so we can see where we are going . . .Amtrak-bankruptUS Post Office-bankruptMedicare-bankruptMedicaid -bankruptSocial Security-bankruptdeficit-doubling in sizeinterest on the debt-doubling in sizeCongressmen & Governors under investigation for corruption (bribery and influence peddling)- 14 at leastCongressmen thrown in prison this week- 1 for accepting $500 million in bribesdays Obama has run a major corporation-zero in his lifetimeObama’s economic advisor-Larry SummersClinton’s economic advisor that protected the derivatives Ponzi scheme causing the Great Recession-Larry SummersBarney Frank quote-“there is no problem with Fannie Mae”Barney Frank’s boyfriend for BJ’s-executive of sub-prime lending for Fannie Mae (made $20 million off Frank’s protection racket)blocked regulation of sub-prime lending and derivatives–Barney Frank and Chris Doddcurrent heads of Congress Banking and Finance Committee–Barney Frank and Chris Doddmember of same committee that chastises them constantly, as well as the Fed-Ron PaulThomas Jefferson quote-“a central bank is a greater threat to a republic than a standing army”projected deficit-$1.4 trillion this year alonecurrent U.S. debt-$12 trillionamount of debt needed to be paid off to get the U.S. debt to income ratio in line (150%)- $34 trillionchance of paying off $34 trillion while running a -$1.4 trillion debt-zeroConnect the dots! Then vote in 2010 and 2012 for ANYONE except who we have now. I will never vote for anyone in any party for any office that is not committed to fiscal conservatism, restraint and a decrease in the size of our government.

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Would you rather have a “greedy” private insurance company you can sue for recourse or a government bureaucracy that you cannot? Medicare currently denies a greater portion of claims — by far — than any of the greedy private companies.

Posted by Jean Love | Report as abusive

It is not the government’s right or responsibility to force citizen A to pay for citizen B’s healthcare. The democratic party needs to change its name to the “socialist party”, because that’s what it is.

Posted by HTS | Report as abusive

now were getting dressed down by the chinese??? what has that incompetent idiot ibn baraka al hussein maobama done to our country???

Posted by jinx13 | Report as abusive

The Chinese are worried about their investment and we all know why. Health care will ruin this economy and cause hyper inflation down the road, which would devalue the dollar. Our loan to the Chinese would be worthless. What we should be very worried about is what this man-child president is negotiating with the Chinese. He can’t even bow correctly to the Ahikito or the Saudi King. He’s a kid who’s pretending to be a world leader. God help us all.

Posted by Harlo | Report as abusive

That is an excellent point – when a health care company denies a claim you can take them to court. Once the Feds own your healthcare you will do what they say when they say it, with no recourse whatsoever. Can’t sue the Feds because supposedly, that is like suing yourself. Ask any small business owner, who can’t afford their own lobbyists or have no money to donate to their local Fed’s campaign slush funds, what it’s like dealing with the federal c”rats” on a daily basis. Nightmare!

Posted by ceeceee | Report as abusive

There is some validity to those of you who “hate” big business, but government is not the answer. Our federal government is in place to (suprisingly) govern, regulate, and defend. The (federal) government should not be in the business of anything else. We do need overall healthcare (not cutely named insurance) reform. All Americans need to take more responsibility. We need to realize that a blue pill, a yellow pill, and two white pills a day will not make us healthier and happier. There are, without a doubt,individuals who need daily medicine- take it. Why, though, is obesity and depression ramping up? Turn off the televisions and the computer, go for a walk, eat a little less, talk to a loved one- don’t let the tv, a doctor, or pharma convince you more pills are the answer. Just yesterday a study showed that over the counter Niacin was just as effective as some cholesterol. Let the government cut the 500billion in spending as promised, penalize/tax pharma more (see the recent Pfizer fine)for pushing pills for purposes not approved, etc. Institutions have let us all down, but government is not the answer. I would think we would all be shocked by the discussion that are dem and rep representatives have behind closed doors. cheers

Posted by Richard Smith | Report as abusive

it seems the overwhelming majority of these comments are against obamacare. yet, we will have it forced down our throats. i wonder when, if ever, americans will stand up and fight. the Constitution says it is a government “by the people” and that we have a right to change the government when it no longer works. now that sounds like real “change”.

Posted by silver fox | Report as abusive

The change we need is for individuals, rather than government or corporations, to accept responsibility for their own health and lifestyle choices. Neither the government nor an insurance company can prevent diabetes in an individual that overeats and doesn’t exercise. Before you ask what someone else is going to do for you – carefully consider what you are or should be doing for yourself !!

Posted by Diane | Report as abusive

Barack Obama is a bonafide pantywaist.

Posted by HTS | Report as abusive

This is like Bernie Madoff flying to China to assure his customers their money is in good hands. The difference is China has a copy of the income statement and balance sheet of the Ponzi schemer.Last Asia tour I remember was last Spring when Pelosi and Geithner were called into the “Big Red office”. My recollection was when Geithner told a gathering of college students “the dollar is safe and there is no concern”, they could not hold it in and actually LAUGHED IN HIS FACE! And that’s the college kids, not the actual holders of the debt. Freudo The Jester! Put him on Comedy Central.As far as I’m concerned, those that are raiding our Treasury through their Ponzi schemes and corruption should be wearing stripes and eating veggie loaf with Bernie. Pretty funny when Obama was lecturing on Madoff–Social Security and Medicare are the two biggest Ponzi schemes in history and if the young workers and new immigrants all stopped contributing “new dollars in”, the system would collapse in a matter a weeks.

Posted by Ponzi Schemer | Report as abusive

imgibson -Usually companies that work for profit do not go broke. The government does not work for profit and Medicare and Medicaid are broke and social security is almost there. There will be a death panel when the money is almost gone and the government decides it needs to be used for the most “cost effective treatments,” which will not include treating the elderly. The real problem, special interest, is not being addressed and needs to be addressed for the health care issue to be solved. The in state anti-trust practices that health insurance companies are allowed to engage in need to be stopped. Theirs plenty more that can be addressed but putting the most inefficient organization in our country in charge of the most important aspect of our lives is not the right move, the politicians do not care about your or I as long as they get elected.

Posted by John | Report as abusive

Are you listening, Congress? We owe so much to the Chinese that if they call in the debt the Great Ship of State is sunk. Do you think George Soros and the extreme will finance this debt? Think again. It seems that our Congress has decided that Communism is best for us. May God have mercy on our country.

Posted by Carolyn | Report as abusive

Not for me, but for thee? You dolts who put the heart on your sleeve about the evil corporations denying healthcare and how the government is the model of compassion and efficiency can go first. Make participation voluntary in the government option, but once you opt in you can never opt out. Kind of a Hotel California thing. I suggest you visit a VA hospital to get an up close and personal look at the compassion of the government. And then you can explain to me why the UK has private hospitals and why there are clinics all along the Canadian borders that Canadians visit for healthcare. There are lot’s of communist and socialist countries and if you like that system so much vote with your feet. We have the best health care and the best delivery system in the world, let’s change that? Yeah that makes sense…to a liberal. We need to make people totally dependent on uncle sugar. Private healthcare won’t disappear, it will move to Costa Rica and the well to do will buy it there. If it is so good, why is congress exempting themselves from it?

Posted by kwills | Report as abusive

Most of the posts seem to be off the subject of the news piece, however I’m just like everyone else, obsessed with health care reform. Our problem in this country is that inspite of our history of free enterprise we are saddled with the precedent of employee insurance coverage at work. The truth is that private insurance allocation of health resourses is better than governmen allocation of same, but only marginally so. The problem is third party interference in the freemarket process. So to me the obvious solution is a robust Health Saving Account program with patients paying for a very high deductable insurance plan out of the HSA which would kick in after the annual HSA funds were exhausted. Tort reform, prexisting conditions, portablility, insuring across state line,and last but not least fraud could be addressed as separate problems

Posted by Roger Krell | Report as abusive

“Indeed, the Senate Budget Committee recently held hearing about creating a bipartisan commission to find solutions to America’s entitlements problems.”Nice bit of whitewash there. What is going on is that several backstabbers (such as Lieberman) are blackmailing the Senate to form a committee of non-elected officials that will call for drastic slashes in Social Security and Medicare benefits (not to mention privatizing these programs), and these proposals will be rammed through on an up-or-down vote with very little time to read it, let alone try to mitigate the damage with any amendments.If Lieberman and his cohorts do not get their way, they will threaten to vote against any raise in the debt ceiling next month, which would cause us to go into default on our national debt and nearly double it overnight.What is going on right now is nothing short of a nightmare in the works, with every single elderly & disabled person on assistance being held hostage.

Posted by MiHI | Report as abusive

Those greedy corporations made money off of Penicillin, birth control pills, H1N1 vaccines, AZT, Viagra, pace makers, artificial hearts, and aspirin just to name a few. How dare they! No one should ever make a profit for helping fellow human beings. That evil Sierra Club is making a profit helping the environment. Let’s go after them too.

Posted by Al | Report as abusive

The Obama Doctrine: The State creates the problem, so that it can step in and claim a solution to fix it and tax you for it so that it can make others pay for it who then affected by having had to pay for it, now tell the state they have a problem, so the state can step in and claim a solution to fix it and tax you for it….so that it can be…….

Posted by WeMadeAmistake | Report as abusive

[…] umm from early this year? Uh.. yeah. Give it back The Chinese know better, why don’t we? James Pethokoukis Blog Archive China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform | Blogs | […]

Posted by that tax credit umm from early this year? Uh.. yeah. Give it back – My Les Paul Forums | Report as abusive

it’s all about “redistributive wealth

Posted by bill984 | Report as abusive

Why doesn’t anyone get that the whole reason China is interested is because of their investment in us. We OWE THEM MONEY! Wouldn’t you want to make sure that someone who has borrowed from you is able to pay it back? Everyone knows to steer clear of lending to someone who just went out en mas to get sources of credit. This is SICK!

Posted by fjordpiner | Report as abusive

If you owe $100,000 to the bank, the bank owns you. If you owe $1,000,000,000,000 to the bank, YOU own the bank…I don’t think the Chinese like being owned by this Chicago punk.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

obviously the chinese never heard of SEIU or Andy Stern.

Posted by bill984 | Report as abusive

Silver Fox – I appreciate your frustration. One way I have found that seems to offer a genuine opportunity to effect change is participation in GOOOH (pronounced ‘go’, the website is GOOOH stands for ‘Get Out Of Our House’ and seeks to replace ALL existing members of the House of Representative with citizens that genuinely represent their community. It is an interesting process and appears to have a reasonable chance of success. I encourage everyone to check it out for themselves.

Posted by Diane | Report as abusive

[…] Reuters: “Guess what? It turns out the Chinese are kind of curious about how President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform plans would impact America’s huge fiscal deficit. Government officials are using his Asian trip as an opportunity to ask the White House questions. Detailed questions.” […]

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You Health Care bill proponent drones want to trust your health to government which cannot be held accountable for anything. You can’t sue a congressman or a president. How stupid are you. Tort reform alone would pay for all citizens who don’t have coverage. The DEMarxists won’t go along with Tort Reform for two reasons. One, the ambulance chasing lawyers own the Democrat party. They are the largest lobbyist contributors. Two, the DEMarxists don’t care about reducing costs because if they did, they would institute Tort Reform and Interstate competition. What they want is government control and power over the American people. The liberals want a statist one party state like Venezuala. We are heading toward a national revolt and people are going to riot and resist further attempts to revise the constitution by Obama and his leftist marxist minions.

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Mr. President, it appears you are getting used to bowing or kowtowing to other world leaders. Might as well act subservient to them because you are borrowing our nature’s future like a kid wanting money from their Mommy and Daddy for toys. Toys like health care, cap and tax, etc. we cannot afford. GROW UP! It’s the economy….stupid!!

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Imgibson: This “greedey corporations” line is just so much garbage. The greed comes from the selfish and corrupt leftist who extort money from hard working citizens to enhance their own power. Government TAKES from people by force of GUNS and PRISON. The “greedy” corporations actually have to produce things and employ people. Government is not all bad and business is not all good. But to think that government is the solution to anything is childlike and naive.Why to people on the left think government is so pure and business is so bad. I think its a mental deficiency.

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“There is no problem with Fannie Mae”-Barney Frank. Two years later, Fannie Mae collapses and goes bankrupt.”There is no problem with GM”-GM CEO. Two years later, GM collapses and goes bankrupt.”There is no problem with Washington Mutual”-Wa Mu CEO. Two years later, Wa Mu collapses and goes bankrupt.”There is no problem with the U.S. dollar”-Tim Geithner. Two years later, ??????What do you think????

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Mr. President, it appears you are getting used to bowing or kowtowing to other world leaders. Might as well act subservient to them because you are borrowing our nation’s future like a kid wanting money from their Mommy and Daddy for toys. Toys like health care, cap and tax, etc. we cannot afford. GROW UP! It’s the economy….stupid!!

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It is not the responsibility of GOVERNMENT to supply goods and services. At all cost we leave that to free enterprise. If the health insurance industry needs better regulation so be it. They’re profits are they’re business anyway. And when are the proponents going to realize that without TORT REFORM there is no healthcare reform. The bill which recently passed in the House does not include tort reform. I would rather lie in the street sick than have the corrupt federal government supply me with health care. Most of us want absolutely nothing from government. Shame on the rest of you spoiled babies who think you need the government to survive.

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Margaret Hatcher speech, november 1, 1980 “it is neither moral nor responsible for a government to spend beyond the nation’s means-even for services which may be desirable” British health care/New York Times, November 10, 2009 This has been the worst winter in memory for Dr. Don Wijetunge, who runs the emergency room at St. George’s Hospital in South London. At times as many as 30 patients have been sprawled on gurneys outside his emergency room, waiting for treatment for things like pneumonia, heart attacks, stabbings and injuries from car accidents. Because Government financing cuts have forced St. George’s to do away with many acute-care beds, Dr. Wijetunge said, these patients have had to wait — often for 48 hours or more — even as their conditions worsen. “Over several years, the situation has so deteriorated, say doctors, patients, hospital officials, opposition politicians and economists, that even some of the system’s staunchest supporters are beginning to wonder if Britain’s beloved system of socialized medicine is in danger of collapse.’My fear is that the system has been trimmed down so much that it can’t cope with any new pressure,” said Dr. Margaret Blott, a consultant in obstetrics and gynecology at King’s College Hospital in South London. ”There is no slack at all.” British health care has long been bedeviled by problems like worsening hospital conditions, waiting lists for major surgery that can stretch out beyond a year, differing standards of care in different regions and deepening dissatisfaction among health-care workers. There has been a slow migration toward private health care among people who can afford it.””Back in the 1960s, (Claude) Castonguay chaired a Canadian government committee studying health reform and recommended that his home province of Quebec — then the largest and most affluent in the country — adopt government-administered health care, covering all citizens through tax levies. The government followed his advice, leading to his modern-day moniker: “the father of Quebec medicare.” Even this title seems modest; Castonguay’s work triggered a domino effect across the country, until eventually his ideas were implemented from coast to coast.” Four decades later, as the chairman of a government committee reviewing Quebec health care this year, Castonguay concluded that the system is in “crisis.”

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Bottom line is Government is the most inefficient entity in existence. Note the decrease in this Health Care bill for Medicare (which is bankrupt), what in the world makes you think that Government Health Care won’t get the same trimming a few years in the future? Additionally, in response to imgibson, the Insurance companies as efficient as they are have an average profit of 2%, far less than most small businesses. So if you want to talk it up, please come equipped with the facts. Lets fix the existing system then we can think about making changes.

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[…] The Bank Is Worried November 17, 2009 Posted by Cory Franklin in Uncategorized. trackback Here […]

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Anyone with a little bit of common sense would see the folly of this Administration’s fiscal policy.It is not about the right to health care, or the greed of corporations. That has always existed and always will. It is about the greed of politicians, and whether we can afford it or not.If you want to fully finish destroying our economy, go right ahead. Otherwise, stop, and realize that these crooked politicians don’t cxare about the poor, don’t care about you, don’t care about the Nation that they swore alegiance to.Even the Chinese realize that we cannot afford that new program.

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god how are going to pay for all of this no wonder china is asking questions awwwww!!!!!!!!!

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China is infiltrating our economy just as effectively as the Muslims are invading Europe–piece by piece and all they need is time. Freakanomics!

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Dear IMGIBSON,It seems that you are emotionally motivated by fear “greedy corporations whose only concern is profits,” much more than those of us who are desirous to maintain our individual freedom. At this point I can choose which “greedy corporation” to do business with according to what ever rationale suits me, or even choose not to do business with any “greedy corporation” at all. This enormous governmental take over of the United States Health Care Market will drastically alter my freedom of choice in health care services, insurers, and other related matters. Are you unaware that freedom does have a price, sometimes a high one?

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The liberals have supported 45 million abortions since the passage of Roe v. Wade. That’s alot of unborn people that could be contributing to GDP and taxed at 50% of income.

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US = FAIL. Freedom no longer exists.

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Ok, lets say we kill off Warren Buffett and Bill Gates in home invasion robberies and take all their money. That would be something like a $120 billion haul!Ummm, unfortunately that only pays for about 10 months of Obamacare.Do you know how much $1 TRILLION dollars is??? If you pay it back $1 a second, you could pay it off (at zero interest) in just over 32,000 years!

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Wow, who’d have thunk it, the communist country does not like a socialist program?

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AT LEAST WITH PRIVATE INSURANCE YOU CAN SWITCH PROVIDERS!!!!!! THAT’S THE POINT!!!!!!!! and at least if the private insurance company screws up or doesn’t pay, you have SOME option to sue or file complaint or do SOMETHING to rectify the situation. What are we going to do when it’s the US government running all things? SUE THEM? TWIST THEIR ARMS? WON’T WORK!!!!!!!!!

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Looks like the Chinese are asking the questions our own mainstream press are too infatuated with Obama to ask. When will this cease?

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imgibson – you are a moron. Look up the best drug to use to cure colon cancer. It is called Avastin. Avastin cost over $49,000 a year and you know which countries haven’t approved the drug yet? That’s right Canada and Europe. Although, I think Canada has recently approved it. But you know which country it was approved in FIRST? USA! So if you want a healthcare system that doesn’t provide the best drugs for its citizens or to give them the best chances to survive, then please move to Canada or Europe.

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Looks like the Chinese are asking the questions our own mainstream press are too infatuated with Obama to ask….and need to be asked.

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Bow down before the one you serveyou’re going to get what you deserve–NiNAn endless line of socialists, communists, statists, liberals, progressives Americans are elected to every level of government (with very few exceptions) in america. Socialism had a bad century, but we thought we’d have a go. Well, its time for Americans to get the full experience…silly fools, the founding fathers gave you everything you needed and you traded it for some progressive magic beans. You could still save yourselves by returning to the Constitution (yes, including the 10th amendment) and voting for politicians to federal offices that would apply conservative fiscal policy upon the federal government…. oh, never mind, you prefer the road to ruin.

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and the government is concerned about your health? Its all about money and not your health. Either the docs and the corporations are going to make the dough under the current plan or the labor unions under the proposed plan. If you think everyone is going to get all the care they need under govn healthcare, you’re idiotic. Someone has to get kicked to the curb because demand will out run supply. I vote to restrict access to old people first. Then the lame. In fact, let’s give priority to fit and trim non-smokers who are government worker. Fat, out of shape, smokers from the private sector need to be at the back of the line.

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What makes all You libs think that by turning over all your health issues to the government you will not have Greed! You think there are no crooked politicians? you think they dont steal from US… get a clue.

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the cost of the health care reform doesn’t concern me only the republicans who r in bed with corp america, the same ones who deregulated our system to the point of destruction. and for china just foot the bill u have no choice ur economy depends on it, and as for reforms china has no room to talk reform, i don’t like the goverment one bit, as for there concern get your cards in order first before u dictate ur concerns about us, ur people would understand that but u censor them and torture them, i wish they could have heard obama’s speech China censored it how sad did u see the kids in the town hall they were terrified to comment at all.

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This is like bailing water out of the Titanic with teaspoons as billions of gallons of saltwater pour in. The Chinese own the ship, Geithner and Pelosi are manning the teaspoons, the gash in the side of the ship is government/special interest corruption, the gushing water is our deficit, there is no one and no way to possibly save the ship and the women and children are getting placed in the life boats as quickly as possible by Ron Paul and Glenn Beck. As the ship sinks, violinist Obama continues to play the sweet music and the captain is on his knees pleasuring Barney Frank as he protects him from the angry mob.The Titanic was thought to be unsinkable. We all know how that one ended.”We’re gonna need a bigger boat!”-Chief Martin Brody, Jaws

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So we spend about 80% of the cost of healthcare in the last 3 months of someone’s life. Thats ridiculous! Dieing isn’t the worst thing in life. We need to change our attitude about dieing. We do TOO much to extend life in the U.S. The drug companies don’t give a rats a** about extending life, they just want the huge sums of money for giving people false hope. Just let them die.

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Those who hate business here are completely bnrain washed. Why do you think the US is the leader in virtually all medical break throughs throughout the entire world, be it pharmaceutical, interventional, therapeutics, or molecular and genetic advancement of understanding diseases? You think these “evil” companies do it out of the good of their heart? If so, why aren’t the same achievements coming out of all other places in the world? It happens because there is a profit motive folks. Plain and simple. It’s not “evil” to make a profit. They didn’t steal anything from anyone. They created a good or service for sale, and the patients agreed to buy it. It’s a MUTUAL exchange, something no liberal could ever grasp. Meanwhile, medical care is top notch and the most advanced on the planet as a result. Profit motive actually leads to BETTER service and goods, again, something no liberal could grasp. The liberal mentality is that of the DMV. The best and brightest go into medicine with brutal training, long hours, and huge expense because again, there is a profit motive. Take that away and we are left with unmotivated, less qualified care givers and no medical break throughs.By the way, keeping the fruit of one’s labor is not evil. TAKING the fruit of someone ELSE’S labor IS EVIL. Furthermore, you base it out of some moral relativism crap which is only used to justify heinous acts.Can ANY liberal ever discuss any company without adding the word “evil” to it first? Liberals are so mentally challenged, have such an enormous herd mentality taht one has to truly wonder. Notice that the only companies that aren’t evil are the ones taken over by the unskilled labor which never had any finacial risk at all.Why do liberals fear big business which but love big government? Want to compare which is more corrupt? In caase you wonder, ask tax cheat Geitner, soon to be felon Charlie Wrangle, or any of the other cabinet members who also are guilty of crimes.

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Ching, chang, chung . . . Barrack Hussein Obama.

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I agree with Howdy Doody. He’s right on in his comments. “imgibson,” you’re just another dopy liberal who has no concept of how inefficient our govt. is. you think they’ll put your health first and foremost in their plan? gimme a break. I was in the military for 6 years and saw how jacked up govt. health care was. unless you’re bleeding internally, all they do is give you an advil and tell you to go home. Not to mention, you wait for hours upon hours just like at the dmv, post office, etc. I don’t mind reforming private insurance companies, and regulation to a degree, but national health care by the govt. is a joke. If you can’t see the gradual take over of your every facet of your life by this govt., then your blind and idealistic as a bat.

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What makes you libs think you have the right to force me to pay for your health care anyway? I got mine the old fashioned way – “I eaarned it”. You should try it sometime. Anyway, all this talk may me irrelevant. As it turns out, the Chinese may well decide the issue for us. And I doubt they care about anything but the costs and the deficits.

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What a turn of eventss? a former 3rd world country asking questions of America as if it were a 3rd world country. If the Chinese can see Obama for what he is a narcissistic liar why can’t the Kool Aid drinking liberals?

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We can not afford these health proposals, period. Why can not Congress and President Obama understand the basics of “If you do not have the money, you can not spend it.” Interesting that the Chinese may be the only ones who can stop this outrageous travesty called the “health care reform bill” as they are questioning Obama about the 1.2 trillion dollar plan. Have you read the headlines today: $12.5 billion is not enough from tax payers to hold up GMAC; the FDIC (taxpayers) took over 150 failed banks which includes 5000 foreclosures on homes, buildings, land, etc. They (we) must sell billions of those debt dollars. Fannie and Freddie (taxpayers) have losses between $200 and $400 billion; two expensive wars; 14.5 million unemployed workers on government assistance programs. And the deficit increases on and on. Exactly who is going to pay for this. WE ARE. Vote for a complete over-haul of government by electing people who understand a budget and the limitations that are placed on federal government by the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. We have and need the freedom to provide ourselves with health insurance: To do that well, we need a strong economy which is the only issue Congress should be concerned about now: Not piling on more and more deficit for special interest groups in the form of a health care “reform.” Taxes will increase if any of these health proposals go through: There are better solutions that can be outlined in several pages: Tort reform, inter-state insurance; acquiring cheaper drugs from other countries; higher deductibles for insurance plans (bringing down the policy costs) forcing people to ask about the costs of health services which in turn create more competition; personal responsibility and how-to education on keeping our bodies in prime condition. REFORM will lessen our taxes and our personal expenses.OUR COUNTRY IS TOO LARGE TO BE MANAGED EFFECTIVELY AND EFFICIENTLY BY CONGRESS. ESPECIALLY A CONGRESS WHICH IS NOT CONCERNED ABOUT SPENDING MORE TO CONTROL MORE OF OUR MONEY AND OUR PERSONAL DECISIONS. Do you want another 165 federal agencies that are known to be needed by federal health care?

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all this plan does is assure we will have a harder time getting coverage and pay more.. meanwhile.. they cash in

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It is sad that the Chinese government is more worried about the US economy than our own politicians. No wonder the Chinese economy is growing while ours is crashing.

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Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits.Why in the world would we leave food production – one of the most important aspects of our lives – in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits?Oh yeah, because they provide us more food at a cheaper cost to us (in labor, effort, or any other measure) than it has ever been done historically.Tell me, fellow – what business are you in? Better yet, tell me one damn thing that the government produces? They don’t even produce their own friggin red tape, they buy it from a greedy company with money they extort from us by threatening us with the police power of the state.Your comment is unbelievably ignorant.

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[…] are now questioning how much is Obamacare is going to affect our capacity to pay them back….. James Pethokoukis

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“Oh, whatta happun to Chrevroay??? OBAMA DI$A$TERAMA is whatta happun!!!Nothing like “The Chosen One” getting lectured by Long Duk Dong. Just another bad movie about inexperienced, awkward teenage kids.As Long Duk Dong famously said, “No more yankie my wankie.”

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This thread has turned into a nightmare for imgibson. LOL

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Since when has ANY Government estimate EVER been true? The actual cost always end up 3 times the estimate. If you want to wrek our health system just go a head and let the government run it. I’m tired of the leftist scams that are promoted everytime a Democrat comes into power. Heck that Government can’t even run Social Security, Medicare, VA, or , for heavens sake, the cash for clunkers program. You people need to wake up. Last if your going to force Socialized medicine then incorperate all programs into one. Health Care+VA+Medicare+indian health and all the other little money wasting programs.

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Don’t be an idiot. When is the last time you went to the DMV and said to yourself, Man that was a great experience.

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Obama = lying liar who lies.

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“Ask the families of people who have died because the insurance companies refused or denied life saving treatment. If that’s not a death panel I don’t know what is.”Ask the relgious people who refuse medical treatment because of their religious beliefs. They have a choice and they refuse to accept life-saving treatment. Now you know another death panel. I don’t think those people are idiots, even though I disagree with them. However, the person who calls other people idiots is, usually, an idiot….w…

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Let me reword a previous poster’s comments”This is the question I would like to ask. Health next to family is probably the most important aspect of one’s life. Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy” politicians “whose only concern is” power & control. “To me that is unbelievable.”

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[…] Chinese government officials are questioning the figurehead of the Obama regime on the cost of healt…. It seems that they are concerned about the cost (along with cost overuns of the proposed legislation. Although they are not experts in economics, there are some basics that they should be aware of. […]

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Yeah, this is priceless. Our bank just called and they’re worried that we’re going under. Based on current spending, that is absolutely 100% true. This is absolutely the best thing that could have happened to us. Our creditors need to put thier foot down and say enough is enough.It doesn’t matter what we want in healthcare reform. What really matters is what we can afford, our creditors see this as a risk to thier ability to be repaid so much to the point that they let this information publicly leak. It’s a perfect testament to the disillusion of who we elect and then ultimately re-elect to congress.Bottom line, this deficit crap needs to end and the only way to get that clean slate is term freakin limits for these morons we elect to the legislative branch. At minimum, special interests will have limited time to get in the pockets of any single elected official. Power corrupts all, this is a position of power and both sides of the ailse have lost complete touch with the reality that they are elected to represent the people who cast the ballets. The real audience these people cater to is special interests on both sides of the aisle during each election cycle. These people have a responsbility to the voter and that has been completely lost.No president can fix this mess, no cylce is ever broken until someone breaks it. China is now saying “woah – wtf are you guys thinking” it should be the American Tax Payer.The Government Spending and the US deficit is the Cuban Missle Crisis of our generation.

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you republicans crack me up calling it socialism u idiots, if there anything dangerous to our economy its the right wing religious fanatics who want to live there life by the bible well go ahead but keep that book full of folk tales at home

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The borrower is slave to the lender. (Proverbs 22:7) The more we’re indebted to China, the more say they’ll have in our internal affairs.

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“PelosiCare?” Nancy is a moron, but she would never have taken up reform without Obama. This is ObamaCare pure and simple. He’s responsible. Stop shielding him.

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Thank goodness the Communist leadership of China has a little more fiscal sense than the Communist leadership of the U.S.A.

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Obama lied about his background and agenda. America has him figured out now and has come to realize he is actually a bad Vanilla Ice karaoke impersonator. Watch him rap in the spotlight . . .”Stop collaborate and listenObama is back with my brand new inventionDeficits grab a hold of me tightlyFlow like a river daily and nightlyWill it ever stop? yo I don’t knowWhen the lights are turn off, I’ll glowTo the extreme I rock a mic like a vandalLight up a stage and wax China like a candleDance, go rush to the Speaker Pelosi that boomsWe’re all killing your brain like a poisonous mushroomDeadly when I play a dope melodyAnything less than a public option is a felonyLove it or leave it you better gain weightYou better hit Bush’s eye,the kid don’t playIf there is a problem yo I’ll solve itCheck out the dollar while Bernanke revolves it”.

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Every time I read some dimwit Obama-hugger spouting off about “greedy insurance corporations”, I have to laugh.For them I have one question:What is worse – an insurance corporation that provides a real, tangible service to Americans for a fee – or a government that provides no tangible services for ten times that amount of money, and only lies about what it does for you?Americans have had enough of the lies from disingenuous bastards like Barack Obama – and we are going to purge our government of them, regardless of their political party.

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[…] reuters Share and […]

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“Ask the families of people who have died because the insurance companies refused or denied life saving treatment.”this has never happened. it is illegal to deny life saving treatment to anyone, which by the way would be something the hospital does, not an insurance company.There is certainly need for reform to keep competition going. providing the best care for the best cost needs to be the drive of the insurance companies to treat people correctly. this is how competition works and how we end up getting the best possible care. it goes hand in hand with their bottom line. health savings accounts, being able to buy insurance across state lines, and enforcing anti-trust laws on insurance companies will do the trick. then you will have some gecko selling health insurance and everyone will love it because they can go to the company that treats them the best.government is not the answer. it never is.

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Nancy Pelosi has nice gramma titties. Bluhhhhhhhhh! Bluhhhhhhhh! Time for a new pearl necklace to go with the pant suit. There ya go Speaker–looks good. Every liberal needs a facial.

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[…] Guess what? It turns out the Chinese are kind of curious about how President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform plans would impact America’s huge fiscal deficit. Government officials are using his Asian trip as an opportunity to ask the White House questions. Detailed questions. […]

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Just passing Tort Reform would bend the curve down by about 30 percent. Why don’t they do that?Oh, wait, I forgot those pesky trial lawyers…

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The debt owed to China is owed in dollars. So, if Obama crashes the dollar, then the debt owed is owed in devalued currency. We might get out from under our debt for about $10 in 1980 currency if this madness continues.Pretty sad when communists are worried about our insane economic policies. I thought that they would admire his takeover. Chaves and Castro seem to love it!Don’t worry China – we’ll correct in a year and definitely return to sanity in 2012. Then we’ll pay you back in real dollars.

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HB, the China market is growing for a lot of reasons, but they actually have a free market, something the Obama administration os waging war against here in the states. He ignores the Constitution, ignores contract law, appoints a shadow gov’t in the form of czars who have unlimted power. This man is a DISASTER for the US. The US was made great BECAUSE of our free market, not in spite of it.This moron actually thinks that the gov’t can generate wealth. It’s a complete lack of understanding of the most basic economic principles. Not only does gov’t NOT generate wealth, it confiscates it, and too much confiscation kills the economy. Why can’t libs ever seems to notice that when they RAISE taxes, gov’t revenue goes DOWN! It has the opposite effect. Businesses close, lay people off, cut back hours, take away benefits, move to friednlier locations. Again, econ 101, but it might as well be advanced particle physics for liberals. We have an administration who has NO ONE on it that has ever had to actual run a business, make pay roll, be profitable or hire workers. The entire administration has a history of destroying things, attacking things, but never creating anything. ANYONE can destroy or attack something, but it takes knowledge, desire hard work (something Obamugabe knows NOTHING about, the lazist president in US history), and risk taking to create a business and hire employees. No wonder this economy is in free fall and unemplyment is 20%.

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Good point Teabagger! They are nice for a gramma.Wake up America! You should have questioned Obama’s judgment the first time you realized this guy actually has slept with Michelle while she was naked. Now THAT is scary and an impending doom. Kinda like trying to pleasure yourself with a 6’2″ sheet of old Velcro and a vacuum hose. I’d tap out in the first round and go spit up blood in my corner.

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Another point for IMGibson:If an insurance company denies a particular treatment, you can always pay for it yourself. This will not be the case for gov’t healthcare. “Government” equals force, not compassion. Government mandates are the primary cause driving private health insurance costs. Insurance companies are for managing risk. When gov’t mandates that it must cover sex-change operations, fertility treatments,annual check-ups, viagra, and the list goes on and on, these types of things are not actually risk. A high-deductible, catastrophic coverage would put market forces back into the mix and help to stabilize health care costs. That is, until inflation rears its ugly head. And one more point: it’s not like this has never been tried. We don’t have to attempt to predict how gov’t-run health care will work. All we have to do is look at Canada, Great Britain, etc.

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The main topic on this issue is the fact that communist China is asking questions about our stuff that does not concern them. Well guess what, they own us. They have enough money on trust, treasury and who knows what to ask questions and EXPECT and honest answer. You see, law makers here is US know they can walk all over you all and get away, but they also know China don’t play the way politicians play with us. Some people said “checkmate” others “where are you 2012″. Why, because a communist country is telling us get it righ or we will use our leverage?

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[…] Click here for full report […]

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Oba Mao should be bowing to the Chinese not some powerless figure head in Japan.. But on a serious note.. why is Oba Mao our president? He is a foreign citizen.. he told me in person in 1999 that he went to Harvard as a Indonesian exchange student.. man to man, person to person to person.. no truth serum needed.. it boggles the mind that I’m the only person in the world who knows this.. why hasn’t a another person who will be believed come forward with the truth about Obama?Is he truly Oba Mao.. and do they love him for that?

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I enthusiastically agree that Obama should be impeached for his many transgressions against the United States, against decency and humanity, and against the interests of human being everywhere who yearn for freedom. After impeachment, he should be tried for treason for his intentional endangerment of the American people, who are today far less safe than they were ten months ago.We must stop his urge toward personal self-destruction from cascading throughout the world. We must stop Obama from bringing terrorists to America and from taking over the health care industry.We must first, of course, BELIEVE that we CAN stop him. I do. Do you?

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imgibson:”Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits?”I have a better question for you: Gibson, why would you want to leave it in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats whose only concern is the achievement and maintenance of political power?It seems that you have had a copious amount of Kool Aid to drink. Do you realize that more dependence means more control?

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Amazing. I have fallen down the rabbit hole. The Chinese will nudge the socialist parties in Washington to be honest about the cost of their spending plans.I was stunned when the Berlin Wall came down. I was not surprised when the Chinese Communists killed their people to protect their state. Who could have thought twenty years later the Chinese Communists would be our creditors and they are trying to protect their capital. WAKE UP! There is something wrong with this picture.

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It’s amazing how many people will complain about a corporation presiding over our health, and then say that the best recourse is for the government (a corporation that makes no profit and has no motive for excellence with dolts re-electing the same cast each and every time) to preside over our health. We do need reform, mostly we need govt to pull their noses out of our business. One thing that they could do now is remove restrictions on purchasing coverage out of state, that would increase competition 100 fold right out of the gate. Another is TORT reform, but nope the only answer is to hand over your power to the govt, because we’re too stoopid to take care of ourselves.

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When you people are comprehending, that the Corporation’s care about us( see Chase-sorry is a loan shark), about our health, about what we own. Government doesn’t care,they just want to kill us all. While I don’t see who is the good guy or the bad guy on this issue, of health care reform, I still believe that some kind of health care reform it is necessary.

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I’m glad someone is keeping an eye on this nonsense. I don’t suppose the Chinese are crazy enough to think that they will get paid back in real money, but they do seem to be interested in controlling how much they lose on their loans to us…good for them.

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shut up or I will bomb you!!follow barry you dumb sheep

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From today:http://articles.moneycentral.msn.c om/Investing/Dispatch/default.aspx?feat= 1387596(Postal service hemmorhaging money)Is there ANYTHING that the gov’t is good at? Our military is the only thing I can think of, and that’s a testament to the soldiers who join more than anything else. Obeyme has ruined morale amongst our troops (CHANGE!). He can’t visit the site of the Fort Hood shootings, can’t stop by to visit our troops (he did while campaigning), he can’t go to the Berlin wall, but he can go lobby for the Oly,pics, a peace prize he didn’t earn, a “date” night to NYC, paid for by some of us, (a good chunk of libs don’t pay taxes one big reason they don’t care what gov’t does).Public education sucks, Amtrak loses $34 per customer, the DMV sucks, VA hospitals are awful, FEAM, etc. etc. etc.Is there ANYTHING the gov’t is good at? With the modern means top communicate, I don’t think we need the majority of gov’t “services” any more. We need to get back to gov’t the way it was, you know, SET IN THE DAMN CONSTITUTION you tyrannical lib hypocrites.

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“Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits”. Why in the world will we turn over healthcare to the federal gov whose track record on running Social Security, Medicare, etc is a failure. I for one want the control in my hands and my choice.

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[…] Chinese Question Barry’s HC Plan James Pethokoukis

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Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits?Easy answer! In the free market, economic decisions are made. Less “greedy” companies may be rewarded, better cost/coverage ratios are rewarded… that is if the government gets out of the way and we can buy policies across state lines without crazy regulations.And BTW…can you guess just how greedy those insurance companies are? Guess what their profit percentage is. Oh! I bet you don’t want to play that game…

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[…] at this very moment is tell Obama to back-off cap-and-trade and questioning health care reform. James Pethokoukis Blog Archive China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform | Blogs | […]

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Typical lib:Big business is BADBig gov’t GOODyet gov’t is VASTLY more corrupt and offers us NOTHING of quality in return while taking away huge amounts of income and killing business.Business offer goods and services that people LIKE and VOLUNTARILY pay for while providing these things called JOBS.GREAT thinking libs. Who does all your collective thinking for you? Michael Moore, profiteer extraordinaire or Soros, HUGE profiteer extraordinaire? See the hypocrisy? Doubtful, the hive collective hasn’t given you permission yet.

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Thank you JazzyLee.The problem is libs don’t have anything to offer but hate. The call names, slander, lie, cheat, spout off the same collective talking points with no shred of evidence, never look at or analyze evidence handed to them, overlook abundant fraud and corruption, and have absolutely no understanding of the economy AT ALL! It’s like discussing advanced quantum mechanics with a feces flinging primate.

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[…] China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform Guess what? It turns out the Chinese are kind of curious about how President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform plans would impact America’s huge fiscal deficit. Government officials are using his Asian trip as an opportunity to ask the White House questions. Detailed questions. […]

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I am actually grateful that the Chinese are asking these questions. It puts into perspective the inherent risk the Healthcare Reform Bill will likely have to our economy and our country. In addition, although very doubtful it would sway congress against this ridiculous government seizure, perhaps it will scare the you know what out of our power hungry Democrats. They will lose their power in 2010 and beyond if they pass healthcare reform as it currently proposed. They know that the insurance companies will go out of business. Anyone with half a brain knows that they won’t be able to compete with the cost controlled government plans because the government doesn’t have to worry about losing money. They’ll just keep printing money day and night to cover the cost of this plan and they DON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO OUR COUNTRY WHATSOEVER (i.e. hyper-inflation). This is nothing but a power play that they are making to get the less fortunate in this country to vote for them forever! I am frightened to death as to what this is going to do to me not only personally, but to everyone that I know. We will no longer be able to choose to make our own medical decisions with our doctor’s advice because doctor’s will only be able to offer what the government allows them to offer. They’ve already started this take-over of our freedom in the stimulus bill when they required all of our medical records to be recorded electronically. They did this under the guise that it will save lives because a physician will be able to access your medical records almost instantaneously in case of emergency. If I’m in an accident and on the verge of dying, I want the doctor to make the decision that will save my life, not what will save Uncle Sam the most money! If you don’t think that is what this is all about, you are not only being disengenuous, you are lying to yourself or anyone that you try to convince otherwise. This is the biggest political power grab in the history of our country. Stop this madness and call your congressional representative to voice your opposition to this nightmare. They are counting on us being too passive now and they don’t think that we will rise to the same level of opposition that we held during the summer recess. You should also ask the Tea Party folks to organize a rally in Washington DC again when Congress is set to take the vote. I have…It’s the only way we will be heard. Congress would then have to delay the vote once again, and again and again. We have to keep on offense to keep this bill from passing!

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James Pethokoukis is the type of person PBS should have on their talking heads programs. A little realism in the face of “hope” is what is called for.

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Being heavily indebted to the Chinese means that they WILL come a callin’ someday. They will demand repayment of the debt and we may not have a bargaining chip in negotiation or “diplomacy”. Our option will be to fight or be subserviant. They are looking at a situation in which our congress may drive us into a spiral of debt we won’t be able to get out of. That in turn will make their debt worth less or nothing. I’m sure that is their primary worry, how much their holdings will fall. I am totally against the healthcare bill. I called yesterday for an appointment for my daughter. They can see her on Thursday. Should doctors drop off the radar or cease operations due to the exorbitant costs that will be passed on to them because of this bill, the reality of making an appointment will turn into hopeful fantasy.

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When you owe someone a Million Dollars – YOU have a problem.When you owe someone a Trillion Dollars – THEY have a problem!

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imgibson,Did you say “idiotic” American public? Pal, you need a good trip to the woodshed. You obviously haven’t been brought up the way I have to appreciate the great country you live in and the most sacrificial people ever (historically speaking) for the common good around the world. You talk about the “greedy” corporations that make up our health care system. You don’t mention that it’s the best health care in the world due to free enterprise, which leads to the best innovation imaginable. If you take away the free enterprise aspect by handing our health care over to the government, you’ll live (if Obamacare allows it) to regret it. The government can’t even run the Post Office for crying out loud. They fail at everything they do. Social Security and Medicare are about to go bust. What makes you think they can run the entire healthcare system? Wishful (and probably liberal) thinking! We need tort reform, insurance across state lines, and other tweaks to the current system. If you don’t like it, move to the country that you think has a better system!

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You better watch out Reuters or the Obama Administration (Mr. and Mrs. Obama, their Czars, Soros, Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers and his wonderful wife along with the Pelosi regime) will stop giving you information not to mention granting you interviews.

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I think China should be worrying about its’ own people.

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Hmmm…it never ceases to amaze me that there are people who really think government funded healthcare will offer more choices, or not be interested in the bottom line. Greedy corporations are subject to the law, and to citizens, greedy governments are not.China is smart to be asking such questions about costs – they should know.

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This is the question I would like to ask. Health next to family is probably the most important aspect of one’s life. Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of corrupt, incompetent government whose only concern is power. To me that is unbelievable. There concern is not your health so why would we believe they’re going to do anything in our best interest. Ask the families of people who have died because the government sent them to fight ilegal imoral wars in far away lands that pose no threat to us. If that’s not a death panel I don’t know what is. Of course they only want to insure OBEDIENT people, while continually raising TAXES and will continue to do it because WE HAVE NO CHOICE.How long is going to take the idiotic American public to realize we must have changes and reform, and return to constitutional law.

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I must say this is the most amazing comment section I have ever seen. There are some exceptionally bright people on this board right now. It would do liberals well to read all the information. I know it will not change any liberals mind because they are stuck on stupid. Some of the content here is amazing. I’m 71 with a Masters Degree in biology.

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I’d question if I were China too! Fortunately, Obama was able to point them to the success of the public option. It’s already been working for health and fiscal responsibility in Ohio.

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The first comment I read is from imgibson saying things like:”Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits. WE HAVE NO CHOICE.”Apparently you don’t trust your neighbor because we have neighbors that work and make decisions what you call greedy corporations. Please show me where all the people are dying in the streets, a picture the Obama-ites like to paint. Of course out of over 300 million people there will be problems but the govrenment isn’t there to hold your hand.You are to grow up, get strong,build things and take care of yourself. Gibson you say you have no choice. You have plenty of choices but I would bet you don’t take advantage of those choices. I was talking with one of the previous heads of a Federal department on a talk how. He was talking about being back in the private sector, having pre-existing conditions and being on COBRA. My first question to him was, “what type of quotes or offeres have you received from private individual companies. First he did the political manevour and changed the question. I pressed him on it. He never even tried to get quotes from any private individual companies.He excepted that by not getting quotes, looking for his own plan that he faulterd in taking part in the competition process. My point to him was — “then don’t complain about COBRA cost if you haven’t even tried to get off COBRA.”I get tired of people complaining about the cost of COBRA. Yea, its very expensive but why are you still on it?Thirty two States have high risk health pools that will take prepexisting problems and they are all cheaper than COBRA.SO I say you Mr. imgibson are part of the problem. You probably just sit there looking for someone to hold your hand and walk you through life.

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At least these guys are sorry they voted for ObamaI Am Sorry I Voted For Obamahttp://www.iamsorryivotedforobama.c om

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To the first poster: Are you aware that things like competition, which exist in free markets, prevent “raising premiums on us” just for the sake of raising premiums? They are raising premiums because costs are increasing. Secondly, you haven’t thought about this at all if you don’t understand why companies HAVE TO refuse policies to those who are already sick; who is going to buy insurance that costs thousands of dollars a year if they can just wait until they get a serious illness? This is common sense, and the congressional bill’s paltry $750 fee (around there) for not having insurance is not nearly enough to fix this problem. Look for the bankruptcy of every private insurer in the country within a few years if this piece of crap bill passes.

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USA provides all “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” If you are uncapable to provide your self Heath Insurance that is your own fault, don’t tax me more, to make up for your short comings.

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[…] the whole story here: James Pethokoukis aggregated by […]

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I am completely tired of socialist idiots playing the “profit card”. Spitting out the word “profit” with a sneer in the same sentence as “capitalism” may convince your snarky friends of your intellectual prowess, but the rest of us know its just the left’s version of tourette’s.As a human, we each require a certain amount of nutrition each day to function. Imagine it takes you 2,000 calories to handle all your daily activity. Certain days, you save some energy and have calories left over… other days, you need more than 2,000 to survive. It is these extra calories – these hateful “profits” – which allow you to function on days when you are short of nutrition.So when you’re a car company in the 90s, and youre making those hated profits… and a leftist union forces you to give up more of those profits until you’re running on the barest of margins… the day comes when the economy tanks and you suddenly need all those terrible profits to survive. And they aren’t there.Profits are prosperity. They allow an entity to flourish during difficult times, living off the fat of better years.Socialist don’t like profits, because they see it as “loose money” that can be allocated for their “liberal utopia project”.The socialist who started off these comments by stating that he couldn’t stand people’s healthcare being left in the hands of those evil profit-driven bastards… well, he wants a healthcare system in the hands of those government-obsessed bastards. He doesn’t want profit, because he doesn’t care about prosperity or success. In other words, he doesn’t care if the healthcare is good; he just doesn’t want it to be successful.Which is perfect – because socialized medicine isn’t.

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Who says the gov isn’t also greedy Gibson?

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hahaha !!! As an American Business Man I am quite familliar with this one. It is called getting bitc* slapped by your investor. This can only happen if you have taken money from an investor and the returns and or direction are not panning out the way you said and you are left trying to explain. Suddenly they start worrying about everything you are doing, and rightly so since the investor often has more hard cash in than you do. So we got bitc* slapped by our investor… The depths we have lowered ourselves too. We are a capitalist system and as such we must respect our investors ! if we owe them that much then we now have to take their chides and criticisms and it goes with the territory of needing capital and not having it and reaching out to someone else who did amass it to get it.get used to it till we get out of debt… and even though I am no fan of a communist country we are in major debt to them and we have to roll with the punches and treat them with respect !

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People People People, enough already! This has nothing to do with your health. This is ALL about power. When are enough people going to get this! These folks want complete control of our lives, health care is the one area that will give them the largest amount of control. Once they have health care, it’ all downhill.What you eat, how and what you drive, where you go to school, you name it the state will dictate how it works. Welcome to Moscow folks!

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If you’re using Saw VI or Sicko as source material for your fears of healthcare – you fail.

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I’d not like to have the Federal government controlling health care treatment payments and specifying what choices I and my family’s doctor can make because of cost. I would much prefer being able to purchase insurance from a so-called “greedy corporation – like the non-profit Blue Shield of California – (and/or self-insure to some extent using a medical savings account). The “greedy corporations” do a much better job in every arena as compared to government-run disasters like Amtrak (compare to any private rail company) – the Psotal Service (compare to FedEx, UPS, etc.) – DMV (it is easier to BUY a car from a dealer than to get a license from the DMV) -etc. etc. – and I will also cite my horrible experiences with the UK’s National Health Service when I was posted in the UK – it is horrible – filthy, wait-time, bad service, subpar care!I would choose the “greedy corporations” to build computers over a govt run computer maker – to supply groceries rather than a government-mandated grocery service – and to provide my second most valable service (after food provision) – my health care.Government makes a disaster of everything it controls – including Medicare which is teetering on bankruptcy and only survived this long because of cost-shifting to the private payors.

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If everyone is so worried about spending, how come no one cared that the reason the deficit is so high because of tax cuts and 2 wars? Why is that foreigners own a good portion of our debt and basically hold our currency or policies hostage? I thought we are THE superpower, but yet our own billionaires don’t want to buy up the debt.

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Model the system after what we have in the military. Say what you want but it works. Our healthcare system in this country is broke and the only way to fix it is through government. This is all about money and not about quality of life. For god sake’s this is the USA. We should have the best health care system available for free. Stop giving my tax dollars away to foreign countrys. And fix the Federal Reserve while your at it. They allowed us to get into this mess.

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Seeing the forest and big picture !!To date, out of the earmarked $787bn in stimulus package , roughly $155bn dollars, not sufficient to reverse the trend of jobless rate, have been doled out. But, away from job saving and creation, GDP growth etc, the added value on the stock market alone might stay at roughly $1trillion, which could help us see the forest in light of conclusion of the historic health care and sustainable energy act.As always, focusing exclusively on up-front cost and subtracting its added value from equation, we will more likely be trapped in a small cage.

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even if this healthcare plan was a good idea (which it is not) America can not afford it

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I could give a damn less WHAT China wants to know or thinks about USA Health Care. I am simply wondering myself what, exactly, is the relevance of this article?

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Take a good look at how the feds run VA hospitals and Military healthcare. After a cursory look I doubt anyone would want that type of treatment.

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Mark Kaskin – Since the government makes everything a disaster it controls, I guess our military is a DISASTER, right? No wonder they can’t WIN a war or 2 against a 3rd world country. I guess that’s why we need contractors and mercinaries to do the job for them.

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This demonstrates that the Chinese leadership has Obama’s number and is therefore smarter than the average American voter.Obama’s proposals are clearly unaffordable. In the long run the U.S. governemnt will face the choice of default or severe inflation. They will choose inflation.

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The article makes a point that everyone seems to miss. Why do the Chinese need to be asking the tough questions instead of the liberal media? If anything, this little ditty belongs up there with a Freudian moment. This message reinforces the notion of capitalist free market policy that ultimately motivates well being. The only thing so called Health Care needs, is more user responsibility and less Marxism. Policies can be put into place that cause this shift, however it is not painless and will take time. It is much preferable to the gargantuan misguided morass of socialized medicine that has failed every country where it has been introduced.

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My wife went to an Emergency Room with what she thought was a broken foot. We got a bill for $13,000 for the ER, X-rays, Radiologist, and General practitioner etc….. We had insurance and the bill became a 50 dollar co-pay. The insurance companies negotiate reasonable rates and were billed a fraction of the 13,000. Japan has the healthiest population on the planet. They pay $10 a night for a semi private hospital room and $90/night for a private room. Why don’t Doctors and hospitals show patients what they charge for visits and procedures? This is all about money. Big Pharma/AMA/Private insurance wants us to keep paying through the nose for basic health care. I say use common sense. Medicare was and is a well run alternated to private insurance. It puts non- negotiable fair pricing in place….pays Doctors and Hospitals on time… is treats all people the same. I have worked for Private Hospital and believe me.. your money is their top concern. Health care reform will pass. Fear mongers can’t stop it.

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Its not just how the poorly the government is running the VA hospitals but look and the inaccuracies stated within the website should show how well government manages anything.The only thing they do well is give the best for themselves both in perks, retirement and medical coverage.

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Health care is very important. That’s why it shouldn’t be left in the hands of greedy politicians, whose only concern is using their power to enrich themselves and their friends, and left to the free decisions of individuals making voluntary economic exchange.

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OK, All you folks that are infuriated and sickened by the recent chain of events that are driving our great country “down the tubes”. Please take 15 minutes from your day to find the numbers and call and keep calling your senators and so called “representatives” Tell them the exact things you are saying in your comments. Go to gatherings that are organized to tell the government “NO”. We are a country of mostly responsible and level headed people whom are letting theminority thinkers run this country. If you voted for our current situation and now see how bad things are you have more of an obligation to help straighten this bad situation out. Go out and Vote these ludicrious representatives out of office !!

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Syrin said “Is there ANYTHING the gov’t is good at?”,One thing government is good at? Aging, they give us all grey hairs quite proficiently! All, kidding aside, you’re right. We need to pass a bill back to where the house and senate members get a meager paycheck! Then keep that law into a required military service type position that no one really wants! But is 100% completely necessary to be a citizen in this nation.We also need a president in office who know what the veto does. Since Reagan, only one president tried hard to fix our deficit. And Clinton’s aim was off with the veto, but he could hit the broadside of a dress! Is that our military? Aim high?

Posted by Brave new mexican | Report as abusive

WOW! It takes the Chinese to recognize the cost of Obama’s healthcare proposal, not our own citizens! Sure the Chinese are concerned because they hold so much of our debt. However, our citizens should recognize they are the ones that have to repay that debt. We can reform healthcare without instituing Obama’s plan that completely ignores tort reform and inter-state competition. Obama is not truly interested in saving money and improving healthcare or those two items would be included in any healthcare bill! Obama wants to grab 1/6th of economy for his administration. Wake up America.

Posted by Freedom Isn’t Free | Report as abusive

Wheee! Let’s encourage the Chinese to ask MORE questions! They’ll probably get more answers than do we, the citizens of the United States!

Posted by jamesod2 | Report as abusive

Anybody who owns a business knows that when you buy volume you get a better deal and when you sell volume you increase revenue. So inevitably buying health insurance for all in one government program will lower health care cost while increasing revenue for the health industry overall(excluding HMOs). There is no way the Gov. can screw up this basic economic principle.As for the argument that you will get inferior care in a government run system you only need to look at how HMOs provide doctors incentives for not recommending expensive test and procedures that could genuinely help. Furthermore let us not forget about the people with preexisting conditions of whom the cherry picking HMOs will not cover.

Posted by George Rojas | Report as abusive

Ok the one single thing I see in all these blogs is every one on here is complaining about the friggin government and how the all the people in office are screwing us blind.I could not agree more.But guess what people you are the same complainers who put them in office.So my guess is we all need to get them out as fast as we can.NO EXCUSSES JUST DO THE WORK.NOW

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It is already too late for some. Last spring the stimulus bill included a panel to oversee the cost effectiveness of medical treatment for hospitals and doctors. I didn’t know did you? Scene is set. In June my husband who was on dialysis, and had successfully fought a staph infection for 4 years had a heart attack. We knew his ten year old angioplasty procedure would need work. His doctors, who previously, had intelligent eyes, used aggressive measures and had a plan always as my husband bounced back quickly once good treatment was done. Now they walked into the room with eyes that looked like deer caught in the headlights. They couldn’t look my husband or me in the eyes and they began to stutter that he was too fragile to undergo heart surgery (he was still in his sixties), too fragile to make the 30 mile trip to a nearby city for surgery. They went on and on and I didn’t recognize them. He then said he would go off of dialysis (death sentence) if he could go home to hospice and his loved ones. Well, he survived the 33 mile ride to our rural home. Survived being poorly handled by the ambulance crew. He survived another 3 days. I am convinced that the word came down that he was not cost effective because of his existing condition and they talked him into a bad decision. They are slipping in the really bad parts already as amendments to other bills and I believe that we who survive will suffer greatly when the big bills come due to be paid.

Posted by Linda Mock | Report as abusive

This is HILARIOUS!!The COMMUNIST CHINESE are b!tch slapping the “most brilliant president ever” (as portrayed by the sock-puppet democrat transcriptionists in the U.S. media) over his destruction of the American dollar with unfunded gov’t programs, profligate spending and a balloning deficit!!!It’s a sad day when an old MAOIST COMMUNIST country has to teach the American president about fiscal responsibility!!!

Posted by Barry Soetero | Report as abusive

“the truth” said “Why don’t Doctors and hospitals show patients what they charge for visits and procedures?”I’ll tell you why; when I attended a ‘new’ health care bill conference in 1989. The insurance industry had already starting buying up hospitals nationwide. I’ll also say, their financing scheme was immaculate; because 20 years to the day, I might guess 25 years to the day; they gambled the government would bail them out 2009?While their gamble already paid off, we the taxpayer are stuck with their bailout, bad investments, and controlled investment ponzi schemes, these schemes will never stop in the US. Unless we pass a bill reverting senate and house members work for minimal pay, and a no contact order with lobbyists, and they must listen to their constituents complaints, which they are paid to ignore. Too bad everyone has to threaten each other to keep afloat in this country, I think it’s unpatriotic, what most senate and house members are doing; even treasonous, we as the people should prosecute.And the way state governments are operating; its almost a perfect time for the people to let state, city, county, and federal government offices close up. Then quietly walk into those offices, volunteer their time and take over, so when those who think they have a job when the government shuts down, they have a job! Why should they, they screwed the people. I still think the pen is mighter, and I thought government offices were open. To me, the government offices look very closed.

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I love it… American’s cannot question Healthcare Reform but China’s government can!!So does that mean the Chinese are racist and sexist? I cant wait to hear the adminstrations retort….

Posted by evilR3 | Report as abusive

RE: Health Care Reform: To my knowledge, neither Obama, Pelosi, nor Reid have publicly agreed to enroll in the proposed government health care plan that they like so much. If all three think the planned system is so wonderful for America, why aren’t Obama, Pelosi, and Reid willing to drop all current health coverages that they and other Congress and Senate members enjoy and join in with the rest of the OP’s (ordinary people)? Then just like the rest of us they too will be able to receive the fine benefits that are being proposed. Afterall, as employees of the OP’s and legal citizens of America shouldn’t they be required to enroll in the exact same coverage as everyone else?

Posted by MJ | Report as abusive FULL.jpg

Posted by Syrin | Report as abusive

Seriously,the very argument it self was created by the government. THEY made the rules about crossing state lines, THEY made tort law the way it is, THEY listned to insurance lobbiest and designed the system to work the way it does. The big bad insurance companies do not exist in a vacuume , they function under the “restictions” placed on them by the SAME EXACT people (in government) you think can fix the problem.Government doesn’t fix problems, they CREATE them. AND yes NOTHING done by the Fed works efficiently, ask any soldior. (how many pages is the TAX code?)

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It seems that all of the posters here are in agreement except our first one. You know, there are so many good points brought out that I could not improve on any of them, except to ask this question…I may sound like a black helicopter paranoid, but has anyone ever thought that the Chinese have been offered our land with all “our” natural resources as collateral for our huge debt? We, the citizens are never allowed to profit from any of the natural gas or oil…the government is trying to shut down the coal industry…and the other land that is also wealthy such as in California, where so much of our food is grown, has now been shut down by the government by cutting off their water??? I’m just ask’in…

Posted by Juju Smith | Report as abusive

To IMGIBSON:It is not MY resposnisbility to make sure YOU do what is necessary to obtain healthcare and maintain you and your family’s. It is not my responsibility to pay for you. What obligation do I have to you just because you were bron? If you think it is so important, then I would expect you to make sure you have it.And if you have a prexisting condition, then you have to deal with that. That is life and life is not fair. I should know. I have dug myself out of huge holes that simply were “not fair” for me to be in in the first place.Stop whining and expecting everyone else to pay your way.

Posted by Unfair | Report as abusive

Wow, the first post here is so telling about how ignorant the american people are about the health insures. As an average the health insures made a profit of 2.5 percent in 2008, not exactly a win fall profit. If my company made that I would starve. If these companies accepted anybody with any condition. The majority of us would pay for there illnesses with huge increases in premium. Currently in a case of a major dibilitating illness there is the choice of government sponsored plan, Medicaid once personal monies are exhausted. Although unfortunate how it can effect a persons financial life. Coverage is there.I refuse to believe the inefficient government can handle my health care better. Just look how effective the recent bailouts have been. Saved or created, my arse.The politicians are just greed power hungry control freaks who think they know whats best for us. We have a constitution that gives me the right to run my own life and I will fight for that right just like our for fathers. Wake up folk, don’t let them in to our live more than they are, ask a business owner. Red tape consumes many a hours month to stay in compliance with crap.Do we really want to go to a society where all are equal in all ways. No amount of hard work and dedication will allow you to prosper.Lets keep this country free, Give me freedom or death there is no between.

Posted by Rob | Report as abusive

This is the question I would like to ask. Health next to family is probably the most important aspect of one’s life. Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy POLITICIANS whose only concern is self promotion. To me that is unbelievable. There concern is not your health so why would we believe they’re going to do anything in our best interest. Ask the families of people who have died because the POLITICIANS looked the other way while their constituents floundered in poverty and despair. If that’s not a death panel I don’t know what is. Look at every major city, and tell me that government hasn’t made conditions worse. Of course they only want to TAX healthy people and RATION care while continually raising fees for lawyers and doctors and will continue to do it because WE HAVE NO CHOICE. How long is going to take the idiotic liberals to realize their emotional pleas are compelling, but have been repeatedly proven to be unworkable. We have had our fill of these changes and reform that only succeed in making a bad situation worse, while filling the pockets of politicians and their cronies. We’re killing ourselves with good intentions.

Posted by Pat Denoli | Report as abusive

Isn’t it REALLY cool that our nation has sunk to a point where our countries tell us what to do & question our policies? {{rolling eye balls}}. Now that’s a shame. But, I guess if any country would be nervous about our debt, it’s be China. Haven’t they bought most of our debt?

Posted by Can’t belive it | Report as abusive

@Jeff…there is NO SUCH THING as FREE health care!!!

Posted by Nancy | Report as abusive

We do need reform. The current bill does not reform and does not control the greedy lawyers. There are no real cost controls in the new bill other then short changing medicare providers even more than they are now. We need what Obama promised, an open and transparent debate with everyone at the table.

Posted by Konrad | Report as abusive

Medicare denies more claims than insurance companies !!!!Wake up folks – GOVERNMENT run HEALTH CARE will be WORSE that private companies.

Posted by Yagenrok | Report as abusive

Why is healthcare the responsibility of the Government?

Posted by Khan | Report as abusive

What is with you fools that think corporations are evil and the govt. is the answer!?!? You dolts, the govt. is the biggest, most inneficient, bloated, worthless corporation of them all!!!!!!!

Posted by biffula | Report as abusive

[…] Chinese are wondering how we’ll pay for this plan. They’re worried about their investment in us. James Pethokoukis Blog Archive China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform | Blogs | Here’s one way to help pay. Cut down on screenings. Rationing is already beginning. Funny how it’s […]

Posted by Health Care reform comments – Page 6 – theBubbler | Report as abusive

we should be concerned with CHANGE and the goverment run health care. We may need reform to the current system but not a total make over done in just a few months. My father had a stent put in this spring for a heart blockage. the follow up medication caused kidney failure for which the treatment choices were a DNA shot to jump start his kidney function. Medicare said NO you are too Old at 86. We already have DEATH PANELS…he died in Sept.

Posted by K Borman | Report as abusive

[…] China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform… […]

Posted by Sanford impeachment, Obama’s 71 Car Motorcade, Jenny’s Brand & the Sarah Palin Interview « | Report as abusive

Wow… Now even the Chinese have more concern about this Healthcare bill on the economy then the Democrats do.

Posted by Maxwells | Report as abusive

By Jon Pananas in response to imgibson”this is in response to the posting by imgibson. Per your reasoning, why in the world would you let your family eat the food grown by farmers whose only concern is for profit? Why would you trust your family’s safety in a car manufactured by a profit motivated corporation(exempting GM and Chrysler, two government owned non-profit organizations.) Why do you live in a house built by greedy builders? The list goes on and on. One presumes that you work for “profit”. It is the profit motive that drives the free market and results in a higher standard of living for all.”Doug says,You are absolutely correct, Jon. Let’s boycott all of the evil businesses that make a profit. Let’s refuse to buy anything they sell. While we’re at it let’s boycott coal and all the products associated with it. There’s the coal that is used to produce the metals going into automobiles, airplanes, ships, steel reinforcement for buildings and bridges, washing machines, dryers, sewing machines for making the clothes we wear, and countless other steel products. Not to mention a few of the by-products of coal, such as: paving, roofing insulation, storage batteries, fungicides, paint thinner, perfumes medicines, baking powder, fertilizers, paint pigments, synthetic rubber, and linoleum, to name a few. So, imgibson, get you a following together and cease to buy any of the above-listed products. You can show them.

Posted by Doug | Report as abusive

The government replaces gratitude with a sense of entitlement.If I take my money and happily buy someone food, of my own free will, there is genuine gratitude, human contact.The government takes my money by force (IRS). Now I’m kind of bitter about it. Gives someone their “fair share”, no gratitude, only entitlement. There is no human contact/factor.I thought this whole thing was about health care INSURANCE issues.Our “health care” is the best in the world. We get the best people from all over the world doing their best work here.Insurance is not an option in issues that concern another citizen’s health or property ( car insurance, homeowner’s).I’m young, what did this country do before health insurance? Payments directly to the doctor? I think doctors even allowed bartering for treatment? Doctors are generally good people with good intentions. Would you pay for all that schooling just to deal with law suits and insurance companies for fun?Let me pick my own insurance, screw this group rate crap.Squash expensive litigation and frivilous lawsuits with a loser pays policy.The rest of us need to sack up and work for what we want.We need to strive to take care of ourselves and those who can’t without the government.

Posted by Devilsadvocate | Report as abusive

Why is there so much discussion about the relative merits of government controlled health care? So much could be done to reduce health care costs without this huge bureaucracy.Let’s begin with limiting malpractice awards to an amount that will compensate the injured party for damage done. This would include limiting the amount that an attorney could charge for a malpractice case. Many many attorneys have become wealthy on the awards for this kins of case, and we the people are getting poorer. And, while we are at it, let’s also limit the amount of time that such a case can be in the court system.Next, let’s digitize health records and make them available to doctors who need them. Many many tests cat scans etc are repeated, or done unnecessarily because doctors are 1, afraid to make a diagnosis without a full panel of tests, and 2, because the results of previous tests are not available. My 85 year-old mother has had so many redundant tests that she is now refusing some of them.Similarly, prescription records are not shared between physicians. When my mom came home home from the hospital, she had the same pain medication prescribed by three different doctors. One prescription alone was $600. But of course, her co-pay was $5. She already had the very same medication sitting in her cabinet from two previous prescriptions. This particular medication was so strong she chose to stop taking it after just a few days, even though each prescription was a 30 day supply. What a waste!Of course all of this is just silly, because the health care bill is not about health care, it’s about power. The government has already nationalized two of our biggest remaining industrial companies, GM and Chrysler, and by getting control of our health care they will virtually have taken complete control of what was once the most wealthy and powerful economy in the world. Why are they doing this? Why are we letting them? Maybe we should stop them…

Posted by getdave | Report as abusive

The only ‘greed’ in US health care right now are the politicians greedy for power and money to be gained from those who benefit from what ever ‘reform’ is passed.Trial lawyers drive up costs by siphoning off money from the hospitals and doctors, thus causing excessive, costly, and unnecessary care. Their political donations protect them from any ‘reform’.Corporations are protected through political donations to enact ‘regulations’ which inhibit competition. Remove those restrictions and let competition amongst insurers work. Look at the airline industry, de-regulation increased competition and kept airfares low for nearly a generation.Insurers make only a small profit margin, which when compared to the waste in a government run program, is a much more efficient way to provide health care. Plus,you have a choice of insurers, not so when your careis determined by someone in Washington.

Posted by MR | Report as abusive

Typical Liberal calling the American people ‘idiots’. And , of course using the word “change”. How original and clever. Dehumanize the ‘enemy’ by calling them idiots. Congress can make laws to cure all of the ills of health care without taking over the entire health care system. Health Insurance Companies don’t even make all that much profit. (2%). Do we really trust our government with all of that money? After they have stolen the Social Security trust fund, etc.. No. We don’t. The Founding Fathers NEVER intended for the federal government to be trusted with anywhere near that much money! Do not trust the Feds with that much money. And for every American to run the risk of fines and/or jail, just for being alive is so far left as to be unconstitutional and immoral and not at all helpful.

Posted by Holly | Report as abusive

Thanks Syrin, ___ ___That was funny……… (O) (O)vIf you missed it click below….. ~~~~~/ 111609_FULL.jpg

Posted by Brave new mexican | Report as abusive

When you owe somebody money you have become their slave. Every day Democrats in our government are putting more of our wealth and our children’s wealth on the hook as collateral to the Communist Chinese while our President, Senators, and Congressmen loot our treasury and give it to those who helped them get elected. All this so they can stay in power and gain more and more control over us.

Posted by Ed | Report as abusive

As I read your posts, I can’t help to think how these people are still in office. I have never heard reuters being refered to a polarized left or right news outlet yet EVERYONE agrees that the governments proposed healthcare is NOT wanted.Vote people! Criple this administrations ambition to control every individual living within the American borders.They wonder why there are all these grass root groups arming themselves at an alarming rate. It’s to stop the tyranny that we will all face if we allow our country to be governed as it currently is.(+) Pelosi(+) ReidThen get rid of all the Charlie Rangals and the rest of the corrupt dems.

Posted by evilR3 | Report as abusive

They’ll turn us all into beggars ’cause they’re easier to please.Decline and Fall

Posted by Paul H | Report as abusive

It’s a sad state of affairs that China will probably be listened to about this issue more than the millions of American people who want the government to stay out of their health care decisions; who do not want this crammed down their throats.

Posted by George | Report as abusive

Do you see what is happening to our infrastructure?The country and states are hemmoraging money.The wheels are already falling of the wagon. How much longer can the printing preses prop up the government? I still have never heard a solution the paying off the national debt. I think the people are confused when they hear politicians talk about a balanced budget or budget surplus. If most sat down and saw the progression of the debt we have attained they would be evacuating in their pants. At what point can we no longer even pay the interest payments on the debt? What happens when we really run out of money?

Posted by Paul H | Report as abusive

@imgibson: profit is a curious thing. Profits, at least in the short-term, go to those health care providers that cut the most from their bottom lines, which can be bad for consumers. However, profits also go to those companies that provide the most effective drugs, or the most best performing surgical and diagnostic tools, which benefit consumers.As for your ultimate question, it presupposes that government-overseen health care will be motivated by purely altruistic concerns, driven solely by the goal of providing the best possible care to the greatest possible number of people. Please let me know when you find a government capable of acting that way; surely you don’t suppose that our cravenly-political, back-room-dealing, hopelessly-partisan, and criminally-wasteful mess of a federal government is the right pick for administering the health care of 300 million people.

Posted by Mike | Report as abusive

When you add 30+ million uninsured into health-care system, when health care system refuses to deny any medical care/treatment to anybody for any reasons, when health care is treated as a right and entitlement and not a privillage earned, health care spending can only go up, not go down, no matter how you fund it.The pricing for any commodity/service adjusts to what market can bear, which is determined by what consumers would afford to pay. When the consumer is an individual, cost stricture would adjust to what individuals in their individual capacity can afford to pay. When it is a pool of individuals, the cost structure would adjust to collective resources of the consumer pool. Insurance industry creates a pool of consumers, hence health-care costs adjust to what insurance industry backed by pool of its consumer collective can afford to pay. Because of such collectivism administered by insurance industry, health care costs adjusts so high that no uninsured individual in can afford it. The right thing to do to bring down the costs would be to dismantle the collectivism administered by private sector, and not create even bigger collectivism administered by even more inefficient public sector. If collectivism administered by private sector has been a failure in containing health-care cost structure, collectivism administered by government and funded by taxpayers can only prove to be a disaster. Soon health-care will adjust its cost structure to what tax-base of USA can bear. Health-care system needs reform, but current proposals are merely exploiting it for partisan ideology. It has nothing to do with reforms.

Posted by KP | Report as abusive

Food for thought…There is an internal website that tells me what my “real” compensation is due to the companies subsidizing of healthcare, retirement, etc.I wonder what a politicians “real” compensation would be if you added, the private jet travel, security, entourages, healthcare, retirement. etc..???I think that the people who are governing are further removed from the real American then people are let to believe…

Posted by evilR3 | Report as abusive

[…] China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform […]

Posted by » Financial News Update – 11/17/09 Where liberty dwells, there is my country… | Report as abusive


Posted by Zander | Report as abusive

I have been a doc for too many years. If Big O gets his wish on HC reform, I’ll retire along with tons of other docs. We can not afford to practice.

Posted by Axe to Grind | Report as abusive

When communists admit they are scared of another country leaning more and more left, we should listen. China has become more of a capitalist economic power than anyone could have imagined for decades now. Can’t Obama admit that moving toward socialism is the wrong direction? Not since he is more concerned with power-grabs than with the real economic future of America. Please visit my website:

Posted by Jonathan | Report as abusive

imgibson,Since health is one of the most important aspects of life, then why would you leave it up to the government? Shouldn’t people take the health of their families more seriously? I feel most people put health at the bottom, until there is a problem. Eating bad foods, smoking, drinking and not exercising.The healthcare bill was founded and pushed through on misleading circumstances. Do we have problems with skyrocketing medical and insurance costs?…yes, but they acted like people don’t have access to healthcare and they pushed through a health insurance plan that doesn’t make any sense and is going to bankrupt the US. If I have no insurance and I get in an accident, I can go to an emergency room and get treated. In the sad cases of cancer, you have to look to the charity of others, like churches, cancer foundations or other organizations to help pay for treaments, but you can’t just expect the government or anybody to have to pay for every possible treatment. Sadly at some point, if you have no more insurance or money to pay for treatment, there is nothing much you can do. Many people die even with all the money and treatments available to them (Farah). You can’t save everyone, especially if they don’t take the first step of trying to take care of themself.

Posted by Brad | Report as abusive

Of course the Chinese are interested in Nazi Care. Afterall, they OWN OUR SORRY ARSES thanks to Obama and the Dems.

Posted by ByteRider | Report as abusive

[…] November 17, 2009 · Leave a Comment Toata disputa publica despre sistemul medical din America se poate reduce la urmatorul dialog pe care l-am gasit la “comment” pentru un post (aici) […]

Posted by Health in America « B a r z i l a i – e n – D a n | Report as abusive


Posted by Betsy Ross | Report as abusive

I would ask the same question in another way. Health next to family is probably the most important aspect of one’s life. Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of narcissistic, out of touch with the common man, power hungry politicians whose only concern is votes that will keep them in office? To me that is unbelievable. There concern is not your health so why would we believe they’re going to do anything in our best interest.People will die either way whether or not it’s the incompetent unaccountable government in charge or “Greedy Insurance Companies”.

Posted by Hunter Rose | Report as abusive

Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy politicians whose only concern is political power and self preservation?

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

”Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits. To me that is unbelievable.”No, what is unbelievable is that you think this is actually about healthcare. It is about government control of your life from the cradle to the grave. Big Brother will decide what you can eat, or not eat, how much money you can make, how much tv you can watch, how many children you can have or not have (regardless of your ability to pay for them), etc. Then there’s the control of your information. Unless you are in their system, and you will be, you will not be able to get buy medical services anyway. Of course, the only way they are going to be able to keep up with who really should be receiving benefits is to provide everyone with a unique identifier (you know, so ”illegals” won’t steal your benefits…right). Of course identity theft is so common these days, they will need to identify you in a more precise way…Verichip/Positive ID anyone? So, let’s see: can’t buy or sell medical services without a special ”mark” (identifying that your dependence is on the government)…that reminds me of something: ”no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark.” Revelation 13:17. You have been warned.

Posted by apgar1010 | Report as abusive

imgibson asks: How long is going to take the idiotic American public to realize we must have changes and reform?The already have….. the idiotic American public elected one of their own – the moron monkey man Barak Obama!O neB igA ssM essA merica

Posted by Roddy Piper | Report as abusive

Will China become an active participant in the US economy, in much the same way that CalPERS participates in the business affairs of its portfolio companies?

Posted by DX Young | Report as abusive

It’s obvious “imgibson” was educated in the government school system. Dear Dumbo do you think your boss has you working just to break even every year! I will be standing on the bluff watching & cheering as you & your cronies follow your “great leader” comrade BHO off the cliff.leb

Posted by leb | Report as abusive

Since our government has ceased control of its economy and relies on another government, China, for economic prosperity, China gains more control over America and can dictate policy. Our government has long lost control over its policy making. China is calling a lot of shots because they virtually own America. We are INDEBTED to China. I knew it was only a matter of time before our representatives sold us down the tubes. There is no other logical explanation to the totally illogical policy decisions coming out of Washington. Many decisions Washington makes are not in the best interest of the American people. Washington is being dictated to by who owns America…and it certainly is not the American people. There was a time when America was economically independent and strong. No nation could dictate policy to us. Those days are long over. The more America depends on China for its economic survival, the more influence China can exert over us. Just think of your personal finances…If The bank and/or credit card companies own your car, your house, your belongings because of your debt, they call the shots. You are not in control–they are.

Posted by Kathy | Report as abusive

Worst. Radical Leftist. Lying. President. Ever.Now that we got the “first historic” affirmative action presidency out of the way, maybe next time people will listen to reason.

Posted by Randal | Report as abusive

I know I am wasting my time but the problem with both sides. Liberals want to seize successful, working Americans incomes to pay for those who don’t or can’t pay their own way AND Americans as a whole have an totally unsupportable expectation of what health care should perform. You are not going to live forever, deal with it. We spend 85% of healthcare cost in the last two years of a person’s life because we have created an unreasonable expectation on living forever in this country.If you are 80 years old and are diagnosed with a terminal illness we should not be spending millions of dollars on that person to extend their life; that is stupid but we do it.Now you all can pick up your spears and start chucking but it does not change the truth.

Posted by Pal Adino | Report as abusive

imgibson: I got denied a procedure by an “evil” health insurance company last year. But I had a medical savings account and just wrote a check for it. This year I chose a DIFFERENT INSURER–imagine that! Isn’t that a CRAZY concept??? The “evil” insurer lost my business (x4 because I also have 2 healthy teenagers), and the “better” insurer got my business.So how does that work out with your “government” plan imgibson? Having trouble? I’ll help you–you get HOSED!!! That’s how it would work!If you are so darn sure you are right, why not put your money where your mouth is? You want to trust the government? Put your life saving medication in a box, take it down to the post office, and send it to yourself. I’m sure they’ll do a great job and you’ll have it delivered by the next morning.

Posted by Bob | Report as abusive

I wouldn’t buy what Obama is selling for all the tea bags in China.Thank you China. Keep asking the questions we’re not allowed to ask.Greed=expecting other people to pay for your needs.Hate=demonizing those people for asking question.Who’s the party of hate and greed?

Posted by Pops | Report as abusive

why in the world would someone expect an insurance company to pay for a pre-exisitng condition? its INSURANCE… not a service protection plan!insurance companies do not owe you access to healthcare. they are a business. the government does not owe you access to healthcare. does the government owe you a house? a car? a paycheck? a meal? a refrigerator?if we are owed healthcare – then who owes it to us? the feds don’t research/develop/manufacture medicine and medical equipment – private enterprise does. the government doesn’t heal the sick and care for the afflicted. healthdcare providers do. take away the ability for these companies to make money and provide jobs to their employees by requirng them to cover the cost of doing business – and the “healthcare” goes which point does a medical products company owe you the treatment they just dumped millions into developing and researching? if they can’t make money – they wouldn’t exist. you can’t legislate altruism.

Posted by carol | Report as abusive

Free trade is good. Buying American is better. China has us locked up tight. We can’t survive on our own manufacturing because we have out sourced it to China. We owe them so much money now that if they choose to they could run up our interest rates overnight.

Posted by Ross | Report as abusive

Control…Control…Control…The mantra of the Obama administration.Problem is the rent is coming due and the landlord (the Chicoms) aren’t satisfied with “I’ll have it next week” any more. If fact, at this juncture I’d venture a guess that the Chicoms have more capitalistic tendencies than the Obama administration! They certainly are pragmatic enough to realize that you can’t double down on your debt without a lot of negative consequences, unlike Obozo who lives in a land of chocolate fairies, pixie dust and unicorns.

Posted by Jim | Report as abusive

Of course it’s not about health, it never was and never will. Don’t think for a second that insurance companies care about your health. And what might I ask is the government trying to become right now? A heath insurance company. Wow, it’s not too hard to figure out no one gives a rats arse about health but money, people. BUT what is more important than money? Can you think of anything? How about votes? Once the health care bill passes next on the list is amnesty. They go hand in hand. You want to keep your heath insurances low in terms of costs? Then let the government give amnesty and everybody will have fordable crap insurance. Did i say Crap insurance? I’m sorry, i meant health insurance. You don’t want your costs high? Then have more people pitch in..BUT wait, only American citizens can health care. How can we bring more to the weal? Amnesty! That’s how. So, if any idiots out there think that government cares about your health and not about power, money and votes(the new American citizens will ensure monarchy and dictatorship for a looong time), you have a few more years to grow up and smell the coffee. It’s too sad that people don’t think before they follow like zombies some ideologies that NEVER served and never will serve the American people but the politicians: dems or reps, they are all the same. They form the government and we, as employers of the government should start acting like it. As long as employees run the company and the employer follows, the company is going down. Look up a history book and learn from your founding fathers. Be careful American people, we are about be get screwed permanently and there’s no way back. Once America changes to the core, the Constitution will become irrelevant! Wake up!!!!

Posted by zocr | Report as abusive

I didn’t want to post anything, but then I read imgibson’s astoundingly misguided post.He starts off correct, little is as important as your health. Then he goes off the deep end asking why you would entrust it to a company that wants to make a profit! First a question for him, then an explanation of why.Why would YOU trust your health to the government!?!?Now, why would I choose to put my faith in an company that wants a profit? Because, unlike the government, a private company has a vested interest in keeping me as a customer. If I die, they don’t make a profit. If I get fed up with them and go to another company, they don’t make a profit. This ain’t rocket science.”But what about people with preexisting conditions that can’t get coverage?!” whines the liberal.I’m sorry for those people, but that’s not insurance, its welfare. Insurance by definition is to protect you against what might happen in the future, not what has already happened.If you want to discuss welfare for those unfortunate enough to be in poor health and unable to get affordable coverage, great, that’s a legitimate debate that needs to happen. There are many good people out there in that situation, but let’s not lie and call it “insurance”.

Posted by Matt | Report as abusive

Good for them! China may save our economy! Someone has to stop the madness. The Kool-Aid drinkers in America are swallowing Pelosi/Obozo’s figures on healthcare that don’t even begin to make sense. Now that Obummer has spent us into oblivion and China ‘owns’ us, they can question our spending. Not a very good place to be, Barry! BTW: Where did you say those “saved or created jobs” were once again? It seems that, also, was a LIE!

Posted by Anne | Report as abusive

About thirty years ago a Greek friend of mine in New York was horrified when he was informed that having a pylonidal cyst removed in a local hospital would cost about US$8,000.00 I gave him an idea, “Go to Greece for the operation.” He flew to Athens with his wife, went to a top notch hospital, had the bulge removed, went to Salonika to recover, bought gifts for all family and relatives, spent some time visiting with friends and two weeks later flew back to the Big Apple, all for about half of the amount quoted. “Sitting in a plane with a sore butt during the return flight wasn’t all that pleasant,” he said upon his return, when he brought a bottle of ouzo, “but it was worth it.” Health reform with the current outrageous amounts charged for all medical services in the U.S. is unreal. The federal government would save a bundle if all of us with medical conditions requiring surgery and/or therapy, and unable to afford insurance premiums, or uninsurable due to preexisting conditions, were shipped overseas for the procedures. That might not go too well with our dear friends in the domestic medical and litigation rackets, but since they are part of the problem, it could prove wise to exclude them from the solution.

Posted by Benito García | Report as abusive

The Chinese should just write off our debt and nuke us. Put America out of its misery…

Posted by myke | Report as abusive

what is wrong about corp making profit? How often many of us have forgotten “Win Win” siutuation. Wait until we become a socialist country, then you know what is injustice. I am 57 years, I personally wintness how is life like living under a communist country.

Posted by siuwah | Report as abusive

Those darn chinks are racists…..attacking our poor idiot president and his dimwitted programs…racists i say

Posted by paul | Report as abusive

Our IL senators keep telling me that cuts won’t be made to medicare recipients. Then why are my friends and relatives rushing to get their hip/knee/whatever surgeries done before the healthcare plan passes in DC?

Posted by Helen Corey | Report as abusive

“I like Not_American’s comments and though I believe Obama is a catastrophe he cannot be blamed for this particular mess. But his party certainly can and so can the Republican bafoons who have been in office for years(i.e. John McCain) and done nothing but advance their own portfolios and resumes while we have no energy policy, no medical plan, no answer to the trillions of dollars of unfunded liabilites in social security and medicare, just to name a few of the disasters that await this country. It has been a good run but it is over. Unless you are ready to fight WW3 the gig is up. Checkmate!!”- Posted by LAlifeDo you dummy’s realize we have had the democrats controlling the house and senate for a long time now? This all doesn’t fall on JUST Bush ..You can give much thanks to CLINTON & his cronies for the place we are in today also! Obama is doing what Clinton started! Both were commie socialists and so are the stupid S.O.B.s that voted for Obama!

Posted by Bill | Report as abusive

Even a communist government can figure out that Obama and his Democratic friends in Congress have no idea what they are talking about and don’t know what they are doing.How sad that America has deteriorated to the point that its leadership is as ignorant as it is

Posted by Kimberley | Report as abusive

The local jail was ran by a private company for about twenty years but last year their contract was cancelled and the local Sheriff took back management of the jail. He was given the same budget as the private firm and after a year he returned about twenty percent or two million dollars back to the county. The employees were paid more and the cost were cut drastically because profits were not taken and no bonuses were paid out to absent executives.I do believe if every bill at a hospital was being paid the cost sharing that happens when paying customers are forced to pay for those that do not have insurance could be avoided making all bills lower. Medical bills are all higher expecting several percentages of patients to not pay anything. Also the very high price for certain tests need to be lowered to a cost plus and not as much as the hospital can charge. Another change that needs to take place is if someone desires to build another hospital making more bed available they should be able to do so without some government agency putting a cap on the number of beds allowed in a community. More competition with more hospitals being built would also drive DOWN costs. When a discount operation goes into the health care business and builds hospitals all over the country they can discount services and cause a non competitive industry to get competitive.

Posted by Allen Charles | Report as abusive

To imgibson:What makes you think that people who work for the government (and answer to politicians) are any better than those who work in the private sector? Self-interest is equally strong in both groups. They just have different methods of seeking wealth and power. So, what do you think will happen if you have the group that makes the rules competing directly with the group that doesn’t?Government’s job is to fix the rules so that the marketplace works like it supposed to – separate health insurance from employment, cap malpractice settlements, require insurers to accept preexisting conditions, forbid them from canceling coverage, create an agency to collect and distribute information on the performance of both providers and insurers, gather and publish statistics on best practices and allow insurers to accept clients nationwide. Then, step back and let the marketplace work.

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[…] China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform Guess what? It turns out the Chinese are kind of curious about how President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform plans would impact America’s huge fiscal deficit. Government officials are using his Asian trip as an opportunity to ask the White House questions. Detailed questions. Boilerplate assurances that America won’t default on its debt or inflate the shortfall away are apparently not cutting it. Nor should they, when one owns nearly $2 trillion in assets denominated in the currency of a country about to double its national debt over the next decade. Nothing happening in Washington today should give Beijing any comfort or confidence about what may happen tomorrow. Healthcare reform was originally promoted as a way to “bend the curve” on escalating entitlement costs, the major part of which is financing Medicare and Medicaid. That is looking more and more like an overpromised deliverable. [Even the COMMUNIST Chinese don’t like the way this ObamaCare fraud smells. I wonder if it’s because we are in debt to that government to the tune of nearly a trillion dollars and they know this pig will cost us nearly double that over the next ten years?…ed] […]

Posted by Tuesday November 17th | Report as abusive

Allen . . . please . . . that never happened. Quit lying.

Posted by Carl | Report as abusive

Another point I failed to make is that the Chinese and others that buy our debt may very well start to question how we spend our money. The question of health care costs will be followed by the money spent on the military and the hundreds of bases we have all over the world is sure to come into question. Before long the two wars we are fighting will be questioned and we may very well be forced by our debt owners to pull out of these wars and close our foreign bases or be forced to default on our debt. If you think this is the only spending the Chinese will challenge get ready because it is going to go beyond health care.

Posted by Allen Charles | Report as abusive

Allen . . . please . . . that never happened. Quit lying.- Posted by CarlCarl you can check if yoyu like .It happened in Bay County, Florida. Call the Sheriff or jail at 850-785-5245 and verify it is true.

Posted by Allen Charles | Report as abusive

China is questioning?? China?? The American People would like to know the costs as well! Oh, I know, we’re just suposed to go with the flow.Impeach the marxists!

Posted by Sisal Buckler | Report as abusive

If health care is so important, why would you leave it in the hands of greedy politicians? When it’s (insurance) in the hands of a corporation, it’s your right to cut them out and pay the doctor yourself. Under PelosiCare, you have no right to pay the doctor yourself (I’m not making this up-they will jail you if you don’t but insurance). Stop being greedy yourself and asking others to pay for your insurance, it’s enabling tyrants like good ol’ Nanci.

Posted by John Thoits | Report as abusive

Those who complain about the profits insurers make should:1. pull their money out of the stock market2. forfeit profits in their company3. ask themselves why they go to work every dayAnd, to Pal Adino who thinks that it’s pointless to save someone with a terminal disease their 80’s, chew on this…if we didn’t try to save life, we wouldn’t learn how to advance care. Or, would you rather our life expectancy revert to age 40?Pops – good point.My solution, kick out the illegals who are straining our health care system. Enforce the laws on the books instead of rewriting new ones. Use common sense. And Obama, quit trying to be the new savior.

Posted by Endora | Report as abusive

The price of gold in U.S. dollars has gone up 60% since Obama was elected, despite the total absence of current inflation. And while the dollar has also gone down dramatically in relation to other currencies, the price of gold in those currencies has surged as well. This is a pretty clear sign that most of the world thinks the financial system, historically led by the U.S., is headed for chaos. And the U.S. is led by a man whose ideas about economics were formed by a flaky Marxist Mom, radical organizer Alinsky, former Weatherman Bill Ayers, hate-America preacher Jeremiah Wright, ACORN, and plutocrat George Soros. I can’t imagine why the world thinks we’re in big trouble. Can you?

Posted by AnJo1 | Report as abusive

To imgibson.Could we keep it civil please? You lost me as soon as you made a reference to the “idiotic American public”.Unlike corporations, we all know that the federal government has nothing but the interest of the little citizen in its heart, and it is usually doing its job so efficiently and competently (see Post Office, Abu Gharib, No Child Left Behind, The Patriot Act, and every other federal program you do not like).Yes, some change is needed. Doing away with pre-existing conditions is necessary. Same with excessive punitive damages (not in the plan). And yes, the federal government has a role to play, but it is limited to its constitutional duty to regulate inter-state commerce. Nothing more, nothing less. In that capacity it can provide regulations, but it CANNOT and shall not provide health-care.

Posted by Sharon | Report as abusive

The only curve bending going on is in the terminology. Feminists have wanted national health care for years to entitle single motherhood and destroy marriage. Hillary failed because she is a feminist and America smelled a rat. Obama is getting it because he is a feminist but does not look like one. This is why Health Care changes will cost much more than what we are doing now.This is all documented in the words of ranking liberals in my WND article “Doubling the Size of the Welfare State” ( w&pageId=115132 ).National Health Care is a doubling of the size of the entitled welfare state. We must reject it flat out on those grounds and start working on policies to improve marriage rates and reduce out-of-wedlock births. Those were the two most important goals of welfare reform not addressed in the 1996 legislation.

Posted by David R. Usher | Report as abusive

imgibson – who do you think is in bed with the biggest of those wascaly corporations now???? Deep breath, think…jeeeeeez wake up.

Posted by shempus | Report as abusive

Regarding the comment below: And do you believe that politicians are less greedy than corporations? Or that polticians have your interests at heart more than corporations? The politicians would send kids to die in a war, over what? For the welfare of whom!?[i]This is the question I would like to ask. Health next to family is probably the most important aspect of one’s life. Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits. To me that is unbelievable. There concern is not your health so why would we believe they’re going to do anything in our best interest. Ask the families of people who have died because the insurance companies refused or denied life saving treatment. If that’s not a death panel I don’t know what is. Of course they only want to insure healthy people and omit pre-existing conditions while continually raising premiums and will continue to do it because WE HAVE NO CHOICE.[/i]

Posted by Dewaine | Report as abusive

Right on Chinese! You can ask. The Dems in congress are just drrnking cool-aid and voting yes. No questions asked, not even contemplated. The US Press also is so awed by the Chairman from Hawaii or Kenia that they are blind and grin dumb all day long. Watch the marionettes on CNN and one’s stomach turns.

Posted by John J Feller | Report as abusive

[…] questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform | Blogs | Jump to Comments James Pethokoukis @ Reuters: Guess what? It turns out the Chinese are kind of curious about how President Barack Obama’s […]

Posted by China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform | Blogs | « Nathan Earle | Report as abusive

Obama’s collecting email adresses, better watch out what you say!

Posted by kevtop351 | Report as abusive

how priceless that the chinese are not satisified with obama’s magical charm and reassurances — regarding his obamacare monstrosity — when a good chunk of americans are perfectly satisfied with obama & co’s gibberish! i just love it. does this wake up any lefties and liberals out there? no effing way.i’ll bet obama is stunned that the chinese are pressing him for real explanations. after all, these guys crafted maoism that obama surely worships on the level of a religion and they’re basically saying to obama, “WTF, dude?!”it’s pure poetry. too bad we’re all screwed…

Posted by HOWARD | Report as abusive

I am so tired of reading posts from liberals that call the American public that doesn’t support this administration’s version of Healthcare reform idiots. You really have to grasp a better understanding of what the current Bill proposed is NOT going to fix! The reality is that most people want healthcare reform. However, what those of you that will support whatever nonsense that comes out of Washington just because you believe whatever nonsense the media and the government tell you about anything fail to understand is that this bill is not reforming the very things that need reforming. This bill is not approaching the very things that are causing our healthcare insurance (by the way insurance is NOT healthcare, it is a vehicle of obtaining healthcare at reduced costs) to go up. This is what we need Healthcare reform to look like and it IS NOT what Washington is giving us at this time: Special insurance plans subsidized by the government for individuals that are considered uninsurable (pre-ex conditions such as cancer, diabetes and other costly conditions); government subsidized insurance plans for low income individuals and families that cannot afford insurance (Medicaid); a revision of our State Insurance Laws (government written by the way!) that are the obstacles to allowing insurance to become competitive over State lines and within the State – lack of competition causes too few carriers to share the burden of loss in most areas, thereby increasing the cost of premiums; Tort Reform (without this, costs will continue to rise because malpractice insurance rates are outrageous due to not having tort reform…the average anesthesiologist pays over $1M per YEAR in premiums!!!); and, lastly we need to keep the private companies – the professionals that already run one of the World’s greatest healthcare systems in place rather than having any government administered system. The currently proposed Healthcare reform is not true healthcare reform at all and does NOT approach the very things that matter most for all of us. What our government is trying to pass is one of the biggest bureaucratic systems of Government RUN healthcare that most people will not want or like. Most people enjoy picking their doctors, making their own appointments, having consultations to discuss treatment options, etc… HMO’s are not well liked in this Country – the Government run debacle will be worse than any HMO any of us have ever heard about.People…insist on REAL Healthcare INSURANCE Reform…not Healthcare SYSTEM reform…there is a huge difference.

Posted by Elizabeth Parrillo | Report as abusive

btw – i noticed all of the “greedy corporations” comments posted all over this thread. i love big, greedy corporations. i’ve worked in them my entire career starting out as a co-op student for gm back in ’82. i’ve experienced nothing less than a steady climb in income and satisfying career leaps ever since; year after year, decade after decade. capitalism birthed big, greedy corporations and i think it’s great. but now, after years of leftie-liberal tinkering with the big corporate capitalist machine, it’s finally been bastardized and weakened and slips to it’s knees, and those who intentionally weakened it, now jump up and exclaim, “capitalism has failed!”.let’s heal capitalism — and the big greedy corporations will begin gushing prosperity to people like me again — by limiting government regulation and taxation and putting commerce above the false-religion of environmentalism!screw socialism. to hell with communism. down with expanding governments and regulations that will literally tax us to death. hell, even the damn chinese red menace know this is the solution.

Posted by HOWARD | Report as abusive

carl and allencorrections corporation of america did have a contract with bay county – but CCA exercised their option to terminate the agreement as they were oerating at a loss because they had to fund the operation of the exisitng ja=ial an dpay for the costruction of the new one. CCA runs jails all over the country – the situation in Bay county is one anecdotal episode and does not reflect the industry nationwide

Posted by carol | Report as abusive

Elizabeth Parrillo – the lefties know that this healthcare crap, and all of obama’s other initiatives, have and will bring about a calamity. it’s what they want, what they yearn for. they have an inexplicable fantasy-based hatred of the US and everything GOOD it has accomplished! they hate it and want to see ANYTHING tear it down and they believe that somehow, magically, some utopia will spring forth from the bloodiest death of a nation the world will ever see. they really believe, save your breath in asking the left to understand how the reality of obamacare will be catastrophic… they know.

Posted by HOWARD | Report as abusive

I agree with the opinion of imgibson, and that is exactly the truthful and realistic assessment I share. Some of you curelessly blame the government, and forgetting the government is partly the embodiment of us the people and the exercise of our civil liberties in place. The government is also not a competing business or enterprise engaging in profits. Instead a regulatory constituted establishment of the people. Our government is also not the dictatorial system but a democratically elected. Lack of knowledge is sadly enabling some of the knowledgeable to brainwash, indoctrinate and spread falsehood to haunt and placate fear mongering in the past 8 years and continuing. Some of the elected greedy legislators have corrupted the loopholes of the failed system deliberately and fiercely defending the failed status quo that has sent this country into its current struggling status. They are to blame but yet some of us are confused and not learning, but allowing their weaknesses to be further brainwashed. They hate the new form of prescriptions because we the ailing public appear to be immune with the side effects of the failed prescriptions. The change is here.

Posted by Nana Egyir | Report as abusive

nana – “enabling some of the knowledgeable to brainwash, indoctrinate and spread falsehood to haunt and placate fear mongering”yes, that would be people like you…

Posted by HOWARD | Report as abusive

In case you didn’t know:China has been and continues to be “asked” to help pay for the debt incurred by the United States. Since China and United States do so much business, China has given a lot of their money to the United States only to see later that the US government, with it’s current policies, is headed towards inflation. Thus the US dollar because less worthy and the Chinese end up losing big because of the debt they paid to the US. The current Chinese government is not stupid. However I’d say they made a mistake for loaning the money to the US without first seeing how the new government under Obama is doing.

Posted by marina falls | Report as abusive

Boy is it interesting that the U.S. Government is willing to answer the Chinese government more readily and more candidly than it is willing to answer the American people. Healthcare needs serious reform — but this bill is the absolutely wrong answer… I don’t know about anyone else, but I do not want Lawyers or the government anywhere near the delivery of my healthcare unless I have been mistreated.This bill puts the government in charge — which means that if anything does go wrong I will have no where else to turn. This is a hugely BAD idea.

Posted by kevin | Report as abusive

Hey imgibson. Are you a total idiot? Insurance companies make between 2 and 6% profit, not exactly what O’Bummer lies and tells you and you believe. Why in the world would you want Nancy Pelosi and other GREEDY politicians telling you what you can and can’t have medically? O’Bummer’s only concern is keeping the SEIU union people happy, 2.2 million out of 300 million Americans. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Posted by Regor | Report as abusive

Hey Nana Egyir. Your post is pathetically incoherent. You write, “Some of you curelessly blame the government, and forgetting the government is partly the embodiment of us the people and the exercise of our civil liberties in place.”What the hell does that sentence mean? You are one confused person. Many politicians, starting with Broke O’Bummer are in it for the power and the control over WE the people. They don’t have our best interests at heart, only getting re-elected so they can continue to expand their power and influence as we go into the toilet of Socialism.

Posted by Regor | Report as abusive

As an American citizen and patriot , I just want to tell you chinese I default on my portion of the debt. I expec t you to immediately remove all the Walmarts from my vicinity and get all the fat and unhealthy people who intentionally ate and consumed every possible copmbination of unhealthy and poisonous foods and vapors and please take them all back to china with you so I dont have to look or feed or take care of them. As I said I default, I will never ever pay you chinese one single penny for stolen money and so called debt for this stolen government that directly contradicts my wishes, views, morals, and does not represent me in any way.

Posted by howardhofelich | Report as abusive

Regor,Remember we exercised our civil liberty to elect our government every 4 years. You need to learn and study government.

Posted by Nana Egyir | Report as abusive

You want good medical care? Let me go to medical school… without blocking me because I am a middle class white male. Thats right, the reason medical care is so costly is that my government intentionally prevented me from going to medical school because they used the race and sex card to keep me out. Anybody can be a good doctor now aday with a laptop and common sense. But my country decided to change the demographics and unfairly alter the distribution of wealth and ambition and forced women and blacks and mexicans into the demographics so we all go down the debt drain equally incompetent and broke. Let the white maqle rule supreme and we will not have ANY problems, we got you ehre over 400 years of proven scientitifcd achievement , now my governemtn is stolen and takes my freedom and my good life away by its unfair capricious actions and enriches chinese simian barbarians.

Posted by howardhofelich | Report as abusive

145 years ago we called one segment of society forced to labor for the benefit of another segment of society,…here it comes….SLAVERY. The tax paying segment of this country are being forced to labor to support the non-paying segment. This abomination that passed the House will make every working American a slave to the ever expanding federal gubmint.There are other ways to solve the inadequacies of our health care without turning it upside down and enslaving the producers.

Posted by Dale in NJ | Report as abusive

Instead of using free enterprise and common sense modifications to the current system, let’s come up with something new that Uncle Sam can run. Now, who can we trust in Washington that only has our best interest in mind and won’t be swayed by politics. Any ideas?

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I hope the next government gives me remedy, make it stand out in the history books..make the left cower and destroy it

Posted by howardhofelich | Report as abusive

The most wasteful part of the US government is the military. It pays $400 per gallon for gasoline in Afghanistan and each soldier there costs $1 million per year. We all remember their $400 toilet seats and $500 hammers. The military spends as much in every year as providing universal healthcare for all Americans would cost for 10 years.OTOH, Medicare and Medicaid have an overhead of something like 2% while private insurers do a lousy job and still get over 30% overhead.As inept and inefficient as our civilian government is, private industry is usually 100 times worse. At least graft, corruption and many bad practices are illegal in the government while in major corporations it’s the norm.

Posted by TomDC | Report as abusive

What sam said^, but kennedy is dead so i guess we are out of luck.

Posted by Fred H | Report as abusive

Madoff was caught because he could not get the money to run his ponzi scheme. The US was almost caught but unlike Madoff, the US can print money. So the Chinese is very suspicious that we are running a ponzi scheme here.

Posted by Tim | Report as abusive

The most wasteful part of the US government is the military. It pays $400 per gallon for gasoline in Afghanistan and each soldier there costs $1 million per year. We all remember their $400 toilet seats and $500 hammers. The military spends as much in every year as providing universal healthcare for all Americans would cost for 10 years.===Recite old tired stories all you want. Social Security and Medicare are twice the annual military budget. The $400 toilet seat, wasn’t. Your numbers are bullshit.  /learn/budget/federal-budget-pie-charts ===OTOH, Medicare and Medicaid have an overhead of something like 2% while private insurers do a lousy job and still get over 30% overhead.===Again, BS. The true overhead of Medicare and Medicaid does not INCLUDE administration costs. If you added the bloated government bureaucracy required to run them, they would far exceed the cost of private-run overhead.===As inept and inefficient as our civilian government is, private industry is usually 100 times worse. At least graft, corruption and many bad practices are illegal in the government while in major corporations it’s the norm.===And 47% of all statistics like the above are made up on the spot.Silver Sumo

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[…] is/2009/11/16/china-questions-costs-of-u s-healthcare-reform/ Uh oh, looks like big-papa-money-man might have issues about our "little" spending problem… […]

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China vs Health reform $$$$ down

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Read China Drudge

Posted by herbert | Report as abusive

[…] Communists worried Communists Chinese worry about the cost of Obama’s socialised medical […]

Posted by Communists worried – International Military Forums | Report as abusive

It seems that China and the oligarchy that rule the US do not think the poor citizens of the US are worthy of healthcare. What a surprise.

Posted by ereilad | Report as abusive

The CCA was suppose to maintain and provide facilities necessary to operate a jail and house prisioners. They failed to maintain the facilities and after a state inspection the counry was ordered to bring the facilities back to the standards required by state law. CCA refused to do this and gave the jail back to the county. The sheriff did in fact operate the jail for less costs than CCA as I stated in my first comment.China and our debt holders should be afraid that the USA and our currency could flounder in coming years. China is reported to hold 1.2 trillion of their reserves in US Dollars and an additional 800 billion in US Government Securties (us debt bonds). If the dollar does lose value the Chinese will also lose in the value of their holdings and this could be in the billions. They do have a vested interests in what we (as their debtor) with our spending.I will make a challange to any readers whether EGGHEAD, WINGNUT or in the middle read this and give me you feedback.Are You Ready for the Next Crisis? 009/11/are-you-ready-for-next-crisis.htm lI did not write it but find it important enough to post it on my blog.

Posted by Allen Charles | Report as abusive

it’s amazing that after reading more than 300 comments, but not one of them questions about the source of this article.Yes, James Pethokoukis make a good argument that China may worry the US debt. However, there is not any information about China is questioning US healthcare reform. Where???? Where is the source????We really should identify the differences between commentary and new reporting.

Posted by Simon | Report as abusive

[…] James Pethokoukis » Blog Archive » China questions costs of U.S. … […]

Posted by Why do health care reform opponents like to ration health care in the way they do? » ask the tinternet | Report as abusive

Perhaps I’m older than many screaming about health care and I don’t disagree that change is needed. I just think we’re going about it the wrong way.I remember when insurance covered emergency rooms and hospital stays and later added prescription coverage. Doctors often dispensed prescriptions directly from their office and there were no “latest drug” samples handed out.Doctors didn’t hire employees just to file insurance forms by the thousands and insurance companies didn’t dictate the medical treatment of patients.Now, many useful drugs easily available in other countries are prescription only in the US – driving up the cost and necessitating doctor visits for simple infections and minor complaints.The insurance industry is full of middle men dicating medications, setting co-pays, generating more and more paperwork. Pharmaceutical companies charge prices that have no relationship to the cost of producing many medications. The patient is at the bottom of the heap, doctors incomes are crippled by liability insurance because our society must have someone to blame for every death or error and money must be awarded.Yes, we need change but we don’t need more levels of middle men and government added – we need to get back to the basics of health care instead of trying to provide for every single medical need of everyone.

Posted by trace morgan | Report as abusive

The Chinese are not stupid. They know that no government program ever costs what the politicians tell us it will. If we are being told 1.5 trillion over 10 years, then you can pretty much count on the true cost being 3-4 trillion MINIMUM. That means that the funding methods being proposed will NOT cover it and the shortfall will have to come from somewhere, which means higher taxes, and not just on the rich, OR the government will have to print more money. The two major impacts on China are that if taxes go up, Americans have less money to spend on Chinese goods so their exports fall. Also, if the government has to print money every year to cover the shortfall not raised by taxes, the Chinese debt will be repaid in inflated dollars so the Chinese will get their money back with interest but the money won’t be worth as much as the money they lent us so they could end up losing if inflation runs higher than the interest rate on the bonds.To the person below who asks why should we trust corporations with our healthcare, I ask this. Why should we trust the government? Government healthcare hasn’t worked in any country where it’s been tried so far. Try asking a native American about government healthcare sometime. The money always seems to run out about 4 months short of the end of the calendar year, so they all hope that nobody gets sick or injured during those months because they know they won’t get care until next years funding comes in. They are also proposing cuts to Medicare at a time when we are about to have a boom in the number of Medicare recipients. I hope you can live with yourself knowing that your government healthcare is being given to you at the expense of the most vulnerable in our society, the disabled and the elderly. You might be able to live with that, but I can’t and neither can anyone with a conscience.Government healthcare is nothing but a tax and a scam. When you are born, the government places a value on your life. If you need a little healthcare now and then while you are still young and healthy they give it to you because it costs them little compared to what they collect from you in taxes but over time the value of your life diminishes and the government becomes more and more reluctant to pay. That’s how it works in socialist countries. When the cost of your treatment or medication exceeds the value the government places on your future contributions to society, they allow you to linger in pain or die. At least with an insurance company, if they refuse to cover something or drop your policy you can sue them and maybe win and get your condition covered. With the government plan, you won’t be able to sue anybody to get something covered once you’ve been refused.

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Everyone reading the comments needs to look up and research the CLOWARD-PIVEN STRATEGY. After you have read up on it, ask yourself if the current leadership is creating a Healthcare Crisis where NONE exists to implement this strategy. I believe that is exactly what is happening and the whole country will follow the path of New York City in 1975!We have mortgaged our nation to the Chinese. With weakling Obambi in the White House, be prepared to cow-tow to every whim of the Communist government. If China demands payment, What are we going to do? give them California???Look it up – CLOWARD-PIVEN STRATEGY.

Posted by Darrell B | Report as abusive

I never thought I would see the United States become subserviant to the Chinese. With all the debt that China owns and more to come, they will be able to hold it over our heads to make us do what they want.The Obama administration is pushing our nation over the cliff and it’s all intentional!The radical socialists are now in control and will ruin this great nation to achieve their goals of making the U.S. a socialist nation. It is a nightmare that we will not be able to wake up from!

Posted by George Blanas | Report as abusive

As a Canadian who works within healthcare, I’m amused with the scare-mongering from seemingly rational Americans.Except for the very rich, some overpaid practitioners and medical corporations, there is no downside.Even the rich will eventually understand that a healthy and secure middle-class is very good for business. If you don’t believe this, check-out Canada’s economy. We rock!

Posted by Pierre Canuck | Report as abusive

By “idiotic American public” as you put it, you aren’t including yourself in that put down are you?Aren’t you an American and also part of the public?If you aren’t, then who the hell are you to throw stones if it does not include you?

Posted by EVAN | Report as abusive

I went most of my life without any health insurance other than accident coverage on my car. I had to be careful how I ate, how I cared for myself if i got a cold or the flu because I knew nothing else was available to me. Later after I was in my fifties I discovered some health care was available to me from the VA ( I was in the Navy during VietNam war and was was given a medel that gave me some healthcare) and so the last few years I have seen VA doctors. I sometimes wonder if tests that might be given by other doctors are not being done by the VA. I have been diagnosed as having a bad valve in my heart and have had tests to verify this problem. I am no longer insurable so if VA changes their rules I could be without any insurance and could not ever get it again except Medicare after age 65. Just curious any other folks here use VA health care and what is your experience?

Posted by goodguy222 | Report as abusive

will you please actually do some reading before you bitch about corporate profits? do you even know an inusrance companys margins? do you have any idea whats in the health care bills or know the fact that itll raise costs not lower them (from the CBO)

Posted by JD | Report as abusive

Obama and Nazi Pelosi will not listen to the American public, at least the 75% who know this cannot turn out well. The other 25% of progressive liberals don’t really matter since their living in Pelosi’s dream world and don’t know the meaning of the word defecit let alone how to spell it. Our only hope now is that the Chinese will take away their credit card and force them to start living within their means, like the rest of America has to. I wonder if Whoopy would consider what the Democrats are doing to America as “rape rape” or only just rape?

Posted by NoMarxist | Report as abusive

Chuck Colson discusses the same subject on, today. It’s ironic that a communist nation is concerned how we can afford national health care. Of course, their concern is how are we going to meet our bond obligations.I am surprised that no politician has questioned how we are going to pay for our own defense. This huge debt makes us beholden to the bond holders and most of it is held by our enemies. So, if they call in their notes how are we going to pay for weapons and munitions. These liberals pushing health care are no better than saboteurs. What our enemies are proving is that you don’t need huge armies or navies to conquer America. All you need to do is loan the U.S. government all the money it wants for social reengineering, and then call in the debt.

Posted by Irv Happel | Report as abusive

Statics in Texas indicate that 50% of drivers in the southern part of this state are driving without auto insurance. Won’t they be required to buy into this plan? Will they be able to afford it? Those of us who don’t/won’t are threatened with fines and/or jail time. Will there be enough prisons to hold all of us?

Posted by Rebel | Report as abusive

imgibson: Would you mind sharing one government sponsored success story? I work for a government beurocracy and the government is the last organization that I would trust to be in control of health care.

Posted by J Noonan | Report as abusive

What about this:Americans by the millions just stop buying the huge amount of Chinese goods that we now buy impulsively, and say to the Federal government: we want to pay off this debt. Let’s pull together and pay it off.Tort reform, higher deductibles, shopping for insurance across state lines; we want to pay for our own health care.Wouldn’t it be like waking up from a bad dream?

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[…] via China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform. […]

Posted by China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform « Federal Review | Report as abusive

This whole health care issue is getting way out of hand….the government should get the hell out of private business and leave it to the private sector. It has been proven time and time agian that the private sector can deal with issues such as this in a much more efficient and effective way than the government ever has a hope of doing. IMPEACH OBAMA and PELOSI!!!!!

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For those who seem to have such a difficult time understanding how the free market works, try this. Adam Smith wrote “Wealth of Nations” to describe HOW natural, free market forces worked. He didn’t construct a system, he simply described what he saw happening in REAL LIFE. Unlike the contrived socialist, share the wealth, government interventionism that is communism: a man-made contrivance that has yet to function in the REAL WORLD. Moral relativist foolishness that seeks to create “reality” out of one’s own ignorant opinions, is a sure-fire road to disaster. Just ask the CHI-COMS, who are turning from communism to capitalism because it actually works. The profit motive is not a contrivance, but simply a description of reality in action.

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That is like saying that we shouldn’t trust BMW to make cars because their only motive is profit. The fact that these “greedy corporations” have to provide a service to make money is a good thing. The reason we have many of our current problems are because we have allowed government to meddle in the affairs of the so called greedy corporations already. Government having zero stake in the outcome works two ways, some are good but some are not so good. All of these points are irrelevant anyway because this government that you are trusting to run health care is already bankrupt. This is like discussing the new 1 million dollar house that I am going to buy tomorrow when I make 75K per year.

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The previous posters’ comments are pure drivel and straight out of the DNC playbook – pure “talking points”. Completely nonsensical and completely inaccurate would be a correct way to characterize them. I would gladly debate each point raised, as each point mentioned was inaccurate. Obviously posted by a left-wing Democrat.

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The Obamessiah’s Chinese master is speaking and he better listen! They don’t want this garbage either!

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For imgibson: Read, Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand.

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When insurance companies raise rates you shop around.What happens when the government realizes it will need to raise rates?

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I’m glad the Chinese are awake and paying attention! These are the same questions many of us have been asking but Barry, Queen Nancy and King Harry won’t listen. They hell-bent on rarmming their agenda down our throats. Now that the Chinese control our purse strings (thanks to Obozo), they can question. I hope they pull the plug on this government takeover. We can ‘fix’ healthcare (investigate all the fraud), and not turn it into another failed government program that will only balloon in size, like every other government program. It’s sad when we have to look to China to save us from this fraud, lying administration.

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Now this might sound strange but think about it.Give every social security number holder one hundred thousand dollars free and clear, except for those that are in congress.This will reawaken the economy and cost a lot less than the current stimulation program and it would work. It is after all our money why not?

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And I thought it was just me that thought we were spending a trillion to fix a million dollar “problem”. But then again we spent 19 million to save or create 15 jobs in a nonexistant Congessional District too. Thats more than than a million a job. Should have just given them the money.Same with healthcare. Don’t have insurance? Here’s a million bucks. Don’t come back for more.

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Barney frank said it best “WE WANT THE INSURANCE COMPANIES PROFITS” don’t you losers get it, its always about the money, frank and pelosi don’t give a big rats hairy rear end about health care it is a big joke to them.

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[…] Others are wondering about Obama and his policies but are very timid for fear of being called names. But not China! China is questioning Obama’s health-care plan as being too costly. is/2009/11/16/china-questions-costs-of-u s-healthcare-reform/ […]

Posted by Lehigh Valley Conservative » Blog Archive » Questioning of Obama? But–But, He Sounds So Honest! | Report as abusive

“This is the question I would like to ask. Health next to family is probably the most important aspect of one’s life. Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits.Posted by imgibson “SNIPPED- by DixHistory.comWell imgibson you souldn’t. You should man up and make sure you have enough money in your pocket to pay for your own health care.How you choose to do that is up to you but it is not the governments place to do it for you or to me.

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My sister in law, lives in Michigan, the poster child for the “dysfunctional state”, that has re-elected democrat gangsters for the past 50 years, and still has a 49% illiteracy rate among adults after priming the education pump (rat-hole)for that same 50 years, and boasts a 15% unemployment rate. She said, “the economy may be bad in Michigan, but it’s getting better everywhere else.” Slightly puzzled, since she actually LIVES in Michigan and DOES NOT LIVE everywhere else, I asked how she knew that? She said she heard on NPR that Obama said it was getting better. She and her husband both have Masters’ degrees from a Big Ten University. How do you like those apples?

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Do ya think?Or maybe them Chinee spend too much time listening to ol Sean Hannity.

Posted by Jay Busta | Report as abusive

Well’ maybe China can stop Obama, can’t say Americans have not tried!Obama can shove his health care where it belongs!

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I have a novel idea that will cut health care costs and give everyone more control over their health benefits. Why don’t we treat health insurance as insurance. The definition of insurance is a product that transfers risk from an individual to the insurance company. If people had to pay for the day-to-day routine things and had a catastrophic health insurance policy that kicked in when costs reached a certain level, the costs of these services would drop dramatically.

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NCMike: Said November 17th, 20098:29 pm GMT [permalink] My sister in law, lives in Michigan, the poster child for the “dysfunctional”Snipped”That is funny as He** and sad that it is more than likely true.

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– Posted by Kristin @ klingtocashNow that is hitting the nail on the head.

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There is no more greedy a corporation than the federal government, AND they own the courts, white house the legislature and the military. You have NO recourse with the Fed and if you think greedy corps and banks don’t own the government your head is in the sand brother. Dispersion of power is the answer and what we are doing is consolidating the worst of what California, New York, Detroit, Washington DC, the American BAR and Goldman Sachs has to offer.

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I equate China as the bank telling someone that they can’t afford their mortgage. Maybe we should listen for once.

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Of course the government will handle medical care in a way that is more expensive. In terms of freedom and cost, the private sector is almost always going to do it better than govt. We have tons of empirical evidence to prove this. Unfortunately, too many of us have forgotten the wisdom of our founders who clearly tried to limit the power of government, esp the federal govt. “That government is best which governs least.”

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The interest on the national debt would pay for all the healthcare need of the uninsured. This, no one looks at. The reason for all the problems is the Congress. Congress is responsible for all the good and bad things we have to contend with. So if Congress is the problem, we need to dump the bast*rds in the river and put some people in there that represent the people. This is where term limits would play a large part in insuring Congressmen dont get too comfortable, and start screwing the people.

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Require all govt employees to use the govt health insurance this will fix it all

Posted by J B | Report as abusive

All of you who talk about “Greedy” corporations but like the idea of the government running things have your heads in the sand. I have relatives in Canada, in the “Wonderful” government healthcare there. My uncle is scheduled for surgery in two months, “If” no higher priority surgery bumps his date. My aunt needed non-life threatening foot surgery. She waited 14 months for the surgery, in pain when she walked the entire time. Most of the problems with health care are because of government meddling in the free market. The politicians (both parties) are tied to big corps, unions, and lawyers who write laws which favor their buddies. Obama is the worst but every president after Reagan has been pushing for more government and favoring their big doners. There is a name for big government and big business colluding to control the economy, it’s called Facisim.

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increasing profit without increasing the productive power of man, therefore his society’s general welfare is the scam of history. its called monetarism, it is the arch enemy of the US Constitution. Globalisation must be stopped. The mnoey curve is always hyperinflationary, enriching the few while the production curve has been careening off a cliff, damning the many. This has now manifested itself into the catastrophe it was born to be. Kill off monetarism and go with the USA Constitution, which is lawfully and morally a credit system or the whole world is truly doomed

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Lets see. Global warming is going to end mankind in 10 years unless we do something immediately. Government-Run Healthcare is needed to help the uninsured. Which sounds more important to you? Obama shelves global warming iun favor of healthcare. It’s all a shell game. What a farce!

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Why would anyone want to put their health in the hands of a bunch of politicians and government workers?? Have you gone to the Post Office lately? Or the D.M.V.? Or any county or city department? These people don’t care, they don’t have to make the customer happy, they work for a monopoly.

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Posted by rye mahall | Report as abusive

Bottom line .. IF you want your stinkin’ “healthcare,” then get an education to market yourself to a company that will hire you. Continually work on improving your skill set and your knowledge so that employers will compete to hire and promote you. If you aren’t getting the pay you want, or the benefits that you need, then educate yourself some more and move up the ladder. If an employer values your knowledge .. heck, even just being a good, conscientious, hard working employee . you will find the pay and the benefits you want.Healthcare is NOT a “Right.” What next? .. is government going to pay for your food, your clothes, your shoes, your cell phone bills,..?

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Maybe we should demand that employers or the government pay for our car insurance, too.

Posted by Ruth | Report as abusive

ha ha since when do you flubtards care about what china thinks? are you kidding me? OH forbid if these comments came under your oh so popular “bush”, you all would have flipped the almond eyes off..pubtards = retards

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Go made in USA!Haas CNC!

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Thanks Mark you are a genius…can we go shoot some squirrels sometime and then drink lots of beer?

Posted by sam | Report as abusive

yah..we you and me, and all of ya need to join my militia und then we wont be lissinnun to no goberment!we don’t need no combunuts here in ameriku!we ar amurikans. if you want helth insurunce then get a job and the compane wull buy it for ya..its all for one and one for one in amurika the way its been fur a two hundrud yearsi want palin and that plumber guy to be our leaders the nuxt timewull talk to ya later

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Even for a cause as worthy as healthcare reform, it is ludicrous to dig our selves even deeper in debt. The debt we are already in is inconceivable. We must find a way to PAY BACK our debts–all of it–and balance our budget, or we are worthless and despicable.

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How many times must socialism be tried to learn that simply does not work. Whoops, I forgot, Our Dear Leader and his sycophants are smarter than all who have gone before. Well at least they are a more egotistical crowd than I’ve ever seen in elected office. Yes, you CAN fool most of the people SOME of the time, but I suspect the smoke has cleared enough for almost anyone to see the Obamanuts for what they are. The remaining issue… can there ever be another legitimate election in the USA with the Obama gang controlling the voter rolls and counts. Sounds iffy at best.

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Very simple=if the insurance companies are makin massive profits because of their pricing ==why are they not the hot stocks vs other sectors? Be honest with yourself ///

Posted by Jon Fox | Report as abusive

oh yea er.. and er duh..lets see there are plenty of ‘things’ that work pretty well and hey they are ‘socialistic’..oh mgd did you just read that!?hey been to another continent lately? Hey see the people round the world who have health care and trains that run and massive public works projects that put the old US to shame…and we cant do this here?yes we can. are health care system might be good when it comes to care but it is certainly NOT efficient as it stands..and why wouldn’t you want to cover your fellow uninsured citizen?Stinks of unpatriotic

Posted by sam | Report as abusive

For some reason the president said the the government health care option will not increase the deficit but reduce it. I guess what he means is that taxes will increase because from what I remember in accounting you can’t decrease your liabilities by increasing liabilities.If anyone knows any history you can find that the original democracy of Greece collapsed due to bankruptcy. It provided more benefits to its people that it could support. Sound familiar?

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For about 40 years I have been paying health insurance. Have never really needed much from them since I do not like to go to doctors. So, yes, they made a profit from me for 40 years. Three years ago I was diagnosed with MS. The insurance is now footing a bill of about $50,000. per year. Whatever profit they made from me, they are spending it now. I thank God that I have insurance and since I am 61 do you think that if this healthcare bill passes Medicare will be paying that kind of money?? Right now my deductible for medicine is $25.00, under Medicare that deductible would be $425.00. What do you think I want??

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It’s certainly interesting, but in no way surprising, that the voices that speak in favor of a benificent government, taking such loving care of all of us dumb hicks, is delivered in the authoritative voices of deep thinkers like sam and hill billy henry, true intellects of the left. The depth of moral relativist “thinking” is brilliantly on display for all to see. The scarecrow position has rarely been so clearly articulated.

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There are two things that should be done to help fix healthcare. We Americans have the best healthcare system in the world. The two things that should be fixed in Healthcare are:1. Allow companies to compete nationwide – not just in a single state2. “Loser Pays” tort reform.A lot of unnecessary costs of Healthcare come from doctors being forced to run tests because if they don’t they will be sued. With loser pays, frivolous lawsuits would be much less common and therefore, doctors wouldn’t have to pay so much in malpractice insurance. “Greedy Corporations” will not be able to overcharge you because they will have to compete against other insurance companies – the basis of capitalism. And the government’s job it to provide an army – not to run our Healthcare system.

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Once again we are talking about healthcare reform. Socialized healthcare was introduced in the 1930’s by Senator John D. Dingell, Sr. Again it was debated in the early 60’s as well in the 90’s with Hillary-care. Each time the proposals all reeked of governmental nanny state controls and Americans repeatedly slammed it down. Today most Americans (some 84%) do not see their healthcare as the country’s biggest problem today, but they do know some reform is needed. They see disease and ill-health all around themselves and the ones they care for and don’t know how to get out of its deadly grip.This is where government can get involved. Big government must naturally be limited to what it does so it doesn’t usurp its privileges and the Constitution so limits it. But it can initiate the matter, it can arbitrate the discussion and be the start of change that Americans can believe in (where did we here that?). Government can bring the industries and consumers to the table with pressure for better health maintenance options that reward good health and illuminate proven disease initiators.The government must demand better food production from industry with healthier food products manufactured in safe and wholesome ways. The Europeans and Japanese avoid most American made food like it was the plague – not the “black death” but rather the “red white and blue death”. The reasons are many and most are despotic. Foods grow no longer in the fields with lots of sunshine, vitamin d, fresh water and green grass, but rather engineered in the laboratory with sinister motives surrounding GMO altered foods, test tube cancer causing food additives, animal degenerating artificial sweeteners and disease saturated meats and proteins. This is not what made America the envy of the world. This is not what past generations of America’s farm families set on their tables for dinner.Though we may have the most technically advanced pharmaceutical-medical system we have much higher infant mortality rates and lower longevity rates than Switzerland and other western industrialized nations. How far our great nation has fallen, from the wealthiest producer to the unhealthiest consumer. Who is laughing now? Who will be crying tomorrow?The government should be using its bureaucratic largess to educate the citizenry of the importance of life sustaining foods, nutrients and supplements. This method has been proven successful since man first learned how to calm an upset stomach naturally eons ago! We must now follow the modern holistic approaches that other western nations have been successful with while combining with those of the past to create a healthy future. Again government can be instrumental. Government subsidizing both individuals and businesses through tax credits making healthcare attainable and maintainable! Making premiums affordable and making health maintenance a human reality should be the goal. Though the destruction of America’s economy and redistribution of middle class wealth had been planned over 30 years ago this government (and future ones) can be pressured through grass root American voices to begin demanding that industry recommit to the rebirth of the middle class, with true healthcare the rule not the exception. Government should be supporting industry to contribute to America’s health instead of only taking its wealth. They gave tax credits to move industry offshore through NAFTA and GATT and now its time to entice industry to help create a healthy America!What must change? First we must look at the medical industrial machine. We must stop the abuse of highly profitable invasive procedures and techniques that prove often times unnecessary. We must challenge the first call to use deadly pharmaceuticals which have more risk than cure. We must return to natural products from healthy farms and food makers first and big pharma-food industry second!This is your dilemma Washington. How can you return to health creating humanistic holistic methods that producing long living and healthy individuals without give up your corrupt connections with big pharma, big business and the eugenicist agendas?America that is really our dilemma! We Americans need to lead the charge and pledge not to re-elect any politician to office if he or she supports disease-care over health maintenance; supports big pharma-food industry over America’s family farms, and local food producers.Healthcare is everyone’s responsibility. Healthcare is fueling our human machines with fresh, wholesome, nutritional foods that sustain our physiques, brighten our minds and inspire our spirits. Only then can we achieve what our creation has meant for. Health care is holistically knowledgeable caring professionals and ethicists offering a complimentary medicinal black bag of pathways, remedies and protocols that keeps us always heading towards health while leaving disease behind.Demand true health care reform, not “single payer” governmental socialized medicine. Demand your right to nutritional freedom through nutritional foods, nutritional knowledge and nutritional care. Demand your elected officials stand up for wholesome local farming, governmental supported education on real food (not industry subsidized nutritionally useless and disease producing propaganda such as the food pyramids, etc.).We must stand against this charade of “disease-care”. Only then will we return to true human healthcare.

Posted by Gerald | Report as abusive

I address this to Imgibson, WOW, you have bought all the BS the Dems have shoveled your way. Medicare and Medicaid deny or refuse more treatments by almost 3 to 1 as do Health Insurance Companies. The Pre-existing condition clause was put in because people were not buying insurance until they got sick then after the Company pay for their treatment they cancelled. The Idea that the Government is really concerned about you health is laughable, the only thing they are interested in is growing Government. If you think Private Health Insurance is expensive, you will be in shock when you find out how expensive “Free” Government Health Care is going to be. If you think just the rich is going to pay for your “Free” Health Care, you have been smoking too many left wing luckies. Everyone will pay through the nose.

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[…] is now a bailout bitch: China says WTF on cost of healthcare…thc are-reform/ […]

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Sam,The insurance Co’s. make an average 3% profit a year. Well below most companies. If their gauging so much where is the profit. The biggest part of the problem with the health care system is you and me. When you go shoping for a new car, I’ll bet you go pricing the car you want at different dealers to get the best deal. Do you or me do that with health care? No we don’t because your insurance is going to pay for it so why bother. So lets blame this cost issue on everyone else except the real culprit, the user, you and me.Whats unpatriotic is blaming the free market system on a system that isn’t really a free market system.Between the failure to stop bogus malpractice lawsuits, the failure to be able to shop from multiple insurance companies in multiple states and the physician being forced to charge people with real insurance more to make up for the really lousy fees that Medicare allows as payment, our government already has screwed the system up.Just remember whenever you mess with something in one place, it’s going to try to balance itself out somewhere else.One last item. Where does the money come from for all the research that has dramatically improved health care over the last 50 years. I’ll promise you it didn’t come from the socialized health care systems. That kind of research comes from a market where there is a chance of making a profit.Remember whenever you mess with something in one place it’s going to try to balance itself somewhere else.

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Oh you speak way over my head..I am a jackball, I am so sorry. You know the US actually syndicates this best slice of ‘socialism’ and that is its military. Happens to be one of our best exports too. So to all of you nay sayers who say all such socialistic tendencies fail, well, there you go. Do you consider our defence to be second best?

Posted by sam | Report as abusive

My disabled brother had to have all his teeth pulled when he was 49 ( he’s on welfare): The Government paid for it, but refused to pay for dentures-so Miles suffered from gastric upset and bleeding ulcers until, 6 months later, he was hospitalized for an unrelated condition, a leaking heart valve. During this time, the heart doctor assigned to Miles developed a spine and informed the Dept. of “human” services ( DHS) that he consulted with other doctors and they would go to the media: Only THEN was my brother fitted for a set of dentures, less than a week after he was discharged.That’s what a public option looks like: Its based on the same minimal care Medicaid and Medicare provides: As you may have gathered from this true story, healthcare costs will skyrocket because of inadequate coverage.

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[…] vs. Healthcare Reform Quote: Reuters: China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform Guess what? It turns out the Chinese are kind of curious about how President Barack Obama

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Trust the greedy corporation with our healthcare? We must take the profit out of healthcare? What are some of you people talking about?My wife works for one of those “greedy” corporations. She spent 10 extra years in school and training and worked for slave wages during her residency for the privilege of saving your life. She has earned her salary. Why don’t you people wanting a free-ride put your money where your mouth is and work for free?

Posted by Will Roberts | Report as abusive

The below statement is the most ignorant statement I have read all week. The govt is not greedy?? Are you aware that state medi-cal and medicare turn down 400% MORE CLAIMS than ALL private INS companies combined? Are you aware that govt run programs are bankrupt? Are you aware that the govt run programs have MUCH longer lists of services AND medications they will NOT cover than private insurances? SINCE WHEN has the govt done ANYTHING in our best interest? That statement alone tells me you know NOTHING about this country, WHY it was founded and WHY we have the constitution in the first place! No wonder Obama got elected!”This is the question I would like to ask. Health next to family is probably the most important aspect of one’s life. Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits. To me that is unbelievable. There concern is not your health so why would we believe they’re going to do anything in our best interest. Ask the families of people who have died because the insurance companies refused or denied life saving treatment. If that’s not a death panel I don’t know what is. Of course they only want to insure healthy people and omit pre-existing conditions while continually raising premiums and will continue to do it because WE HAVE NO CHOICE.How long is going to take the idiotic American public to realize we must have changes and reform.”

Posted by L. O. | Report as abusive

NOT THEIR BUSINESS! Nor is it the governments business! The governments sole purpose is provide funds and personell in support of our military which protects our freedom to free enterprise! We now have a situation where we are bowing to a country whose ass would be speaking Japanese if it wasn’t for us! Wake up before it’s too late! Why do we owe the Chinese money after we helped protect and build their free-market economy? We are debating an issue which truly reflects the sad state of our nation. The child did the bully,s homework so now he gives him his lunch money until the bully benefits and takes advantage of it!

Posted by Rob Guthrie | Report as abusive

Some great comments on this blog. We need more people from the left and Obama side, to get us their point of view across about the China remarks.Tell them not to look at this picture or it will bust their head wide open. jpg

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Gerald,Stay away from those liberal web sites they keep the info all screwed up to benefit their position. Yes you can find sites that say the U.S. has they highest infant mortality rates, but does that really logical? If you will do just a little research you will find that ours is in reality one of the lowest. With just the smallest of efforts you will learn that many countries don’t count babies that die in the first 24 hours or that are born dead, or had a deformity that caused the death. While here in the United states we count EVERY new born death. Hell, we spend more to save premies than any country in the world. By the way premies means premature births. To say the least we are not comparing apples to apples. Yet the liberals would have you think we were the worst, just to rationalize their position. If you really want an eye opener I dare you to go to the Canadian health care web site and see how long you would wait for an MRI, or wait for cancer surgery, or heart surgery. These people really do come to the U.S. for many of those surgeries. I know I have visited with them

Posted by Daniel | Report as abusive

Go to all liberal minded websites I command ye allDo not listen to Daniel

Posted by sam | Report as abusive

[…] James Pethokoukis is at it again, subversion-via-blog. […]

Posted by The HSA Coalition » You, You, You Spend too Much! | Report as abusive

Most of this discussion avoids the real solution. If everyone were to eat properly, which requires them to do exactly the opposite of what they are told by the AMA, (low carb, high fat,) the use of medical care would drop in half overnight.Most solutions assume individuals cannot change their need for health care, which is false.

Posted by irlandes | Report as abusive

Sam,Are you really afraid to address my points with witless humor. Thats the simplest form of denial.

Posted by Daniel | Report as abusive

good one dixie landwhat do you get when one 12 year old cousin has ‘sesual relatives’ with her 16 year old cousin? You should know this…A mute you can throw salami slices at..

Posted by sam | Report as abusive

We cannot afford a government run insurance program. The government is broke and American citizens in general are broke. We need health care reform, but we need free market reform. The more the government gets involved in health care, the more the costs will rise. It’s the same for every sector of our economy where there is excess government involvement (healthcare, education, real estate, etc.). We need to reform the tax code that provides tax subsidies for employer based health plans and disassociates the cost of medical care from those being insured. By doing this, people would no longer prefer to purchase health care through their employer, which would increase wages. In addition, state laws making it illegal to purchase health insurance in other states should be removed. That way, people could shop around for health insurance and use the higher wages to purchase the insurance they want. Because people would now perceive a cost associated with health insurance, they would choose the most cost effective plan, creating a situation where insurance companies would now have to compete on the basis of lower cost plans. Lastly, because those purchasing health care would perceive the costs associated with health care, people would be more inclined to purchase insurance for catastrophic medical care and use their savings to pay for routine medical care (annual doctor visits, minor illnesses and injuries, etc.), and there would no longer be an over-utilization of insurance, which is the one main reasons health care costs have continued to rise substantially year over year. By doing all of this, health care costs would be reigned in and it would make it affordable for average Americans and those with pre-existing conditions to purchase insurance. On another note, people that complain about insurance company profits, for whatever reason, are completely off base (insurance company profit margins average only 3 percent, meaning for every $1 of revenue they take in, they only keep 3 cents after covering their costs). In a healthy economy, profit motives lead to innovation, competition, and an overall higher standard of living for all citizens. Removing the profit motives of insurance companies, and any other industry for that matter, is not consistent with the underlying principles that have allowed our free society to prosper and provided all citizens with a much higher standard of living relative to the rest of the world.

Posted by Ross | Report as abusive

When will you Americans get it right? If you want change, and you think you have had enough, start Marching to Washington.The people of South America know how to instill change. Get a million of your friends together, raise a little hell in the village square. Get the governments attention, don’t leave until you get what you went for.

Posted by BobbyO | Report as abusive

Maybe when the Big Bill comes due the Chinese will take it out of the hides of our esteemed political class first and place them in a Chinese Dungeon and help us to restore our freedoms since it seems that they are moving toward free market systems and culture.

Posted by mark | Report as abusive

Why do so many people think insurance companies are making lots of money? Do your homework people. They are not making exorbitant profits. They make single digits in EBITDA, which is pretty poor business wise. I don’t work for an insurance company, but I am tired of ignorant Americans assuming insurance companies are gouging us. The real money is made by the pharmas, but that’s one of the few things we still export as a country.

Posted by Mark | Report as abusive

It is possible, but unlikely in my view, that the Chinese are interested or have plans for their own health care reform. This would greatly benefit the population and reduce the gap between rich and poor.

Posted by Jacky | Report as abusive

When are Americans going to realize that it’s not the insurance companies that are the root cause of out of control health care costs? Insurance premiums just reflect the actual costs plus a small profit. When it costs about $8000 a day to stay in an American hospital and the patient is charged for every pill, every kleenex, bandage or what have you at thousands of times their actual cost, what are insurance writers supposed to do? It’s the actual cost of health care that is the problem, just like it’s the problem here in Canada. Your President and Congress are trying to fix the wrong thing.

Posted by GL | Report as abusive

irlandes and gerald take excellent positions about how we as americans can reduce our exposure to disease and disfunction through healthy eating choices to reduce health care costsEat well and live well..

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I live in a wealthy County in NC. There are free clinics here for people who don”t have insurance. There are resources for people who can’t aford to pay for hospital bills the hospital lowers the bills Social Services covers all expenses for major tests back 3 months and they even put every Mexican here on Medicare. There was just a 3 day free dental 3 county wide clinic. Why is there a need for all this broo ha ha about medical reform? There are alternatives.

Posted by Lynn | Report as abusive

Ok, the “greedy” Insurance coporations make about a 2% margin. Blockbuster video has higher profit margins than that. The government is creating this mess by passing laws that require hospitals to give emergency room health care to people with no insurance. Yes it is a law look it up. So who pays for the uninsured? Yes you and I through increase health insurance premiums. I know 2 nurses and a large percentage of people who go to the emergency room are there with non-emergency issues, but have no insurance. So they go to the emergency room, because they know by law they can not be turned away.A government created problem that they will no solve by taking away our rights. Nice.”People who are willing to give up freedom for security, deserve neither, and will loose both” – Ben Franklin.

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IF THE CHINESE WERE WISE, they would allow U.S. citizens to invest into Chinese companies enough to match the projected amount of U.S. debt to be accumulated. Then, when the U.S. defaults on their debt, the Chinese government could have the option of nationalizing the share of Chinese business ownership by U.S. citizens.

Posted by D. T. RueMan | Report as abusive

I find it interesting that you can get a $100,000 plus heart operation in the US, for $20,000 in india, which includes airfare and a stay at a fancy resort.The problem with healthcare, is somewhere along the way, people began to think of it as a right, not something you pay for.The ONLY way out of the mess, the Unions and Government have created, is a true free marketplace (or at least free to the extent that minor bills – say under $5,000 a year are the responsibility of the patient). Just imagine what would happen to doctors fees if they had to justify them to the patients. This is the revolution we need, not PILING ON MORE FREE HEALTHCARE.While the CBO may score it at just under a trillion dollars, it will no doubt be the single law that bankrupts the US. Medicare’s forecast cost was over an order of magnitude below what the real cost turned out to be. Do you really believe the CBO’s static analysis will turn out to be just under $1 trillion. Once healthcare is free, SURELY more people will use it. Wouldn’t you????Imagine if Cars were free? Wouldn’t you get a new car every year (or 6 months if you were really into cars?OR what it Gasoline was free – Would you use more?Or houses were free? McMansions for all..Or food was free? Ribeye every night..It’s hard to believe the people for this healthcare reform, are thinking beings with a positive IQ.

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“Idiotic American Puplic”There’s a country called Cuba that has “changed and reformed ” their health care system.May I suggest to anyone who thinks the American people are Idiotic; buy a rubber raft and float to Cuba.

Posted by Rob | Report as abusive

Why indeed trust health care to corporations whose only motive is profit?In the case of private insurers, in order to obtain those profits (what was the number 2.5% profit margin?), they must compete for our business. No customers means no profits. Look at the TV ads for car insurance, how they fight each other for the best rates? That could be done with health insurance if regulation were change.In the case of self-insured company plans, businesses must provide competitive benefits in order to attract the talent they need to create those profits. A lousy self-insurance plan in the benefit package may mean the best and brightest go to their competitor instead.But government… ahh… unencumbered by the profit motive offers what? A competitor to the private sector? No, not really. Free to make up their own rule, a government provider has an unfair advantage and takes away the profits of the corporations. No profits, no motive, no choice – the private corporations close shop because they can’t compete on an unfair field. This is why the public option will stifle choice.And then what? What motivates government programs? No drive for profit, so no need for quality service; no equal competition so no need to control costs or even attempt to maintain a high level of responsiveness or service to the consumer, and in the long run, no need to contain costs. Because the end motivator for government programs is to make sure you get a bigger slice of the budget allocation each year. This is why anything the government touches typically turns to crap.So give me the greedy corporation any day – it will actually try to work for that profit. The government won’t.

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News today reported that a government panel now recommends only women OVER age 50 receive mammograms. This the same panel that before recommended all women over age 40 get mammograms. National Cancer Society and AMA, along with other medical groups, are up in arms and against this new proposal. This is a taste of what government health care will mean; a government panel deciding what is right for you against the advice/opinion of your doctor or you. Call your Senators and tell them to say no to government health care.

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Doesn’t it seem ironic that the last, best hope for America is China?

Posted by Mike Brown | Report as abusive

[…] are questioning our presidents want/need to overhaul our health care system………………. James Pethokoukis Blog Archive China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform | Blogs | China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform Posted by: James Pethokoukis Guess what? It […]

Posted by China questions Obama – WeedTRACKER | Report as abusive

At least with insurance, you can switch plans or sue if they break their contract. Under a government plan? Not so much. It’s competition that keeps the “greedy” insurance companies in check — a much better safeguard than just trusting politicians who promise to steal other people’s money and buy us health care with it. Under many state-tun systems you’re not even allowed to pay for treatment beyond what the government offers. I’d hate to think Americans would give up so much of their freedom for a few empty promises from those clowns we elect.

Posted by C.O. | Report as abusive

Finally someone has put the question to obama. The Chinese, who are now financing the bulk of our debt, should be rightly concerned over obama’s profligate spending habits. The mainstream media and the Democrats in Congress don’t have the courage to put the question to obama. We should be thankful that at least the Chinese are questioning obama’s out of control spending.

Posted by Patrick C | Report as abusive

I had my wisdom teeth pulled in the Army. The dentist was a captain, also a government employee. Novocaine was in short supply. He explained that his paycheck was the same whether he pulled 2 or 4 at a time. I had a hell of a time getting over the fear of dentists after that ordeal. I hope and pray you social program supporters slopping up to the government trough get your turn in the chair.

Posted by jimwa9z | Report as abusive

WOW, all these posts and no one has a clue on how to solve the problem. When Obama is in China, he should visit a Chinese hospital to see the world standard in delivering low-cost healthcare. Yes, they have a better system. Remember Communism was about squeezing every RED cent out of government services and actually making the Government a profit center. OK, it did not work, but they do provide efficient government services (I can go down the list and show how basic public services in China way out perform those services offered by USA government in terms of cost and efficiency). On the other hand, Government Services in USA were always supported by TAXES from Corporate Profits = Free Money. This works as long as economy is expanding as it has for past 100 years. It is like a Gov’t ponzi scheme! Problem with this method is that people tend to overspend free money. But, economy is no longer expanding, now maturing, and possibly shrinking. OOPS, no more free money.My suggestions is for OBAMA to study Chinese medical system. Following worlds best practices, and policy changes (allow free market to work, cap malpractice claims, allow qualified healthcare workers into US and make it easy for them to work, on, and on). US does not need to spend a dime to improve healthcare. It is only about policy, and following best practices. The scheme that is being presented, or any other schemes that have been presented will only lead in one direction: HIGHER COST for Healthcare which public simply cannot afford = lower quality healthcare across the board.Yes, every American has a right to good healthcare, housing, safety, and education. Healthcare is a responsbility of the US goverment. but, they need to put policies in place to make healthcare affordable for mainstream public. Healthcare policy should not be mandated by attorneys, pharmacutical companies, and other special interests.In the meantime, I will continue to rely on the Chinese healthcare system for me and my family.

Posted by Hank | Report as abusive

By the way…Was losing vision in right eye due to cataracts. Went to Chinese hospital last month for an exam. Arrived Monday morning (no appointment necessary), they checked my vision, and yes, I had cataract in right eye. Doctor asked if I wanted surgery. I asked, “when can I do”. He said, “now”. “We can schedule surgery for tomorrow morning.” So, spent rest of day doing tests and other items needed for Tuesday’s surgery. By Tuesday evening, I was released from Hospital. Vision in my right eye went from .4 to 1.2 (1.0 as normal). Total bill from start to finish, less than US$1,000. I looked at bill afterwards, and US$600 was for the Alcon (USA made) premium lens.Now that’s what I am talking about! And, I have serious confidence in Chinese doctors. They treat you on the spot. No need to check the internet to figure what is wrong with you.

Posted by Hank | Report as abusive

50 years of globalism and we have to justify ourselves to China a communist country. We have gone from a net debtor nation to a net creditor nation, from a high standard of living to a low standard in the industrialized world. Politicians will get lifetime salaries and benefits for achieving these goals.

Posted by Kipw | Report as abusive

Let’s keep spreading the truth that insurance companies make an annual profit of ONLY 3% and make it a point to not mention that the execs are making 24 MILLION a year.If every company paid execs that much, and gave them their own jet, I bet no company would make any profit at all.btw, Coventry will not approve my ciclosporin. It’s a cure, but they won’t let me have it.

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Maybe the Chinese can give Obama some pointers on the best way to sell the euthanasia death panels to the public, cause killing off the patients is the only way the government is going to afford this bill. Perhaps a haiku?Souls rising to skythey sigh in Glorious ActForward Socialism

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Is is the deficit China is concerned about or the fact that reform could aim to level the field in terms of labor costs bringing the manufacturing and other jobs back to US? No wonder they are as worried as the insurance companies Chinese funds may have invested heavily in. I am not surprised to find they may even be bank rolling these guys to get drunk at tea parties!!

Posted by akmkere | Report as abusive

Please,Please do not allow this group of cut throat’s destroy our once great country. We must have new leadership in the next election.We are on our way to destroy our wonderful country if we allow this government health care mess to win this battle to control our lives and generations to come. They must be stopped.Thank you China for standing up for”we the people.”

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Please stop this runaway government who’s desire is to control all our lives with no care for “we the people.”

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imgibson – you are no ill-informed. I have worked in the hospitals in the US and Canada in both practical, administrative and insurance departments over the last 20 years. Never has insurance denied a life-saving procedure. Never has a hospital denied a life-saving procedure due to inability to pay. You are so brain-washed by the liberal media you should be embarrassed…Read a book, get informed before you make a statement that will ruin the country’s great healthcare. Last-healthcare is not a RIGHT but a PRIVILEDGE and people need to be responsible for their own healthcare. Medicaid is there to catch people who are in need. But again, never has anyperson in my 20 yrs experience EVER been denied healthcare in the USA….Now if you want to talk about Medicare not paying and staff having to explain to patients that they need to be discharged because Medicare will no longer pay….would be happy to . Plus, would love to talk about how rationing healthcare in canada and the death of my father…..let’s chat. But to be so ignorant in this day and age is truly an embarrassment…..

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[…] China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform […]

Posted by RSS agregator » Blog Archive » I Have Oft Intoned: "The Chinese are Better Businessmen Than We Are Now!" | Report as abusive

A few Weds. morning links…Non-elites: Joe and CarrieTop Ten Reasons Black America Fears Rush LimbaughBarone: A Jacksonian sweep?China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform…

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I just want to add something here…for a few of you seem to think that the Insurance Companies came up with the plethora and magnitude of paperwork because they had nothing better to do.Insurance forms are GOVERNMENT REGULATED. They are STANDARDIZED and ALL MEDICAL CARE PROVIDERS are REQUIRED to use these forms when filing Insurance claims.The GOVERNMENT implemented these changes to the system back in the 80’s and have strangled both physicians, hospitals and insurance carriers to these systems…thereby forcing many service providers to hire staff to simply file these forms.If you want to know why things fail…look at when the GOVERNMENT decided to step in, regulate, change and ‘make the system better.’ An OXY-MORON if I ever seen one!

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[…] denominated in the currency of a country about to double its national debt over the next decade. James Pethokoukis Blog Archive China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform | Blogs | Glad to see the Chinese pressing our President to answer the tough questions that everyone back […]

Posted by China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform – ValueMD Medical Schools Forum | Report as abusive

[…] James Pethokoukis of Reuters is at it again, subversion-via-blog. […]

Posted by You, You, You Spend too Much! – Dan_Perrin’s blog – RedState | Report as abusive

“This is the question I would like to ask. Health next to family is probably the most important aspect of one’s life. Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits. To me that is unbelievable. There concern is not your health so why would we believe they’re going to do anything in our best interest. Ask the families of people who have died because the insurance companies refused or denied life saving treatment. If that’s not a death panel I don’t know what is. Of course they only want to insure healthy people and omit pre-existing conditions while continually raising premiums and will continue to do it because WE HAVE NO CHOICE.How long is going to take the idiotic American public to realize we must have changes and reform.- Posted by imgibson “This is such a classic emotional argument. The only problem with emotional arguments is that they lack basis in fact.Error #1: “Greedy corporations.”Of course insurance businesses operate for profit. Why do you begrudge them that? But no, we have to characterize them as “greedy.” Unfortunately, the facts are that health insurance companies actually have very thin profit margins (the same is true with those darn “greedy” oil companies. If you’re looking for greedy corporations, you’d be better off directing your outrage at the farming industry, which has huge profit margins and ridiculous government subsidies (in many cases for useless technologies like ethanol).Error #2: Insurance companies denial of life-saving treatment.You are aware, of course that the rate of insurance companies denying people treatments is well below 6 percent and also well below the rate of refusal by Medicare, are you not? Another government bureaucracy is not going to solve that problem. In fact, it will most likely INCREASE the instances when people are unable to get treatment.Error #3: WE HAVE NO CHOICEIt is not the fault of insurance companies that you have no choice in selecting your coverage. Guess who is responsible for that? That’s right, the government. If more insurance companies were allowed to compete for customers, you would see a dramatic improvement both in cost and in the number of people who get covered. But the government does not allow them to compete for your business the way most other industries are allowed to. If you let market forces truly do their job, bad insurance companies would go away and good ones would prosper.Error #4: idiotic American public.I can only hope you were looking into a mirror when writing that comment. You are not using facts for your argument, you are using emotions. Emotions are not a solution. Neither is a government plan that would ADD to the cost of health care in this country, ADD to the percentage of GDP we spend on health care, further REDUCE the quality of service, and not at all address the targeted, cost-cutting reforms that could truly help solve problems with health insurance in America.Try being substantive next time, if you want people to listen to you.

Posted by etpietro | Report as abusive

In terms of this health system issue…I believe before any change is made to our health system (I question them using the word “care”), we might ought to check to see if it is affordable?? Have you taken a look at our deficit yet???By the way this health overhaul won’t cover everyone anyway.If we do in fact get this shoved down our throats, I believe that everyone from the President on down should have this coverage, our government officials should not be able to retain their current health two cents

Posted by Deb | Report as abusive

I have a huge problem with ANYONE giving a horses ass what a RED, COMMUNIST country, that lets their own people die like flies in the street, baby girls by the hundreds per day dying in their own excrement, basically starved to death in orphanages, thinks about what the USA should be doing with their own people. And furthermore, it scares me that anyone else should care what they think, feel, say, or influence, let alone write articles trying to convince me of why I should. For shame.

Posted by Nettie | Report as abusive

“Thank you CHINA, for Standing up for WE THE PEOPLE???” In all of my life, I never thought I would hear more shockingly IGNORANT words spoken. This is still the same China that shoots down their protesters in the streets, best you “tea baggers and birthers” remember that. The same China that has the worst record on human rights in the WORLD. Still the same China our vets fought and lost to in Vietnam. Still the same China that ousted the Dali Lama and is AGAINST religious freedom. Keep talking you hick idiots, talk us right down to living the level THEIR poor live, just so you can say “I did it MY way”. Is anyone EDUCATED actually posting here?

Posted by Nettie | Report as abusive

I’m a Canadian and I can tell you some truths about nationalized healthcare:1. It doesn’t eliminate corporate greed and control over healthcare, if anything it allows some to monopolize it.2. We pay some of the highest taxes in the G7 nations – nearly 50% of our gross income goes to taxes, and Medicare is by far the biggest contributor to that. Thinking national health care means Americans won’t have to pay for it is a LIE. You will pay in taxes. Anyone who tells you they won’t have to raise taxes to accomplish universal healthcare is LYING outright – there’s no other way.3. What is gained by coverage is lost in wait times – if one is outraged that their private insurer won’t cover a proceedure, try waiting for 12 to 16 months or longer for that proceedure under national healthcare.

Posted by Thomas | Report as abusive

china talks obama our messiah listen! yes china ask the all important question of goverment run health care question of the COST! yes this added cost to our national debt! we get to be forced to pay for it too! and also contribute to it’s added debt on our nation too wonderful! yes got you covered from both ends of it DEBT and death tax! cut cost illegal immigration on our health care bills? billions in savings from that alone? cut crime cost also by illegal immigrants in our counrty? identity theft? credit card added debt? yes banks give illegals credit cards too! and monorities with piss poor credit too” like stimulus bail outs? we get higher interest rates to cover this loss wonderful far out groovy? yes cost that all so illegal immigration cost to U.S. all debt? ENFORCE REMOVE this added debt? war! sacrifice of our troops for profits? troops fight for war lords regimes protection prosperity poppy fields exports profits” we get heroin addicts debt crime taxes returns? sacrifice men women for what? PROFITS greed war lords goverment run by jungle tribes-man regime? GOVERMENT RUN HEALTH CARE ELIMINATION CARE! cut cost pay dirt assisted suicide clinics assembly lines future? yes front and back door covered! profits and cut cost baby boomers elimination? argument? death care chicago! nursing homes mental health disgusting human care NOW!death prescriptions care same guy not only stays on the job but is in total charge too still NOW DR. MICHAEL REINSTEIN? solution looks see other way AUTHORITY? like contaminated drinking water for 22 years illinois? yes the added wasted illegal cost is the answer to health care reform REMOVE it period. but security protection are not the top agenda of our goverment period! TRUST!more goverment strong arm control health care? you pay are else JAIL? yes 96% of our beloved leaders get reelected by fraud election? fraud corruption die-bold machines absentee ballots? year after year con job thats brought U.S. to goverment controled health care now live today dead tomorrow!!! all by fraud legislation majority too? scam illegal criminals in our CONgress period? mob rule syndicate? back up by southern poverty law! ACLU! ACORN! the jewish party of america? authority! chicago nursing health and mental health care? michigans run by jewish party syndicate too!! how about yours? oops” and secretary treasury too? yes the one subject and race nobody seems to talk about and look at all they are connected and investments too? silence is goldstein? everything just everything has a jewish stamp on it hollywood media? airports! committees? authority? experts professors? judicial? FDA! SCIENTIST? SPECIAL INTEREST ACORN! 270 organizations connected to and media them? they register voters? yes DIE-BOLD fraudulent voter machines and absentee ballots results 96 % get reelected again and again? results goverment run health care elimination care. GET IT! outsource of our industry jobs? we get sports man period. chumps are what we are just chumps! we pay them for our destruction? front back door coverage? millions of illegals in our country? hundreds of illegal CONgressman and women passing there criminal agenda bills pretending to represent U.S.? con game! with them knowing full well they will be reelected once again our crooks and swindlers of washington? count the! america you have no ideal how fraudulent our voting system truely is till you watch that disgusting reality film? yes china ask about our health care cost question? walmart health care clinics china cost? don’t forget they are on a agenda in washington? thats TAKE! BREAK! REPLACE! YOU! agenda. INDEPENDENT ARMY. stick to LOU like glue” for all our sakes! let your conscious be your guildance! peace AMEN.

Posted by frankkinney | Report as abusive

Thomas I am sorry about Canadas problems with their healthcare, but I have lived in Europe, England 5 years, France for 4 and have no IDEA what you are even talking about. I get the best treatment when I am ill in the world, and I do not say this because I am for socialized medicine or completely against. In fact, I’m on the fence.

Posted by Nettie | Report as abusive

Nettie,This is truly amazing. The liberals attempt to convince us that Cuba has a healthcare system that we should envy? The liberals run over to all the countries with two bit dictators like Chavez, and Castro as the model of way things should be done. Chavez shuts done all opposition press in his country and thats just fine and in fact Obama’s administration attempts to shut out selected news services in the U.S. So much for we the people and freedom of the press!Your myopic vision from your liberal leadership is not the liberty that people that desire true freedom want or need. I do believe freedom is the availability of INDIVIDUAL choice, not your vision of freedom which is the granting to our leaders the authority to limit OUR choice.Finally, China wasn’t expressing any worry about our freedoms you dolt, they are worried about the huge U.S. debt creating serious problems for their own economy. That we are in such a bad economic situation that we cannot purchase their products, thus damaging their own economy. This is demonstrated by the bonds that we have issued issued in the past and they have bought that could end up being defaulted. Did you realize that the last bonds sales that we issued to finance the last bailout this spring that 25% of those bonds could not be sold to other countries because of the size of our debt and the Fed had to spend our own tax dollars to buy our own bonds back?That is huge!!!!Other countries are beginning to think that America isn’t good for it. Our only hope is that no calls us on it, because if they do, will it will hurt them also. Thats not what I call a position of strength!!

Posted by Daniel | Report as abusive

It does not make sense for the government to be so determined to add all this cost onto our already busted deficit. All that is required here is for the administration to have tort reform passed, and laws stating that insurance companies cannot deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions, nor drop you when you get ill. They could easily open up the market by relaxing the laws that say you cannot buy insurance out of your state. That was a dumb law to begin with. The rest of this health care reform….it is not needed- we can’t afford it- and it will break us.

Posted by Deborah | Report as abusive

I have been reading these comments as i wanted to understand why Americans are so against a system of Universal health coverage. I think I now understand. But what happens to people who have a serious condition such as a heart condition? I suppose they get treatment from their insurance initially but what happens if they then can’t work, or have to take a lower paying job? Is it the case that they wouldn’t then get insurance because it’s a pre-existing problem?I guess I’m saying that it’s a great system as long as you are well or have a condition which can be fully cured.I live in London and don’t recognize the picture of people waiting for months for ops or on trolleys for hours. I’m someone who has had fantastic and ongoing treatment for a heart condition(a stent then a thallium test which showed further narrowing so a second stent followed by a second thallium test to check all was well). I have my drugs on prescription, £7.50 ish per 3 months and ongoing cardiac rehab gym sessions twice a week which were free for the first few months. I know many people in their seventies and 80s in my cardiac gym group who have had recent stents and bypasses, and there is no rationing by age as some in the US believe.When I’ve been to Accident and Emergency for myself or with someone you are triaged immediately and if in a serious condition seen at once. The NHS was very run down under previous governments but has had extensive refinancing with waiting lists for operations coming down to a few weeks in any serious condition. And of course you can “go private” or take private health insurance if you wish. There is also preventative screening. Most people in the UK would fight hard to keep our NHS.

Posted by verbatim | Report as abusive

We do not need government run health care. The government cant run anything without corruption, disgraceful over spending, and with any monetary efficiency. Both the democrats and republicans screw up everything they put their hands on and they do it with OUR money! What we need is Health Insurance Company Reform. There needs to be some rules and regulations put into place so that Health Insurance Companies are not allowed to do whatever they please. Its really that simple.

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China questions costs of US healthcare reform……

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[…] China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform Post a comment (473) […]


Americans have a constitutional right to revolution.LET’S DO SOMETHING.

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[…] Doesn’t matter the CHinese will not allow it. Plus it is far different that the house bill the lefties in the house will shut this thing down. James Pethokoukis

Posted by Health Bill CBO Score: $849 Billion Over Next Decade – Politics and Other Controversies – Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives, Liberals, Third Parties, Left-Wing, Right-Wing, Congress, President – Page 3 – City-Data Forum | Report as abusive

First off, Obama is being way too soft on the Chinese government with regards to human rights issues, because we owe them this debt. That said, with China’s history of trampling on its peoples human rights (eg. allowing an entire village to receive HIV infected blood transfusions then covering it up, allowing doctors to perform uneccessary hand transplants on prisoners and stopping their immunosuppressant regimens after two years…etc.) it should come as no surprise that they’re critical of us spending money to improve our citizens healthcare access. James Pethokoukis, in his blog, is basically siding with the Chinese government on this and focusing only on the financial issues while ignoring the fact that the proposed bill is going to improve healthcare coverage for Americans. He also gets the numbers wrong (he states only the added cost without subtracting the savings from medicare reforms which cut the cost by more than half), and interprets the CMS incorrectly. The CMS states clearly that the report does not include contributions of the income tax proposals in the bill. According to a recent NY Times article: The bill relies mostly on an income surtax on individuals earning more than $500,000 a year, and couples earning more than $1 million to help pay for the legislation. So the total impact on increasing the deficit is exaggerated if you interpret the reports figures incorrectly like James. Also, while the cost of coverage stated in the CMS is $935 billion over ten years (James also rounds this up to $1 trillion), it says right below that [figure 1] that medicare costs would be reduced by $570 billion, for a net cost of $406 billion. The bottom line in the report is that the bill would decrease the number of uninsured from 57 million to 23 million at a net cost of $406 Billion over 10 years. While I think it is crucial that we lower the deficit, ignoring the needs of our people to do so is atrocious.Anyone who could argue that insuring 34 milion additional americans for $40 billion/year is not worth it should move to China and have their hands sawed off.

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[…] James Pethokoukis » Blog Archive » China questions costs of U.S. … […]

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[…] to Reuters, Chinese officials fear that Obama’s socialist-style health care could cause their massive […]

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Having lived in Canada for 25 of the past 30 years, can say with no hesitation that single payer system that is NON-Profit works. Before you start screaming SOCIALISM, we already have it in the USA. Just look no further than our national highway system. Everybody pays for it, and everybody uses it.It’s a disgrace that the USA is the only industrialized nation where it’s citizens can lose their homes and businesses or be forced into bankruptcy because they become ill.We think nothing of spending a Billion Dollars on ONE airplane whose only function is to kill, but god forbid we spend money helping our own people.Wake up America. Your priorities are skewed.

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“Why in the world would we leave the of the most important aspects of our life in the hands of greedy corporations whose only concern is profits.”Haven’t you seen enough of this greedy White House and Congress, and all of their greedy lobbyists? Doesn’t it sicken you that the Democrats who were responsible for oversight of Banking took bribes in the form of campaign contributions to look the other way, including Dodd and Obama?Nothing personal, but Democrats fall into two camps: 1. The Guilty, and 2. The Gullible.

Posted by Joe Bidenmyime | Report as abusive

Poor Obama!!! My eyes are wet. He works for Soros to collapse the US dollar. Come on, do you think OBama is really goign to stop spending? After the embezzlement of the Stimulus money, the unethical TARP he voted for, the pork bill, ALL the porks and earmarks…and why does ACORN get taxpayer money? Social security for the Boomers is “running out”, the Boomers may drive up the cost of Medicare in the near future—And Obama is going to remedy that with STimulus II, TARP on Steroids, kRap and Trade….Knowing full well that China is only buying treasuries to prop up teh US dollar (while receiving interest to do so) to maintain their trade advangate. Hello! We have a severe trade deficit with China. Are all liberal hacks economically illiterate?How anyone defends Obama is beyond questionable.

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So the mooches think we should give up the best healthcare system in the world for rationing, covering the illegals, freeloaders and ne’er-do-wells of societyIf you are to poor – do medicaid and there is medicare for the other needy. just because your are jealous of what I earn and have, dont expect Americans to be stooopid enough to forgo what is best for our children and grandchildren.Do expect America to happily want rationing and the govt running the most important thing in the world. We will not penalize our kids and grandkids so you can get in my pocket for more freebiesEven the foreign nationals, that come to the USA to get away from their universal healthcare, do not want us to change our system – the best healthcare in the world

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[…] RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet BoxThe Chinese government openly quetioned how Barack Obama proposes to pay for health care reform without increasing the national debt.  It is truly a sad day for our country when communists are concerned about the size of our […]

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[…] Posted by: admin In: Conservative Edge Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.Powered by WP Greet Box [RICH MEDIA REMOVED FROM RSS FEED CLICK HERE TO VIEW ENTIRE STORY] In a block buster report from the non-partisan Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the CMMS said that the Pelosi/Obama Care Monstrosity on the Potomac would increase the cost of health care as a percentage of GDP to over 21.3% by 2019.  Under current law, the cost would increae to only 20.8%.  Here is a part of a story from Reuters: […]

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Where is the reference to an actual question asked by the Chinese?This article is the basis for all the others on the Web. It would carry more weight if we knew that Mr X asked Question Y.The Chinese are right to worry about the US economy – they hold a lot of our debt.Any “health care” plan that comes with big fines and jail time for not buying their insurance should be thrown out immediately.

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[…] You think, maybe, Obama gave the Chinese a lecture on allowing unions into their manufacturing plants? Naaaaaa. Nope that did not happen ;the Chinese lectured him and he kept his mouth shut for the most part …even abandoning traditional American positions the US has held like human rights. I think the Chinese told him to stop the prolific spending because they would no longer foot the bill.…thc are-reform/ […]

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Um, to the last commenter and anyone with similar thoughts.The people who are against the current bill are not against reform in general. They are against reform that makes no sense (the bill being proposed).If you actually read through the bill you will notice that it’s written to send more money to guess what “greedy pharma companies” which is the real issue that we should be looking at.I hear everyone (this bill included) trying to figure out how to pay for it all. Maybe a starting point that would really make a difference would be to not allow the pharma companies and hospitals to charge astronomical prices on drugs and healthcare. It doesn’t matter how much the money get’s shifted around, if the pharma companies and hospitals charge 1000 d0llars for a bottle of pills people and countries will go bankrupt. The insurance companies deny people coverage because they are trying to be responsible and control costs. They are not going to write policies if there is no money to be made.For example if you have a group of 10 people and 5 of the 10 eat right, exercise and sleep right and stay healthy and never use their insurance, it wouldn’t be right to charge them extra money because the other 5 don;t stay healthy. The insurance company tries to be fair and raise the insurance for the 5 that don’t take care of themselves.The second thing that reform should be looking at is actually helping people become healthy. Drugs don’t make people healthy, proper nutrition does.Here’s a universal government run plan that I do agree with that helps people and makes sense.http://www.healthrevolutionpetitio

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Um, to the last commenter and anyone with similar thoughts.The people who are against the current bill are not against reform in general. They are against reform that makes no sense (the bill being proposed).If you actually read through the bill you will notice that it’s written to send more money to guess what “greedy pharma companies” which is the real issue that we should be looking at.I hear everyone (this bill included) trying to figure out how to pay for it all. Maybe a starting point that would really make a difference would be to not allow the pharma companies and hospitals to charge astronomical prices on drugs and healthcare. It doesn’t matter how much the money get’s shifted around, if the pharma companies and hospitals charge 1000 d0llars for a bottle of pills people and countries will go bankrupt. The insurance companies deny people coverage because they are trying to be responsible and control costs. They are not going to write policies if there is no money to be made.For example if you have a group of 10 people and 5 of the 10 eat right, exercise and sleep right and stay healthy and never use their insurance, it wouldn’t be right to charge them extra money because the other 5 don;t stay healthy. The insurance company tries to be fair and raise the insurance for the 5 that don’t take care of themselves.The second thing that reform should be looking at is actually helping people become healthy. Drugs don’t make people healthy, proper nutrition does.Here’s a universal government run plan that I do agree with that helps people and makes healthrevolutionpetition

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[…] James Pethokoukis » Blog Archive » China questions costs of U.S. … […]

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Since the Chinese government (and probably some wealthy individuals) has bought so much of US government debt, it is only reasonable that they would have *lots* of questions about how safe is their investment – and even requirements to ensure it. And most definitely the current bills being “debated” – what a laugh to use that term – are not going to improve the financial state of the US government. The only way out for individuals is to make themselves as independent of the government programs as they possibly can – and being and staying healthy is a major way.I have not had medical insurance for the past 9 years when I ceased employment with Motorola (after 16 years) and went onto unrelated endeavors. While I take extensive health degeneration prevention measures and am in excellent health at age 64 having no chronic health problems, I would have true catastrophic medical insurance ($25k deductible) if it were economically available in Arizona – it is not and all that is available is determined by the US federal government. It is government that has limited what I can obtain in the way of health insurance and is threatening to further interfere in the relationship I may form with a physician under the rare occurrence that I consult with one.Being free of debt and healthy should be the goal of every person in the US now, more than ever. The US government is not and never should have been considered a source of financial or health security.

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[…] was pressured on the American deficits and the decline of the American dollar. Very specifically, he was quizzed about Obama/Reid/PelosiCare and its cost. Obviously, the Chinese are not too impressed by the bogus figures the administration […]

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[…] Originally Posted by MichaelJones Let me know when you guys are affected by the passing of healthcare overhaul. I mean actually affected, I know you’ve all been told the end of the world is nigh when we pass this.. perhaps you just buy into the fear too much.. Time will tell us how this works out. What rights is anyone losing by passing this bill… lol You can still get your insurance. At least formulate your arguments into a logical outcome.. You don’t have to agree, but at least come up with something other than stale talking points… SOCIALISM!! AHHHH I shall be losing the right to keep my money and to shop around. Even the Chinese are worried about the cost of the "reform" and they are the Communist. Pretty soon China will be more of a free economy than the USA. James Pethokoukis Blog Archive China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform | Blogs | […]

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[…] if this healthcare bill passes. hell.. even china thinks healthcare for everybody is crazy!!!!!!! James Pethokoukis Blog Archive China questions costs of U.S. healthcare reform | Blogs | __________________ Arguing with some one on the internet is like racing in the special […]

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[…] to financial doom for this country. A couple of links, to help answer your question further. is/2009/11/16/china-questions-costs-of-u s-healthcare-reform/ And a great series of videos were posted by Pumbaa near the end of this thread Where does money […]

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This bill focuses on the short term. Attempting to lower the cost of health care for unhealthy Americans.No investment is funding the prevention of disease, making Americans healthier, and lower the need for healthcare and medications. In schools we are no tought how to be healthy and it shows in our citizens. If we are going to spend a trillion dollars it should be spent educating the public about the need for proper nutrition, exercise and sleep. That is a nobel long term goal and will reduce the long term need for “health” care. I have never had medical care and neither has anyone in my family. We have never needed it because we take care of ourselves. OUR HEALTH IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY. We eat all naturals food, exercise everyday and have a regular sleep pattern. I am very healhty without healthcare and I do not want to pay more taxes to pay for lazy people who didn’t take care of themselves or their family.Self care not health care!

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[…] James Pethokoukis » Blog Archive » China questions costs of U.S. … […]

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Here’s an idea that may appeal to conservatives and liberals alike

Let’s start letting Americans opt to have medical treatment in foreign countries.

Right now only a few insurance companies will pay for procedures done overseas.
This forces all of us to use the American Medical system. And at $10,000 a day for a stay in a US hospital, it doesn’t take a mathmatician to figure out why health care is so expensive in the US

Like many Americans , who are older and self employed, I can only afford catastrophic health insurance. My Blue shield plan costs my wife and I $920 a month and has an $8000 deductible.

About 4-5 years ago we found a great solution.

Like India, Costa Rica, Singapor and Malaysia, Thailand is trying to attract overseas patients who are priced out of their own medical system.

We went over there for complete physicals…to start.(1/10 the cost of the same procedures in the US: ultrasound, X rays, stress tests, EKG, colonoscopies, blood work etc.). We were paying about $240 to get $2400 worth of tests done.
Add $1000 for roundtrip airfare and $150 for a couple nights stay in a nice hotel (or you can stay in a hospital room for about the same amount)…we saved $1200.

In subsequent years we added dental work…also a fraction of the cost.

And last year I went there for my first every operation in a foreign hospital.
The operation on my throat was a success. Best of all….I saved thousands of dollars.

When my wife’s pacemaker replacement is due we plan to have it done in Thailand.

Recently I had to go to my local dentist in California for a toothache. He looked at my records and commented that I hadn’t been in to see him for 4 years.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the only reason he was seeing me now because it was an emergency.

Rather than try to change the system, let’s let competition drive costs down.
As more and more people seek medical care overseas, Doctors, hospitals and drug manufacturers will have to bring down costs here in order to attract patients.

If they don’t, they’ll all have to fight over a shrinking pool of customers.

And insurance companies will love it because they won’t have to pay the outrageous medical bills for US medical care.

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Ah! I’m so glad this was poste| There is quite a bit of contradictary
info blogged about, this dispells, puts to rest
much of what I’ve heard.

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There is a unity lost between Governing Parties that is needed to help the people feel secure. The moral building block for Health Care.
To see the true Health Care Tax forum you must stop thinking in 3-D,This multi tax forum is against a $100 Trillion Dollar system.. …
To force pay into another system of failures within Health Care Insurance Groups.
This economy will not balance with this concept of a tax forum against the Health Care System. The issue of how to force pay into this system of Health Care may have worked but I am still troubled over the progressive tax forum within this Bill. It covers so many items and Countries that it only forces the system to adjust itself. In some areas, increases against the people and the troubled economy, and in other areas, less effects will be felt.
But this is my big problem, Government Officials seek help and they are to proud to ask us, “the true working force of Government.” It is understandable they have failed the People and within the United States Of America all we ask is to see us as who we are and not try to bring us into this world of the intellectual. I guess our Prime Directive is that of Star Trek, so it must be understood that for millions of people we are just as happy as can be making $13.00 per hour and we have no interest in this world of politics, and how to be a Enstine. Government Officials must understand that there is a level of people within different parts of this Country, that seek to be only that they find to make them happy.
As for this economy well, it is said that the U.S.A. Arms Division has created enough arsenal to destroy every last creature in the world 2 times over,built with tax dollars. This would be funny if not for the irony of it. And now as time has passed Government Officials keep failing. Before 9/11 all the way to today.
As it is in a world of a system, when employees continue to fail, one or two things happen, one; you get fired, two; if you see into a person a good, then it is political correct to implement a penalty or roll back in pay. But this implement of penalty is more favored in the course of action in the Federal Employment World. So how to fix the economy and unite it with the Health Care issue. It would be in the Countries best interest to implement a 10% per cent penalty against every State, County and Government Official within this Matrix of failures. Hey what is that old saying, what is good for the Goose is good for the Gander. I am serous about this, it is past due to show that our Government Officials they have failed, their system failure reaches into this world of warnings that they brush aside as if the information is not worthy noting. From Pearl Harbor to 9/11/2001 to 3/07/2010 of our tax system and Health Care Reform. This 10% per cent penalty should go into the Health Care Forum.
The big problem that Government Officials have is that they have no street credit. President Obama still has some but if he does not take his family and step away from these dueling Parties, that fight over this Health Care Dollar, and stand with Us he will lose all credit from the streets to the county.
President Obama, I would say to you, you have one last chance to regain the hopes and dreams of the American People. To reach out in a concept that states, if there is 250 million people in trouble because of these failures, I would give all my money to them and then I would say to all that I gave money to, “I have no money left, would you all please give me $1.00 back and then I would have $250. million dollars to start all over again.”

As for this $100,trillion dollar in site………….
Results 1 – 10 of about 685,000 for net worth of medicine development industry
Just to show how deep this Health Care Tax split petition reaches. The term split petition is used because of the Tax factor plan that is not seen because of the intent not to show a capital Taxing of close to a $100 trillion dollar package, a yearly system income, not profit…..

Some have stated that I clam to have spiritual in site or something of the sort. I assure you this is not true, so when I state that I asked God to help, it is my way of saying hey Bobby show me how to work on theses Chevy engines. But I do thank you for the consideration. Consider me a cross of Jethro Bodine from the Beverly Hill Billies with my 10th. Grade education and Vin Diesel from the move Pitch Black.
So drop on by and see page 100 at our site and follow the blue pill link

Health Care within a moral value, is to ,


Henry Massingale
FASC Concepts in and for Pay It Forward on google. yahoo, and
please take the time and visit all my new friends on the net and if you wish to post with FASC Concepts you will be most welcomed. So join us and share your ideas as one in one voice.

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Well Done! I Like it!

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Thank you for sharing this. Well done!

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You got a point there. I never thought about it that way.

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[…] James Pethokoukis Political Risk: An interesting view about healthcare reform and policy with an analysis of China’s concerns about how reform costs could impact the deficit. […]

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[…] James Pethokoukis » Blog Archive » China questions costs of U.S. … […]

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[…] that the USA will not meddle in other country’s foreign affairs, unless it’s Israel. Even China is wondering how the USA will pay for the new healthcare plan and massive debt since we&#… The CDC says that sex education works better than abstinence in preventing disease and pregnancy […]

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