How about some healthcare federalism?

November 17, 2009

From the astounding Arnold Kling:

The bill I would propose would be one that encourages experimentation at the state level. Offer to support an experiment that allows an individual state to adopt single-payer, while allowing another state to offer deregulated insurance and medical practice.

What is frustrating to me is that many people would agree that the Massachusetts health experiment failed, and yet that is the experiment that is being used as the model for the current bill. The original promise in Massachusetts was that by eliminating the “free-riding” of the uninsured and by setting up an efficient government insurance exchange, insurance costs would go down. Instead, insurance costs there soared.

The current health care bill is viewed skeptically by every reputable health care economist. My guess is that even someone like Peter Orszag, who obviously is not free to speak his mind, is somewhere between disappointed and appalled at what is coming down the pike.

It would make sense to try more state-level experiments before choosing a model for a national system.


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i am going to use this blog for the federalism part of my history project.

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How about giving credit for try it out in a few states idea to the originator. Or do you choke on the innovative and ahead of the pack ideas of Glenn Beck as so many “main stream” news commentators?

Posted by David White | Report as abusive

I am tired of this administration feeling like they have a blank check book that they can utilize whenever they feel the need to without accountability to the ones paying the bill…” The Taxpayers”

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