Dobbs, 2012 and the ghost of Perot

November 27, 2009

If former CNN anchorman Lou Dobbs decides to make an independent bid for president in 2012, he will probably find the political climate as hospitable for an insurgent run — if not more so — as it was in 1992, when Ross Perot captured a fifth of the popular vote. (It was the best showing by a third-party candidate since Bull Moose Teddy Roosevelt finished second with 27.4 percent of the vote in 1912.)

The dreary economic New Normal that is the aftermath of the Great Recession has created a huge political opening for Dobbs or Michael Bloomberg or Sarah Palin, or some other American with high visibility or deep pockets or both.

It was a slow-recovering economy and concern about big deficits that drove the Perot phenomenon. There’s a high probability both factors will be at play three years from now. The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities forecasts annual budget deficits to average $1.2 trillion over the next three years. And the Federal Reserve is forecasting a so-so economic expansion that will leave unemployment over 7 percent in 2012. Overall, the nation’s economic mood might be a lot worse than it was in 1992.

Then you have a populist, anti-Wall Street sentiment that neither Democrats nor Republicans have been able to capture successfully. The result is that party loyalties are frayed, with the tea party movement one manifestation. According to the Pew Research Center, 36 percent of Americans identify themselves as independents, the highest number since 1992. And they seem to be up for grabs. Barack Obama won 52 percent of the independent vote in 2008. But a recent poll by Rasmussen Reports shows Obama with a 61 percent disapproval rating among the group.

None of this means an independent would actually win. Rasmussen has Dobbs at 14 percent in a race with President Obama (42 percent) and Mitt Romney (34 percent.) With the more populist Palin replacing Romney, Dobbs gets 12 percent versus 44 percent for Obama and 37 percent for Palin.  Yet without Dobbs in the race, Romney is tied with Obama and Palin trails by just three. So an independent could, at the very least, radically alter the political landscape.

And not just for the GOP. Unhappiness about an escalation in the Afghanistan war and muddled healthcare reform could create a more liberal independent challenger. Take Howard Dean, for instance. The former Vermont governor and chairman of the Democratic National Committee has been ripping ObamaCare lately and says he would vote with Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an independent socialist, against it if he were a senator. And Dean sure knows how to use the Internet to raise money, as he showed in his 2004 run for the Democratic nomination.

But here is the bottom line: If the New Normal turns out to be worse than expected, with the GOP blamed for the original collapse and Democrats for a bungled remedy, an independent might accomplish much more than just being a spoiler.


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2012 will see a third party candidate, but I don’t think it will be Dobbs.It will be someone who comes out with less than 1 year out and who has deep pockets. The internet will make organizing around this candidate possible and allow for additional down-ticket possibilities.I don’t know who this person is yet. I don’t think they themself know yet.

Posted by Paul Thiel | Report as abusive

Any comparisons to Ross Perot are purely coincidental–the biggest difference being Perot was one of the wealthiest men in America (rated the 50th richest today with a net worth of $5,000,000,000.Ross invested $57,000,000 of his own money into his candidacy.Lou Dobbs? That’s a real tough sell. We’re not talking Rush Limbaugh, here.Jon Hunstsman? Like Romney he has money to burn; and as it is with Romney he’s a Mormon and that will be tough.Palin is sitting pretty right now; all she has to do is protect her lead and run out the clock.

Posted by John Carpenter | Report as abusive

Jim Gilchrist,who is a leader of more than a million Minuteman, Viet Nam vet with Purple Heart and other medals, charisma, well spoken, well known, been on turncoat Lou Dobbs Show, idiot Larry King Live Show and Fox News etc. retired accountant and nice guy. The fact that he is not a corrupt politician is gold. He will have the Minutemen,people who think like the Minutemen like us and the Vets behind him. He is a lot better than obama and the ones on the right by far for president.Lou Dobbs is a con artist with a hidden agenda for Money and Fame. Anyone who is really against amnesty and illegal has it in them like an arm or a leg. So he was never against amnesty and illegal from the beginning. Just the only way he could get Money and Fame. Schemer with illusions of Grandeur. Opportunist. Who is going to vote for him now other than his own family? That turncoat is a joke. The stunt he pulled would be like Rush coming out and saying he was really a Democrat. Dobbs stabbed his listeners in the back with really being for amnesty all these years for the money. But telling his audience he was against amnesty, illegal like them. Should be some kind of law against it.Palin is another one who is a schemer with illusions of grandeur. Opportunist. United the Republican base with religion and morals. She is copying bush’s strategy of using the fundies to be elected. After the fundies left the oval office bush and the Republicans made fun of them. How can these fundies be duped twice? But then the liberal left fundiea and left are duped by obama. Separation of Church and State. What is she going to do rule the country with the Bible instead of the Constitution? Well seeing as how she didn’t know what NAFTA was she doesn’t know the Constitution either. She left being governor of Alaska with how many? 50 ethic violations? She was against the poor polar bears etc when she was governor. Hypocrite hunts for the thrill of the kill. She is a big joke too.4th generation Democrat no longer and never again. There is no such thing as a Democrat today. My father’s Democratic Party when men were men and took care of their own, would never have been for illegal, foreign workers, amnesty, CAFTA, NAFTA, outsourcing, North American Unoin, NWO etc. like these so called Democrats today. The Democrats of today are just the opposite of my father’S Democratic Party, who were all for the Americans and US Made.

Posted by Darraugh | Report as abusive