The chart that keeps the WH econ team up at night

December 4, 2009

A nice jobs report. A long way to go, as this chart from Calculated Risk shows:



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Posted by bryan | Report as abusive

The Democrats are busily converting the US to a European style socialist economy. Such economies have a baseline unemployment rate of 10 to 15% overall, with a rate for recent high school and college graduates of 20 to 30%. So, rather than a recovery from our current 10% rate, we can expect it to become permanent, or even increase a little before becoming permanent.

Posted by Bob Sykes | Report as abusive

“keeps the WH econ team up at night..”

No, hardly. This is exactly the result the current rogue socialist administration continues to work toward. Specifically, a complete collape of the American economy and with it the ultimate ‘crisis’ by which Alinsky and Emmanuel may move their ultra radical reform of the society.

Posted by Rob | Report as abusive

The other obsolete political party. Health care is about controlling the population and winning elections.

Posted by Liberty Lover | Report as abusive

Writing as an interested observer outside America, I find this thread unbelievable. You voted these guys into power, remember? Overwhelmingly, too. You all bought into ‘change we can believe in’ and all the other rubbish spewed by the Dems. You allowed your dislike of Mr. Bush and Mr. McCain and Ms Palin to colour your vote last November. Now the reality of a radical-left administration in Washington is setting in and you aren’t too happy about it. What did you expect? I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

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