How Obama’s popularity will affect the midterm elections

January 7, 2010

The good folks at Public Opinion Strategies have an interesting analysis (in chart form!) of the impact of presidential approval ratings on congressional elections:



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Those taking part in the Congressional Elections must never forget for one fleeting moment that this President is going through the most difficult era in modern history caused by this financial breakdown. Back to basics : Vote with your conscience and not with what others feel. This is not the time to blame anyone or to use your votes to in a manner that can lead to adverse consequences. Vote wisely and give your support in the same way that so many Americans have done in putting Obama in the White House.

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Oh ple-e-z Loo. Have you read Liberal Taibbi’s Obama’s Big Sell Out? He is owned by bank interests.

Regardless of party, ANYONE who voted for TARP and all that other useless crap has go to GO.

This is not about partisanship its about the select few getting richer (Goldman Sachs was Obama’s 3rd largest donor), while crumbs get thrown to everyone else in an effort to anesthetize them until American Idol.

Wake up people!

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Come on November! Hurry!

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One thing that happens every election year that a republican is the president the democrats and the media will talk the economy down so that the democrats will win the election. It is effective. This time the democrats got caught. We elected a socialist who programs make the economy worse.

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I hope we don’t go back to the poliburo and fascist regime of the party of NO. GW promised no deficits and Tom Delay and Knute agreed. Corruption and greed drove the previous regime. Cheney and Haliburton nationalized a single company to ensure he and his family got Billions of federal dolls. The deficit came in at a whopping 12.4 Trillion $$$ when they started with a surplus. Yeah, lets bring back the GOP and fix this country, maybe they will give out another $800 check to taxpayers to stimulate the economy while allowing the top 5% to get bonuses in the billions. That’s what Americans want. Socialism in its corrupted perfection.

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Oh god — the Cheney and Halliburton legend is still being dug up from the mud! You don’t even need to go there anymore — just say “it’s Bush’s fault!” It’s just as much a lie as the Cheney/Halliburton BS, and sounds just as ignorant, but it’s much easier to say. You don’t think that greed and corruption drives THIS administration, too?! Wake up! It’s more about greed and corruption — and unbridled power grabbing — than the previous administration ever was. Bush can teach Obama nothing about greed and arrogance, but he could probably teach him a lot about humility, honor, class…well, I could go on, but why? You won’t listen. If the overt behavior of this Obama administration hasn’t already made it clear to you that they are incompetent, negligent, and in over their heads — and, thus, very dangerous — then my words won’t accomplish that either. Instead, you can just watch their incompetence on C-Span! Or, uh, maybe not.

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I am happy with Obama. We voted for a President that would do the right thing and bring change to the country and he did. “Change” is bitter medicine that this country needs. Get used to it folks. I rather have a president that will stand up for what’s right then a bunch of inbred conservative that thinks the middle east is some where near Iowa.

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