Bernanke could be latest victim of Massachusetts Miracle

January 22, 2010

It seems that support for the renomination of Ben Bernanke is falling by the day, says ABC News. Liberals in Congress want him gone. Then again, they want pretty much the whole Obama economic team gone. But Geithner and Summers aren’t up for a Senate vote. Bernanke is. And if Dems start bailing, don’t expect Republicans to save him. No politician in America gains anything by voting for Bernanke. A “no” vote is a free vote. Wall Street still loves him, though. Geithner, too.

UPDATE: Count Russ Feingold of Wisconsin as a “no” vote.

UPDATE 2: Boxer of California , too

UPDATE 3:  Nevada’s Reid is non-committal

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Unfortnately, you are wrong about no one liking Greenspan. The fools at Time magazine like him. All the bankers, other Fed officials and bankers who never saw the crash comming like him. Almost all the hacks on CNBC, and all the bankers and businessman that benefited from the bailouts whom they interview, like him.

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[…] Pethokoukis of Reuters explained the situation in these terms: Liberals in Congress want him gone.  Then again, they want pretty much the whole Obama economic […]

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