Yup, the Senate may be in play

January 25, 2010

New polling by Rasmussen shows Evan Bayh in danger. Remember, one of the big impacts of the Scott Brown victory was a boost to recruitment. RealClearPolitics has the details:

Indiana Rep. Mike Pence (R) leads Sen. Evan Bayh (D) by 3 points, according to a new Rasmussen poll. Pence, the third ranking Republican in the House, is considering a Senate bid but hasn’t indicated publicly which way he is leaning.

Bayh leads two other Republicans, ex-congressman John Hostettler and State Sen. Marlin Stutzman, but still polled below 50% — not a good sign for an incumbent.

Bayh 44 – Pence 47

Bayh 44 – Hostettler 41

Bayh 45 – Stutzman 33

UPDATE: It now looks like Beau Biden isn’t going to run in Delaware. With Mike Castle in for the GOP, there is a good chance of a Republican pickup of Veep Biden’s old seat.

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If a State Senator with youthful vigor and grassroots determination can win in Massachusetts, I think State Senator Marlin Stutzman can defeat Bayh in Indiana as he displays those same characteristics. Hostettler got in too late and is too bland to woo the independents. Behney uses too much rhetoric. And Bates seems a little too slick. They’re all good conservatives, but Marlin is a common sense conservative, who has a proven record.

After meeting State Senator Stutzman at a local event, I’m convinced about him and I signed up at http://GoMarlin.com/team51.aspx to donate $20 and volunteer.

You should, too.

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