Larry Kudlow and Barack Obama

January 27, 2010

I will not read a more entertaining column all year. Mr. Kudlow paints a picture:

Now, sir, let’s join hands, you and me, and go for a full-throated spending and debt limitation approach that will last not three years, but many decades to come. It will keep us out of bankruptcy, re-balance our books and promote growth.

And, sir, let’s you and I visit with Sen. Scott Brown, sit down and watch his ad of President John F. Kennedy talking about the need to grow the economy and create new private jobs by slashing marginal tax rates across-the-board for all families and all businesses. No class warfare. Together, we’ll show the stock market what pro-growth really means.

And then sir, let’s you and I visit with beleaguered Ben Bernanke. Let’s tell him to stop covering up bailout nation. Put all that behind us. Instead, Mr. Bernanke should be defending the value of King Dollar to give American families more consumer spending power in their pocketbooks. Now that will get the stock market’s attention.

I want to welcome you sir, with open arms, back to the free market supply-side capitalist camp. It’s just what we talked about at George Will’s house in Washington a year ago when you had dinner with a few of us.


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Larry is still the best – but I ain’t holding my breath. Nobama’s biggest problem, aside from his incompetence, is his enormous self-regard, better known as narcissism. These types consider themselves perfect, and THAT isn’t about to change.

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There will never be any voluntary reduction of spending by the Federal government. There are too many who rely for this spending as their livelihood. There are only two solutions: (1) default by the Federal government, or (2) hyperinflation. In reality, these are the only solutions and both will cause a polar shift in both the political and social realm. I am not a fatalist but I don’t think there is any way out. Marc Faber said it best, “we are doomed, we are all doomed”.

Posted by Free Texas in 2012 | Report as abusive

Ditto! No real change until we reach a crisis. Unfortunately, it’s “the people” who will pay the price for what these fools have done to us.

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