Illinois Senate race … meh

February 3, 2010

Illinois voters are not too thrilled with their choices for US Senate, according to Public Policy Polling:

I think one of the most striking things about last night’s Illinois primary results for Senate is how poorly both Alexi Giannoulias and Mark Kirk closed.

In the December Chicago Tribune poll Giannoulias was at 31%, followed by Cheryle Jackson at 17%, and David Hoffman with 9%. There were 35% undecided. Giannoulias ended up with 39% to 34% for Hoffman and 20% for Jackson. That suggests that over the final seven weeks of the campaign Hoffman picked up more than 70% of those who had been undecided to 23% for Giannoulias and less than 10% for Jackson. Not too impressive and you have to wonder how far Hoffman’s momentum would have carried him if he’d had another week or two.

Kirk didn’t do all that well as the campaign heated up either though. In that December survey he had 41% to 3% for Patrick Hughes and a total of 10% for the variety of lower tier candidates in the race. Based on the final results he appears to have picked up about 37% of the undecideds from that point on to 35% for Hughes and 28% for the assortment of less serious candidates. Given how little money any of his opponents were spending that’s not too impressive.


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Everyone looking for a Scott Brown effect in Illinois will be disappointed. With the ridiculously early primary date the candidates were set long ago and they are the usual suspects with the exception of Adam Andrzejewski in the Governor’s GOP primary (he grabbed about 15%-not bad for a rookie / outsider).

Mark Kirk infuriated conservatives (and anyone paying attention) with his vote (just one of 8 from the GOP)for “cap and trade” but his closest competitor, Pat Hughes was not able to generate any buzz. Some think Kirk is the kind of moderate Republican who can grab independent votes. Maybe so. But he is also the kind of liberal RINO that will embarrass the GOP with mushy thinking and unprincipled votes.

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There is usually little for me to disagree with in James’ postings but the “meh” thing really is more than a bit strange. With over 99% of the vote counted in the IL US senate Republican race Mark Kirk leads a field of six candidates with 57% of the vote. I guess I am a little curious what would have been “non-‘meh\'” in your view? Polls released today also show Kirk beating his democrat opponent. By the numbers this poll shows that he has significant support from independents and even democrats in IL who are fed up with single party rule.

Illinois is not exactly a red state and Kirk will run on his true record as a Fiscal Conservative, social moderate, and National Security hawk. That is the recipe needed in order to keep Illinois from having a junior senator named Giannoulias in November. That would be a disaster not just for IL but for the country.

The democrats will do everything in their power to rabble rouse and use astroturfing to push the RINO label onto Kirk as a way to undermine him and to disaffect conservatives so that they don’t go to the polls. I beg American conservatives, right leaning blogs, and the national media to be wary of this back door sleaze. You all trusted the voters of MA to take care of business. Please now trust the people of IL to do it, too in Nov. Kirk can win and we all need him to win.

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OK. Since when did a senator have any jurisdiction in the running of a state. Kirk is running as a senator in the federal government. That has nothing to do with the “one party rule” you are referring to.

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If you haven’t been, pay attention to Conservative Independent candidate Robert Zadek…he can relate realistically to todays problems and has some solid fiscal ideas. Check it out at

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Robert Zadek is the only option to the Status Qou.

Robert Zadek has worked with Ron Reagen, Henry Kissinger, has work form Warren Buffets office to solve a London Metals bankruptcy. Robert is also the only Independent Conservative for Illinois.

The Status Quo Robert Zadek

For Abortion Against Abortion
Against Guns For Guns
Career Politian Experienced Businessman For Cap and Trade Against Cap and Trade
For amnesty Illegal means Illegal
Raising taxes Flat Tax

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