James Pethokoukis

The Volcker Rule: It’s not happening

February 16, 2010

A few points:

1) The much-hyped Volcker Rule proposal is failing fast in the U.S. Congress. But Paul Volcker himself probably isn’t that surprised. The former Federal Reserve chairman joked he was “just a photo op” even after President Barack Obama’s public embrace of his proposal to limit bank proprietary trading. More evidence that the moment for sweeping reform has probably passed.

Nuclear power and crony capitalism

February 16, 2010

Give the POTUS some credit for proposing something, anything on domestic policy that is certain to irk his base. Reuters:

Bayh’s good-bye

February 16, 2010

A few thoughts on Evan Bayh’s stunning retirement announcement:

1) It helps move the prospect of a GOP Senate takeover from a fringe idea to consensus. Not there yet, but getting there.