15 healthcare winners and losers, in a phrase

March 22, 2010

1. Obama the Democrat. Achievement of 50-year Dem goal means no 2012 nomination challenge. W

2. Obama the Centrist. Not with an all-Dem bill that has upside-down approval ratings.L

3. Big Pharma. No Canadian drugs, plus they get more generic biotech protection. W

4. Big Insurance. Loads of new regulations plus wimpy mandate that means new customers might not show. L

5. Treasury holders. Tax hikes and spending cuts for coverage expansion rather than Medicare solvency. L

6. 2010 GOP. Loss ensures motivated base for midterms. W

7.Supreme Court. May have to decide constitutionality of politically explosive individual mandate. L

8. Rep. Paul Ryan. Confrontation with Obama cranks up profile. W

9. Majority Leader Steny Hoyer.Speaker Nancy Pelosi not going anywhere, even if a big November loss. L

10. Mitt Romney. Anger over Obamacare could seep into RomneyCare. L

11. Mitt Romney. Expertise in healthcare could boost him in 2012. W

12. Investors. Overall, cap gains taxrates are rising 60 percent. L

13. Government workers. Uncle Sam is going to lots need more to administer this. W

14. Federalism. Top-down health mandate that some states may not be able to afford. L

15. China. More pressure to enhance its own safety net to boost consumption. W (for US, at least)


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As usual, right on Jim.

Posted by Kirby Wilbur | Report as abusive

16. American public becomes slaves of the state.L

Posted by ahem | Report as abusive

Romney is toast and rightfully so. Passage of Massacare shows abysmally bad judgment. Let’s go for better candidates.

Posted by Pat Duggan | Report as abusive