Yup, America hates Big Anything

March 25, 2010

A new poll shows Americans hate Wall Street. Of course, bankers are never popular. But maybe never less so than right now. Yet polls also show Americans cynical about Big Anything — Big Money, Big Business, Big Government. As Sen. John McCain likes to say, the approval ratings of Congress are so low, its only supporters must be paid staffers and blood relatives.

That helps explains why the nation has not been flocking to government-created solutions such as the stimulus plan and healthcare reform. This isn’t a time when Americans are shifting from believing in markets to believing in government. It’s a time when the last remaining shred of faith in the country’s elite is quickly eroding.


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Headlines about record Wall Street bonuses sets the rest of America off and rightly so. My brother pulls down about $1 million per year as a lawyer in NJ and he constantly gripes about other people who have more money than him. I make 1/10 of that if I’m lucky and I don’t gripe nearly as much

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James, you are only half right. Yes people hate BIG-whatever because they are not part of it. On the other hand the BIGS have a responsibility to shareholders; scrutinized every quarter. You have to get bigger all the time to deliver or you are in trouble. See, you have to have your cake and eat it, buddy.

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Having read referenced article, the word “hate” doesn’t appear anywhere.

People now despise Wall Street, however. They express disdain for whomever they think put it in the sewer-like condition it’s in today. This much is true: numbers don’t have to lie, nor do news articles, and Big Business ought to have better things to do than fudge numbers – or peripheral credibility crises – in the serial pursuit of untruthfulness.

Folks partial, possibly in service, to those at the top seem dead set on acting surprised that it’s come to this degree of polarization. What else is new?

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doctorjay, Well whoever is doing the “scrutinizing” should be fired because they failed miserably.

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Wall street is second.

Congress and the White House are the lowest.

The Soviets proved unquestionably that big central government doesn’t work. Why are they imitating them?

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I beg to differ, the US loves huge arsenals of weapons, nukes, oil, junk food, health care, extravaganza’s and last, but not least, its massive stock of flags.

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