James Pethokoukis

SEC tries to ride Goldman back to credibility

April 16, 2010

Can the Securities and Exchange Commission ride Goldman Sachs back to credibility? Perhaps, but it will take more than one high-profile lawsuit to restore the reputation of America’s top financial cop. L’Affaire Madoff was pretty close to a brand killer. But the move is powerful evidence — and warning — that the agency is out of the doughnut shop and back on the beat.

Obama’s SEC war against Goldman Sachs

April 16, 2010

A few thoughts on the SEC charges against Goldman Sachs:

1) Goldman Sachs gave the Obama campaign $994k during the 2008 election, his biggest donor. Doesn’t this undercut the theory just a bit that Washington is under the thumb of Wall Street?Even a tiny bit? (No, say Simon Johnson and James Kwak.)

5 reasons why the Tea Partiers are right on taxes

April 16, 2010

Here is the new Washington Consensus: American taxes must be raised dramatically to deal with exploding federal debt since spending can’t/shouldn’t be cut. Only the rubes and radicals of the Tea Party and their Contract from America movement think otherwise. And don’t worry, the economy will be just fine.