James Pethokoukis

Liberals hit Senate financial reform bill

April 20, 2010

As HuffPo puts it:

A coalition of former regulators, left-leaning economists and Democratic insiders have slammed the Senate’s version of regulatory reform in a letter to the parties’ two leaders, warning that the current bill won’t prevent a future financial crisis.

Why we shouldn’t break up the big banks

April 20, 2010

Tyler Cowen gives it his best shot and ends with this recommendation:

If you do wish to break or limit the power of the major banks, running a balanced budget is probably the most important step we could take. It would mean that our government no longer needs to worry so much about financing its activities. Of course such an outcome is distant these days, mostly because American voters love both high government spending and relatively low taxes.

3 TBTF loopholes in the Dodd bill

April 20, 2010

The wonderful Nicole Gelinas explains why she does not think the Dodd bill ends TBTF (as outlined by me):