Kudlow: Profits today, politics tomorrow

April 28, 2010

The Great One opines thusly:

To be perfectly honest here, as much as I love to dig into all the money-politics issues — including the financial-reform bill — I’m much more interested in these big profits and capital gains. This V-shaped recovery is the most important item on my radar screen. It’s the single-biggest investor issue out there right now. I don’t think the bull market in stocks is over yet. Again, regarding taxes and regulations, I’ll warn about next year. But frankly, I think the prosperity theme is issue number one.


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After my some special insight on day today American financial systems,ideas,opinions and government sayings on these subjects, made me to think that,lot of confusions,mis match of ideas,policy makers and policy planners, Americans attitude towards economic problems,no proper suggestions were made for corrections and bring for immediate radical changes to put her economic in order.
In this article, some silver lining words had appeared after very long spell.
Yes. we shall bring some profits for getting some immediate hopes to investors and concerned sections, then, we will think what to do next for robust economy for Americans and to general.

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I believe Arthur Laffer is correct, the US economy will collapse at some point in the future. There is nothing on the horizon that bodes well for economic recovery or any kind of a boom. With deficits out of control and taxation on the rise, it is just a matter of time until we forced to realize the fact that we are insolvent, bankrupt. Just because we can print our own currency and rely of foreigners to buy our useless bonds, does not eras the fact that are economy is nothing but the largest ponzi scheme in history!

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