James Pethokoukis

Obama should be pro-market, not pro-business

July 21, 2010

Should the Obamacrats be friendlier to Corporate America? Big Business has certainly amped up its kvetching of late. But it’s not Washington’s job to be pro-business and make nice with CEOs. That smells of crony capitalism and often just means rewarding big campaign contributors with government favors. The better measure of any given Washington policy is whether it respects markets.

Just how high would taxes need to go?

July 20, 2010

To reiterate, higher taxes are not the answer to deficit problem (via the Tax Foundation):

ECB study casts doubt on wisdom of more stimulus

July 20, 2010

The EU’s central bank argues against spending more government cash (via taxpayers) to boost economies:

New U.S. budget chief is nod to markets

July 13, 2010

After spending all year reforming Wall Street, it now looks like President Barack Obama wants to reassure it. At the very least Jacob Lew, the newly nominated White House budget chief, reminds investors of better days. The last time he had the job, the budget was in surplus. And as an ex-Citigroup executive, he brings needed real-world experience to Obama’s team. But while the fiscal stakes are high, his profile probably won’t be.

VAT Attack! Will business go for it?

July 12, 2010

This WSJ story implies Big Business would accept a value-added tax for several reasons:

Christie’s moment of fiscal opportunity

July 12, 2010

The end of this NYTimes piece on N.J. Gov. Chris Christie sums up why Uncle Sam should not bail out the states:

Help wanted: U.S. über-bank regulator

July 9, 2010

Washington, D.C.-based institution seeks new leadership after near-brush with death and potential future of irrelevance. Strong executive skills required to manage merger with failed rival. Banking and regulatory experience are essential. Must love consumers. Lobbyists, academics need not apply.

Raise taxes by $751 billion to save $19 billion

July 8, 2010

Kevin Williamson of National Review doesn’t think much of the CBO report that finds a climate change bill would reduce the deficit by $19 billion:

A pro-growth Fed?

July 8, 2010

Washington continues to twist itself into knots over what to do about the weak economy. Congress can’t bring itself to spend anymore taxpayer dough on “stimulus.” So now it’s the Fed’s turn, apparently (via the WaPo):

Obama vs. business

July 8, 2010

Does this sound to you like the Obama administration takes seriously the concerns of American business that its economic policies are hurting the private sector? Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner on CNBC’s Kudlow Report: