Dems want to use trade as a political weapon

October 6, 2010

Here is what James Carville and Stan Greenberg want Democrats to say about trade to voters (Via Sean Higgins at Investor’s Business Daily:

My passion is “made in America,” working to support small businesses, American companies and new American industries. (REPUBLICAN HOUSE CANDIDATE) has pledged to support the free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea and protect the loophole for companies outsourcing American jobs. I have a different approach to give tax breaks for small businesses that hire workers and give tax subsidies for companies that create jobs right here in America.


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James Carville and Stan Greenberg? Aren’t those the guys who owe whatever celebrity they may have to their work with Bill Clinton — the Democrat who rescued his party from the Hollings/Gephardt protectionists?

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[…] Dems want t&#959 &#965&#1109&#1077 trade &#1072&#1109 a biased stickReuters Blogs (blog)… pledged t&#959 support th&#1077 free trade agreements including Colombia, Panama, &#1072nd South Korea &#1072nd protect th&#1077 loophole f&#959r companies outsourcing American jobs. …&#1072nd more » […]

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And your point is?

The issue right now is that the advancement of “free trade” as you call is depends on an even playing field and we are not on the field and will never be on that field if we don’t see China value the Yuan properly.

Free trade means I get to trade into your country without recourse as you get to trade into my country and it depends on an equal valuation of the monies of the economies you are trading in and out of.

This is NOT the case. What is happening is we are opening up the doors for technological sweatshops in foreign countries at the cost of jobs here in America.

Prove to me that we will EVER get 15 million jobs back in the US and I will support your version of world trade. Until then, it’s an economic theorists fairytale that is only lining the pockets of major corporations and the politicians that support them.

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As I wrote the other day, the Democrats care not a whit about tax policies or trade policies or whatever. For the present it is all about appealing to their ill-informed blue collar union base with a lot of anti-free trade rubbish. Unfortunately, there is a lot more to come.

P.S. This Carville guy was last seen shrieking hysterically on the tube in the wake of last spring’s BP oil spill. Is he really the kinda guy from whom you want to seek advice?

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