Obama’s sinking polls

October 6, 2010

Presidential approval ratings are hugely influential in congressional midterms. Unfortunately for Democrats:



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Most people were eager to give 0bama the benefit of the doubt when he walked into the Oval Office. As time went by and people saw what an inept executive he is and how low his IQ really is and how he handled his job fewer liked him.
How can anyone approve of the job of a man who admits to shirking his duty and signed bills into law without even reading them and admitting later he was shocked to discover the provisions of the bill he signed?
The better poll question would be ” How likely is it that 0bama can lead us?” and for that he would get very low marks.
It is my hope that third party candidates can prevail in enough elections so that the D&R gang can’t keep playing people against each other. It is time to stop this madness and elect Libertarians or others who will actually read and understand legislation PRIOR to voting on it.

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I am not surprised!

I sent to Mr. Obama 14 registered letters asking him to put Hydrologists in the Patenting System to judge Hydrology avoiding my ‘scientific discovery’ US pat 6,766,817 be violated by flawed patents that even do not work. So far I got no answer.

A drunken teenager sent him an email cursing him and the next day FBI knocks his door and expel the student from the country for good.

Hydrology is being neglected in the US and that well spilling oil could have been clogged in few hours if instead of using golf balls and shredded tires in the ‘junk shot’ it were used high density sinking geometry. I was an upward bubbling flow against gravity moving at 2-3 cm/s.

He also assigned Dr. Regina Benjamin as General Surgeon which is 42 lbs overweight to lead Americans to fight against obesity.

His support is simply falling because he is failing on his leadership.

How hard is for a leader to understand that Health staff need to be healthy and that Hydrology needs to be addressed by Hydrologists and the worst oil spill in the US is a consequence of neglecting a science called HYDROLOGY.

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