Obama’s Great Miscalculation and the midterms

November 2, 2010

Republican pollster Steve Lombardo nails it with this piece of analysis (via The Daily Caller):

1)     Democrats are in this situation mainly because of voter dissatisfaction with President Obama. This election is a referendum on Obama and his policies. While the economy is an enormous part of this equation (we will get to that next), people — and by that we mean swing voters: independents and “soft” Republicans and Democrats — voted for Obama because they thought he was a “different” kind of politician who would bring about “change.” As it turns out, he’s pretty much a conventional, big government, left-of-center politician. And he’s governed accordingly. There’s nothing wrong with that, but that’s not what people thought they were getting. According to the latest NBC/WSJ poll, only 32% of self-identified independents approve of the job Obama is doing, and his job approval among moderates is at 49% (this is lower than in past NBC/WSJ polls). A recent New York Times/CBS poll also makes clear the depth of this disillusionment. Among the voting segments that are currently “disappointed” with the Obama presidency: older voters (63% disappointed), college grads (60%), and those earning $30,000 to $50,000 (57%). Even 52% of voters aged 18-29 are disappointed with Obama.

2)     Our sense is that the administration and the president dramatically misread the economic downturn and its effect on the electorate. It is not just that the economy is bad, it is that Obama and his team gave little impression that they were trying to fix it. Look, we know they faced a huge challenge and were trying to cushion the downturn, but the focus on health care reform —combined with the poor reaction to the Gulf oil spill and other ambitious policy initiatives (the stimulus package, cap and trade, etc.) — created a muddled narrative. While the economy is what it is, perception is reality, and by focusing on other things the president looked out of touch and arrogant. At this point, “hope and change” is to Obama what “Mission Accomplished” was to George W. Bush. If you promise “hope and change” — the implication being that things will get better — and things, in fact, get worse, you get punished, and that is what will happen today.  The problem for the president is that the economic situation is abysmal and no amount of saying that things are “improving” can change that.

Me: I would also add that it is not just the perception of Obama’s policies that is hurting Democrats, but the policies themselves: a) the stimulus was poorly designed; b) healthcare, FinReg and the fate of the Bush tax cuts created vast uncertainty; and c) all the badmouthing of business created a bad vibe about where Obama’s head was at.


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I would add as well that, had the economy NOT been in a mess, it’s likely Mr. Obama would not only never have been elected; he would never have been nominated by the Democrats in the first place. Hilary Clinton would have gotten the nod and Mr. Obama, with his stunning lack of experience, would have been sent back to the minors for some further seasoning, so to speak. Ms. Clinton would have been a good president too and, given her low profile during this whole mid-term debacle, perhaps she’s discreetly putting some distance between herself and the hapless Mr. Obama.

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High expectations, thats the killer that will take Obama, all he had was communication skills, his charm and charisma, when it comes to economics, its not easy even though you know sociology, political science and if you can make econometric models, how robust is your soultion, where are your spends? where are you injecting stimulus money.
it was easy to punish republicans by not voting for them for loosing your job, does that mean someone can create jobs? the choice is between the devil and the dead sea now.

Why is American government responsible for all oil spills in the whole world, cleaning up is international responsibility, why is’nt China spending enough money on its spills then? why can’t the international community question China?

Arvind Pereira

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