James Pethokoukis

Now it’s the Domenici-Rivlin plan to cut the deficit

November 17, 2010

Alice Rivlin (who is on the Obama deficit commission) and former Senator Peter Domenici have cooked up their own plan to restore America’s long-term fiscal solvency. But first, a chart from the plan itself that says a lot:

Will Roger Altman replace Larry Summers?

November 17, 2010

The latest buzz is that investment banker and former Deputy Treasury Secretary Roger Altman is the likely choice to replace Larry Summers as director of the National Economic Council.  A few thoughts:

Republicans grudgingly refuse pork with their tea

November 17, 2010

Zero pork is good for hawks. The grudging decision by U.S. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell to back a voluntary ban on earmarked funding for pet local projects is a win for his party’s Tea Party faction. But deficit worriers of all political stripes should welcome it, too. Financial pork may “only” cost some $17 billion a year, but it invites undisciplined spending.