Beyond tax cuts

November 22, 2010

Nick Schulz says Republicans need a broader policy portfolio than lower taxes and less spending:

Too often discussions of growth are overly abstract or narrow.  They tend to focus on a few policy prescriptions such as tax cuts or trade or education. These are important. But the discussion about growth is strangely detached from the particular and unique characteristics of the United States. Any serious growth strategy should acknowledge and leverage America’s attributes and advantages.

Nick then goes on to praise Joel Kotkin and his “continental strategy” for growth, which — best I can tell — centers around more infrastructure spending. But what is the free market way of approaching this so it does not turn into a supersized version of Boston’s Big Dig — build and privatize?


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Beyond tax cuts are big spending cuts, like it or not! We spend $4Billion/day in deficit dollars now (every day 365) and a $4 Billion PER YEAR Fed pay freeze won’t even slow the bleeding! Also, placing a bet on some sort of Madoff model of growth to bail us out at the 12th hour is dangerous! If states were balancing budgets and we didn’t have tens of TRILLIONs in national debt we could spend our way out of this in a hurry! Not now, too many working in gov/retired from/living off government (50%+) and too much debt and too little will to change! Asking what your country can do for you will only make things worse folks! Time for change alright! Let’s not wait until there’s violent civil unrest on every street coner!

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Possible solutions: speed up the patent process and spur innovation/jobs, split many government jobs into 2 and increase productivity and jobs, consider a flat/fair tax because of widspread tax evasion, pay public employees less than the private sector insteaad of much more and tax the heck out of booze, gambing and porn-the industries we could never tax enough to pay for the social ills they create!

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Roll the tax rates back to what they were in 1999, end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and trim the defense budget and you have a balanced budget or even a surplus. Keep in mind that the economy created better than 20 million jobs when the tax rates were at these level.

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