Sarah Palin’s huge 2012 move: She endorses Paul Ryan’s ‘Roadmap’

December 10, 2010

With one op-ed piece in the WSJ, Sarah Palin has made a lasting impact on the dynamic of the upcoming Republican presidential race — even if she doesn’t run. (Though I think she will.) By strongly endorsing Rep. Paul Ryan’s outstanding Roadmap for America’s Future, Palin has set a floor for how radical and sweeping an agenda the 2012 candidates can offer. Anyone offering less will look timid and inconsequential and most un-Tea Party-esque. One of the big knocks against Ryan’s plan is that few of his colleagues are supporting it. Now the most high-profile Republican in America has given it her seal of approval. The Ryan Roadmap is quickly becoming the de facto GOP economic platform.  And if Palin does decide to run, she immediately starts out with  a specific and coherent agenda.  Candidates beware: Bullet points and platitudes aren’t going to cut it.


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but can she explain said coherent agenda coherently? Like why she prefers a business VAT versus a reformed corporate income tax? Of course not…she doesn’t have a prayer in a general election and only a divided primary can get her the nomination. Her support is based on cultural conservative identification with her. We need a serious candidate like Daniels or Romney (ignoring his HC law problems).

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But can you seriously discuss “said coherent agenda coherently?” of how in the world Romney can win the 2012 election “ignoring his HC law problems”?

That phrase right there is 1,000 times more ignorant than anything Palin has ever said or written.

2012 is ALL ABOUT repealing Obamacare, which is the Son of Romneycare.

You know NOTHING about her, nor do you want to find out.

You clearly have not read this WSJ editorial, nor her Facebook note on Monday of this week about state bailouts. Or any of her other in-depth policy statements. Such as “The Way Forward,” which was published at two days after the November election.

Do some homework.

Your ignorance is showing, not hers.

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This is an interesting thread.

I linked to the WSJ article in question (helpfully supplied by Mr. P) and it seemed sensible enough. My paper here in Toronto recently ran an excerpt from Ms. Palin’s forthcoming book and, again, what I read made a lot of sense. Furthermore, I don’t doubt that these other policy pronouncements on Facebook and elsewhere – which I haven’t read – again make a lot of sense. On top of all this, I like Sarah Palin and always have, and I especially like the classic conservatism she espouses but, really, I just cannot shake the suspicion that all these writings have been ghosted. Please convince me that I’m mistaken.

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TinyOne sure is tiny alright. Gov Palin did a fine job of getting control of Alaska’s finances and can do the same for the country. Associating herself with Ryan is a feather in her cap and shows she gravitates to other smart people.
Run Sarah Run!

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Paul Ryan is the first straight shooter that I’ve seen from Congress. His Road Map for America is exactly what this country needs to move it back from the oh so close tipping point for dependency on government and restart the mighty engines of free enterprise. Please read his plan and support it. Let’s get Ryan on the ticket for 2012!

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First, is there anyone else you’re convinced is ghosted? Mitt? Huck? Daniels? Pawlenty? etc.?

It’s important to know that, because if there is no one else for whom your default position is that they must be ghosted, then there’s probably no convincing you that Palin is not.

But in case you really are open to being convinced of something you really should not have to be, read this cover story from the NYT magazine a few Sundays ago: ne/21palin-t.html?_r=3&pagewanted=1

There’s also the fact that she didn’t try to hide that Lynn Vincent helped her with Going Rogue … and yet no one was announced as helping her with America By Heart.

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Gotthardbahn, I’d like to offer some support for your, “ghosted,” theory. All you need to do is watch her at any time that she is interviewed unscripted, live, and asked to offer any sort of in-depth response. She is completely incapable. Ms. Palin is a mental lightweight. I refer you back to her infamous interview with Kati Couric. She couldn’t name a magazine or newspaper or journal. She knew nothing about our Supreme Court. This is not old hat. To this day, she has not progressed much at all. She simply spews out her talking points and sticks to a memorized position base. The woman is incompetent when it comes to formulating a thoughtful response, demonstrating independent thinking. I agree with TinyOne. I do not believe she can, “explain said coherent agenda coherently.” She needed to compose an image suggesting that she understands, “Today’s Major Domestic Challenges.” So, her handlers instilled her with Mr. Ryan’s roadmap and, voila, she becomes an academic! Her winks and, “thingy,” things are the sum of her substance. You betcha, Gotthardbahn – a ghost is a certainly the limit of her presence.

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And the winners are TinyOne, Gotthardbahn, and MtCDoc1. Well said, guys.

As a lifelong political conservative and now Tea Party supporter, I believe that Sarah Palin is a genuine “disaster waiting to happen.” I only hope that her windfall celebrity book and TV money is enough to keep Sarah and her trailer-trash family fat, happy, contented, and away from the Republican primaries.

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jca, all the earmarks of a troll, you are a conservative the way I am a liberal, not hardly. No one believes all these I am a so and so, its so obvious your true feelings and motives. There is no end to the duplicity and misdirection your are will to swill. The choir of Sarah is deaf to your pleadings, have another hot pocket that your mom brought down to you in the basement.

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The woman does not deserve one bit of attention until she does an REAL interview in real life..not via twitter.
We call her the “twitter quitter” at my house. Perfectly apt if you ask me.

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The Palin phenomenon will burn out soon enough of its own accord. Reality show overexposure has already proved to be her undoing. She portrayed herself as a serious gun enthusiast in the past, but footage of her shooting a caribou recently proves that she is only a poseur who possesses merely nominal experience with firearms. Not to mention the fact that she quit her executive office mid-term!

Anyone who hitches their star to Sarah Palin is politically doomed in the long run, although they may get a short-term boost out of it. I voted for George W. Bush in 2000. I voted in neither of the two most recent elections, because each time, I couldn’t determine which of the two candidates was the lesser of two evils. These are my opinions, and for the record, I am fiscally conservative, but socially liberal. That puts me out of step with mainstream Republicans, who are socially conservative, but too willing to tolerate policies that are fiscally liberal.

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In no sense of the word “Qualified” is she. It’s ridiculous.

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James, I have a question for you but can’t find your email address, what’s the best way to reach you?

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Wow, a small write up about Sarah Palin putting forth one more policy statement and people’s heads explode eh? Love it. Thanks James heard you on Tammy Bruce yesterday – Great stuff!
If Sarah is so unelectable and unqualified – then pull up your ‘depends’ boys and girls and run against her, showing her lack of depth and inexperience. End of story. Don’t see it happening so far. Just a bucnh of Carl Rove, Chris Christie, naysayers. So? Soooo….? WHERE’s THE BEEF? Where’s Casey? Who’ll step up to bat? Any principled foes? I’m waiting…. my God, my God, where’s the forum for debate gone? No One wants to step in the RING. Name calling Little Rascals can’t STAND Darla getting in the ‘boyz only’ clubhouse. My vote’s for SP. No doubt. She speaks my language. Freedom.

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At every turn Sarah Palin supporters shows how uneducated and gullible the electorate of America is. At best Mrs. Palin is a parrot; at worst she is a totally unethical hypocrit – almost a kinder, prettier version of Rush Limbaugh. If she is the best the republicans can offer in 2012, than I sumbit you all should be looking ahead to 2016…

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I don’t understand how anyone can support a woman who decided that victims of rape MUST buy their own rape kits. That just adds insult to an already demeaning injury. Not to mention her hatred of Europeans for being, well, European!! That’s just intolerance and an overwhelming/disgusting sense of superiority based on nationalism, which is not the kind of attitude I want in a leader.

She doesn’t believe in freedom for the masses and she couldn’t care less about the middle class. All she wants is money in her pockets. That’s why she quit being the Governor. There was a lot more money in book deals and speaking engagements. If anything, this woman is greed-driven and too many people are far too blind to her enslavement to money.

Palin is no more qualified to run this country than my cat. If Palin gets her way, there will be no freedom of speech unless you are a Teabagger (and I don’t mean the sexual kind) or super rich.

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Fresh off her pronouncements on the Fed’s “quantitative easing” and federal aid to the states, Sarah Palin now adds the deficit and Medicare to her Potemkin façade of policy expertise. This is more than a little ironic for the propagator of the “death panels” myth. As it turns out, Ryan’s plan would inevitably lead to the rationing of the Medicare program on which 46 million American seniors now depend.

Hoping to lead the party that tried to block Medicare in the 1960’s and gut it in the 1990’s, Palin is endorsing Ryan’s proposal to cure what ails the health insurance system for millions of American seniors by killing it. When Ryan unveiled his Roadmap back in February, privatization of Medicare was the centerpiece. But because the value of Ryan’s vouchers fails to keep up with the out-of-control rise in premiums in the private health insurance market, America’s elderly would be forced to pay more out of pocket or accept less coverage.

George W. Bush’s disastrous drive to privatize Social Security helped undermine his presidency. Now, in the wake of a Wall Street meltdown that evaporated the retirement savings for countless thousands of Americans, the Republican Golden Boy Ryan is calling for an encore.

Yeah. Ryan is the one Republicans should be considering for president or VP. Go for it.

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