Gen. Paul Ryan launches his war on Big Government

February 4, 2011

In the context of World War II, this was the Doolittle Raid. D-Day still awaits in the future.

I think if House Republicans consisted of Paul Ryan and 241 of his clones, the first round of budget cuts coming out of the House Budget Committee might have been more Rand Paul-esque. Something more in the hundreds of billions of dollars. A grand slam.

But, to mix metaphors, what Ryan did manage is a solid double into the gap, with the runner making it to second base standing up.  Ryan’s plan would save $74 billion relative to the Obama budget, $58 billion in non-security spending and $16 billion below Obama’s request for security spending. Non-security spending would be cut to $420 billion or about $40 billion below current levels with an additional $8 billion added for defense and security needs.

Of course, if these cuts were the end of story, they would be disappointing. But I am sure there will be more to come, hopefully accompanied by proposals to reform entitlements. Not the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end. Just the beginning of the beginning.

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General Ryan is typical of career bureaucrats. They talk like Richard Nixon. Their mantra is obfuscation and hundreds of billions for the military gravy train. Then like Reagan they make people believe they won the Cold War which was really over before ‘Bonzo’ became President. If the so-called
consevatives really are serious about cutting the federal budget they need to take low and middle income people off income taxes; cut the military budget to $400 billion; phase out social security and medicare; repeal voluntary military; repeal the Dept. of Domestic Security; cut out agriculture subsidies; create a Dept. of Nutrition to replace all agencies which deal with food; allow medical professionals to prescribe behavioral drugs; fix the national infrasture asap; get freight of the highways and onto the rails; create a national mass transit system run by electricity generated by nuclear power; turn the District of Columbia back to Maryland and move the federal capitol to the Kansas City area; get rid of the Dept. of Interior; get rid of all socialistic federal programs that denigrate the Bill of Rights; make it illegal to receive a federal pension and work in any other job; set up by law a livable annual income which will enable every citizen to achieve individual self-sufficiency; require States to license any and all healthcare professionals; set up a national healthcare system that people can join to get healthcare, drugs and all other medical services to compete with the private system which now causes inflated healthcare costs; get rid of the FDA and the medical professionals who are in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry. If the pols in DC could pass all of those reforms America would come back if they also dumped the Federal Reserve System which is run by Wall Street and the Judeo-Christian Big Business Coalition of fascist dictators.

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