Mary Meeker’s look at USA Inc.

February 25, 2011

Mary Meeker, the famed technology stock analyst now at venture firm Kleiner Perkins, has produced a ginormous report/PowerPoint presentation that looks at the United States as if it were a corporation. Now there’s little factually in the report that couldn’t be found by perusing the Congressional Budget Office website or the recent report put out by President Barack Obama’s debt commission. And I think her menu of policy recommendations isn’t particularly novel either. I wish, for instance, she had looked at Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan to reform healthcare:


But Meeker and her team sure put together some 400 pages of pretty — and pretty informative — charts.

A look at unfunded obligations:


And a look at where the money is coming from and where it is going to:


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I feel that Ms. Meeker’s presentation is a unique way to understand America’s financial situation. I began an independent project to read the 400-plus pages and write an 8 page summary and analysis on the presentation. Please read the full summary here: 7/summary-of-mary-meekers-usa-inc-financ ial-statement/

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