Obama’s nightmare jobs chart

March 10, 2011

The infamous Bernstein-Romer chart, now updated for political freshness:


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[...] The views represented do not necessarily represent those of the Chicago Daily Observer.] Via James Pethokoukis.Bank Of America Says Half Of Its Mortgages Are “Bad”. More to get through.Washington Post and [...]

[...] Suderman | March 10, 2011 Via Jim Pethokoukis, a freshly updated version of the Obama administration's old chart projecting how unemployment [...]

[...] Pethokoukis passes along the latest update to the infamous administration preduction that unemployment would not rise above [...]

[...] Via Jim Pethokoukis, a freshly updated version of the Obama administration’s old chart projecting how unemployment would look with and without the stimulus—and comparing it to the rather more dismal reality:  [...]

[...] really doesn’t get much clearer than this, does [...]

[...] It is a nightmare for us, not for him. He is probably pleased by this…Obama’s nightmare jobs chart [...]

A real nightmare chart would include unemployment under the proposed GOP plan. It’s even higher than the ‘without recovery plan’ pattern.

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[...] intervention. To the left you can see a slight dated (though the point remains the same) chart from Jame Pethokoukis comparing President Obama’s claims of the effects on employment with and without his [...]