Obama approval now down to 41 percent: Gallup

April 15, 2011

Gallup has Obama’s approval ratings down to 41 percent (with 50 percent disapproving) and just 35 percent among independents. Ratings like this put an incumbent president deep in the red as far as reelection.  They just don’t get reelected with ratings under 48 percent —  and only a 1/3 chance with a rating of 45 percent.



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It seems that Obama the campaigner and Obama the President have parted ways. The campaigner has to raise money from a disgruntled liberal base in order to finance his reelection. He is counting on the lack of public understanding of the taxation of S Corporations to hide the fact that “taxing the wealthy” is really the taxing of 300,000 small businesses who represent the majority of the hiring. We need an overhaul of the tax code to correct the inequities of the current system. There I believe that Paul Ryan is right.

My guess is that, after his nomination, Obama will swing his public image back to the center much to the frustration of his progressive base just as he has done a number of times during his term. Remember, Obama is the product of Chicago politics!

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He’s still ten points ahead of Congressional Republicans, who are still one point BEHIND Congressional Democrats. Obama is polling ahead of everyone, James.

Shouldn’t your article be titled, “Congressional Republicans Approval Now Down To 31 Percent: Gallup”?

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