Just how beatable is Obama?

May 10, 2011

Peter Wehner of Commentary gives the tale of the tape:

We are now in the fifth month of Barack Obama’s third year in office. Unemployment is at 9.0 percent. We’re about 7 million jobs short of where things stood when Obama took office. Economic growth in the first quarter was 1.8 percent. Housing prices have fallen for 57 consecutive months. Only one in three Americans approve of the way Obama is handling the economy, the lowest point since he took office, and nearly eight in 10 American are less optimistic about the economy than they were a few months ago.

David Axelrod is anxious, and he’s right to be. His friend, the president, is caught in a political tractor beam from which few, if any, public officials escape. The only way to likely to overcome it is if the economy shows signs of a strong recovery. That has yet to happen, and one cannot help but think it may never happen, in the Obama presidency. If that ends up being the case—if a year from now the economy is more or less in the same condition as it was two years ago, last year, and what it is now—Obama will be the easiest incumbent to beat since 1980. It’s not impossible for Republicans to lose such an election, but it would be mighty hard.

I would add in how higher gas and food prices are just flat out killing incomes.  But certainly if the next 15 months looks like the past five months, things would look quite promising for the GOP.

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Barack Obama is as unbeatable as FDR was. Barack Obama is the greatest president we’ve had since FDR. His health care bill would have been enough to enshrine him in the “greatest presidents” club but when he killed Osama Bin Laden he moved himself into a unique category. No rerpublican stands a chance against Barack Obama. Mark Montgomery NYC, NY boboberg@nyc.rr.com

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