First they came for the flash traders …

May 12, 2011

Democrats want to raise taxes on oil companies. They want to slap fees on high-frequency trading firms. And they want to raise taxes by$2 trillion over the next 10 years, including a 3 percent surcharge of millionaires.  All of which will solve nothing since we either need to radically restructure entitlements (such as through the Paul Ryan approach) or hit the middle class with broad new taxes (the true “progressive” approach which they will not fess up to.) For now, though, liberals are focusing on the easy targets for higher taxes: Big Oil, Wall Street and The Rich. But that is not where they will stop …

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Really, using the start of a phrase that stated “First they went after the Communists” then “Trade Unions” and “Jews” (left-wing groups) as a statement about the evils of the Nazis to support a right wing agenda is not just classless, it belittles the evil that was Nazi Germany.

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