My blogging has been particularly light of late. I am visiting several cities in China, including Beijing, Urumqui, Kashgar and Shanghai. I will be back full-force after Memorial Day, though I hope to post from time to time. A few quick thoughts on what has been happening back in the US:

1)  That the Gang of Six is now the Gang of Five is no surprise to me. I just don’t think Democrats have any real interest in reforming Medicare right now. And few Republicans want to raise taxes, even by eliminating so-called tax expenditures.

2) I have been asking the Chinese about the debt ceiling issue. I just don’t sense any panic on their part, even if it mean a brief payment delay. More on this to come.

3) If the Chinese elite had to choose between President Obama and President Jon Huntsman — the former US ambassador to China, I think  Obama is the easy winner there.

4)  And speaking of Huntsman, it seem like is supporting the Ryan Plan, or as least as much as any of the potential presidential candidates has.

Watch this space!