Club for Growth slaps Romney economic record

June 7, 2011

Very tough Club for Growth analysis of Mitt Romney’s economic policy record as governors of Massachusetts. Here is the group’s conclusion:

Because of his long tenure in public life, especially his presidential run in 2008, Mitt Romney is considered a well-vetted candidate by now. Perhaps to his consternation, he has developed an unshakeable reputation as a flip-flopper. He has changed his position on several economic issues, including taxes, education, political free speech, and climate change. And yet the one issue that he doesn’t flip on – RomneyCare – is the one that is causing him the most problems with conservative voters. Nevertheless, he labels himself as a pro-growth fiscal conservative, and we have no doubt that Romney would move the country in a pro-growth direction. He would promote the unwinding of Obama’s bad economic policies, but we also think that Romney is somewhat of a technocrat. After a career in business, quickly finding a “solution” seems to be his goal, even if it means more government intrusion as a means to an end. To this day, Romney supports big government solutions to health care and opposes pro-growth tax code reform – positions that are simply opposite to those supported by true economic conservatives. How much Romney’s philosophy of governance will affect his policy goals if elected, we leave for the voters to decide.

Look, Romney was never going to be the favorite of the Club for Growth. But I didn’t know about this:

In 2003, the Governor refused to endorse the Bush tax cuts, earning the praise of Massachusetts liberal congressman Barney Frank, and was even open to a federal gas tax hike. His strident opposition to the flat tax is most curious and difficult to explain since Romney wasn’t a political candidate at the time. In 1996, he ran a series of newspaper ads in Boston, New Hampshire, and Iowa denouncing the 17% flat tax proposed by then presidential candidate Steve Forbes as a “tax cut for fat cats.” In 2007, Romney continued to oppose the flat tax with harsh language, calling the tax “unfair.”

But the polls today have some great new for Romney (via the WaPo): “Among all Americans, Obama and Romney are knotted at 47 percent each, and among registered voters, the former governor is numerically ahead, 49 percent to 46 percent.”






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Club says:

“Romney supports big government solutions to health care and opposes pro-growth tax code reform – positions that are simply opposite to those supported by true economic conservatives.”

This is bull. Romney is the leader when it comes to tough and difficult situations such as the priority of liberty versus personal responsibility.

This is where Libertarians and some economic conservatives get it WRONG.

Economic conservatives seem VERY content on having the tax payer shell out millions of dollars for emergency care while health care costs escalate.

Romney is right to require a choice that addresses personal responsibility.

You see… that is the REAL issues that Conservative groups refuse to tackle because their philosophies are muddled and not clear.

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I’m sick of this biased reporter being given a column to write on. He should be on fox news where apparently he is aiming for anyway. Get him the hell off of this site.

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We havent seen “pro growth” tax policy since Eisenhower. Shoving the burden down to the ever expanding poor is class warfare. The Club for Growth only cares about growing the investment accounts of their corporate benefactors and overlords. This author is quite obviously shilling for the 1%. Time to filter him out of my news feeds.

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All I know is this—-Clinton raised taxes, and we had the best Economy in decades, surplus instead of deficit, JOBS, JOBS, JOBS !

As for Romney—How do you look at his taking his State down to #47 in the Nation in Job Creation, and the fact that he raised FEES on everything in the State as to a good Economic Record???? You don’t ! Romney sucked at Economics, and he will do so with the National one.

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