The U.S. jobs gap

July 5, 2011

This chart from the Heritage Foundation kind of says it all:


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Jobs can only be created if the policy to keep the jobs are designed for American workers. The Economists keeps arguing that with open markets and open trade we gain jobs. That is pure bull. Since this policy has been adopted we have always lost jobs over all. We may get few new jobs but we lose a lot more then we gain. besides we gain lower pay jobs. Our consumers demand should be designed to produce the products here at home and keep the jobs for our workers instead of cheap labor from other nations. Trying to make the world economies work for each other can back fire because we do not control the economies or the policies of other nations. The world is taking the advantage of US markets while the American corporations are making big profits and seem happy but the American workers are getting destroyed in this senseless game of bottom line profits. It’s time people figure out a better way to go forward otherwise we will be finished soon. The deficits are the result of the same policy blunder for Americans shipping jobs overseas to China and India. We send our money to other nations a whole lot more then we are able to get other nations to buy our services and products. This is common sense issue. These new economic experts are stupid trying to manipulate the game and experimenting with people lives in designing policies.

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Big Surprise….

You have a Marxist Regime purposely trying to destroy the middle class and everything with it … they are succeeding

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Duh it’s all George Bushes fault. Everyone knows he secretly controlling Obamas anti business policy! DUH

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[…] Obama announces his Candidacy for 2012. reuters rendition: James Pethokoukis | Analysis & Opinion | "payroll employment today is 5% lower than it was before the recession began 41 months ago, […]

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In the 70’s and 80’s we grew because our demand at home that we produce at home. Now we have already shipped our jobs out to India and China and Europe. The demand cannot go up due to unemployment and lack of money in the American consumers hand. Because all the money is in China and India and the workers in those nations. We only have McDonalds jobs here in the US.

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We wont ever recover until we deal with the realities of todays global economy. China, India and other emerging markets have far far far more business friendly environments, aka lower corporate taxes and much much lower regulations allow these countries to become attractive investments, and so the capital flows to these places.

Here in America, our government is openly hostile to business and making profits, so less investment capital comes here…. If liberals were really serious about creating jobs here at home they would agree to create a climate that competes with China for jobs and capital, but unfortunately, the party in power is still chasing an anti-business narrative, which we will all pay for by a lower standard of living, higher debt, and an economy designed for a third world.

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[…] headline, 2nd story, link) Related stories: ‘Worst recovery’ since Great […]

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So, our willingness to pay inflated Union prices for products produced here at home will make our economy stronger? People don’t have the money in their budgets to pay more for what they currently consume. It isn’t a “senseless game of bottom-line profits” that is killing us; it is over burdensome government regulation and rediculous demands from unions that are killing us. And, if you hadn’t noticed, it’s bottom-line profits that keep companies in business (just as the worker has to bring in more than he spends to keep from going bankrupt). When government regulations make it too expensive to do business and make a profit in the US, companies will move away, because consumers simply will not and cannot pay $80 for a $20 pair of shoes. It is basic economics, and when individuals such as yourself refuse to accept that (like the liberals in Washington), the policies that are currently stifling our economy will continue to do so and the recovery will continue to be dismal.

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Corporations do not celebrate workers “getting destroyed,” anymore than corporations pay taxes. The truth is taxes levied on corporations are only paid by their customers. Those that advocate taxing big oil are working to put more taxes on each gallon of gas which ends up hurting the poor more than the rich. If we want industry to return to our country we need to realize that no law or policy is going to change the fact that counties which are more favorable to industry will attract industry. We need to tax honestly by not taxing companies but only taxing citizens and we need to constantly look at our regulations and see if we can achieve a fairer system with less pollution using simpler regulations. The quickest way to innovate with taxes and regulation is to let each state regulate and tax so they compete and the states with the best ideas this year will inspire the states with the worst economies next year to change their laws. A one-size-fits-all form of regulation at the Federal level is the central planning model which focues all union and business bribery/influence at the federal level for the benefit of a few and detriment of the many.

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It is interesting that as the earning power of the middle class has decreased, the length of our recessions have increased.

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As long as the Bilderberg Cartel is pulling the strings of our elected officials, the USA will never recover. Of course, that’s what they want.

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Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have created an environment that is so hostile to corporate America “big business” that the economy will continue to sink as companies go bankrupt or go offshore to avoid the oppressive regulations, taxes, and Unions that the Democrats want to force on them. Capitalism is the engine for job creation, not a Socalism.

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Your chart proves that Obama is a jobs killer.
Nov 2012 kick out nobama [worst pres ever] and all tax and spend politicians. ABO=anybody but obama!

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Hope and change baby….hope and change. How’s that usurper in chief, community organizer in chief and head DECEPTACON working out for all you lazy SOB’s that want to take from everyone else while doing absolutely nothing to contribute to the economy or society. Liberalism/socialism/communism/marxism is a cancer that must be eratdicated from our once great nation before it destroys it.

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Richard Nixon is chortling over the revenge his opening to China is now wrecking upon the nation that scorned him.

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Meanwhile, back in Detroit, at the automaker plants the employee parking lots are full of foreign cars all driven by faithful UAW members. :-)

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Of course the recovery is slow. Businesses have a cloud of uncertainty hanging over them.

If anybody suddenly pops up with improved prospects, they figure they’ll be seen as a target for the next tax bill. That’s not a climate to encourage growth.

This socialist goon in the White House has been a drag on our wonderful country. I don’t care whom the Republicans nominate next year — Bachmann, Romney, Elmer Fudd — that’s where I’m headed on Election Day.


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Blah blah blah Obama blah blah blah blah blah socialist blah destroy country blah blah blah blah Obama blah blah blah Obama blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Rush is right blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Fox News blah blahblahblah blah Obama.

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We have a radical seditious enemy of truth, freedom, liberty, constitution and the USA regime in the white house. The is the exact opposite of Reagan and its the exact opposite outcome. Its time to run the Democrats, Fabian socialists, Marxists, progressives, national socialists, Stalinists, Maoists, Trotskyites and Bolsheviks out of political power.

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Wealth creation, Creates Jos.

The Gov’t steals from the Rich destroys Wealth.

Wealth destruction causes the loss of jobs.

The Governement steals more from the rich and gives it to the increasing number of Jobless.

More jobless, more gov’t need, more wealth destruction, less jobs.

Gov’t isn’t the answer.

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It would have been interesting to see the chart of the 1980 recession extended out the full 41 months like the rest.

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[…] this “debunked” claim.  The recovery has been the slowest of the last fifty years (see nifty graph here) and payroll employment is 5% lower than when the recession began forty-one months ago.  […]

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The reason the 1980 recovery chart isn’t extended out for 41 months is the nation slipped back into recession from ’81 through ’82.

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If you want to fix America Buy American and stop whining about it its the rich elitists who have put us into this mess by wanting more money for themselves So they move jobs overseas to cut costs for themselves not for you.. its all designed to make more more for the rich while you still pay the same prices and higher at the registers.. Most items bought in America are made in CHINA.. The average Chineese worker makes 12cents a a day and thats a low figure… They have no protections poor healthcare and poor union protections. The only way to beat these pricks is to stop buying their foreign garbage and start buying from companies that make stuff in the USA.. This will put American workers back to work.. And its the only thing that will.. Wake up people its you who controls your destiny not the rich not the elite.. And you can fix this problem.. Not your stupid govt which should in most cases be avoided and ignored..

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[…] The stumbling recovery has also proven to be the worst since the economic disaster of the 1930s.” Reuters: Recovery “Far Slower than Normal” – According to Reuters, “Jobs can only be created if the policy to keep the jobs are […]

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[…] Reuters: Recovery “Far Slower than Normal” […]

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That chart is missing three lines:
1: Date Obama was elected President
2: Date President Obama was inaugurated
3: Date the “stimulus” passed

My eyeball line says the line started misbehaving sometime between 1 and 2, but I’d love to see reality.

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[…] Re: Unemployment Rate Rises to 9.2 Percent in June as Hiring Stalls the historically slow recovery, usa today, may 20: Nearly two years after the economic recovery officially began, job creation continues to stagger at the slowest post-recession rate since the Great Depression. The nation has 5% fewer jobs today — a loss of 7 million — than it did when the recession began in December 2007. That is by far the worst performance of job generation following any of the dozen recessions since the 1930s. In the past, the economy recovered lost jobs 13 months on average after a recession. If this were a typical recovery, nearly 10 million more people would be working today than when the recession officially ended in June 2009. Job creation limps along after recession – wjs and reuters see the same historically slow recovery this week: Debt Overhang Slows U.S. Economic Recovery – The Us Jobs Gap | […]

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[…] government started tracking these trends after World War II. Wall Street Journal Online – WSJ The US Jobs Gap Payroll employment today is 5% lower than it was before the recession began 41 months ago. […]

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