James Pethokoukis

China’s black box economy

July 5, 2011

The more you know about Rising China, the more you want to know. Minxin Pei gives some valuable perspective on the nation’s suddenly emerging debt problem:

The U.S. jobs gap

July 5, 2011

This chart from the Heritage Foundation kind of says it all:

What Reaganomics meant to accomplish

July 5, 2011

Excellent piece by Brian Domitrovic of Forbes:

What was the point of Reaganomics? Starving the beast? None of the above. The point was to get the private sector booming. And could we ever use this as an objective today.

America’s missing trillions

July 5, 2011

In the WSJ, David Malpass and  Steve Moore note a disturbing trend in foreign investment in the U.S.:

Why Christina Romer is wrong on taxes

July 5, 2011

President Obama’s economic all-star team from 2009 is all but gone. But it’s the gift that keeps on giving. In yesterday’s NY Times, former White House economist Christina Romer offered a rather strange op-ed in favor of tax increases. The crux of her argument is this:

After Geithner: the speculative short list for the next Treasury secretary

July 1, 2011

Is Timothy Geithner going? Well, lots of news organizations are reporting that the Treasury secretary is considering an exit (Reuters, BloombergWSJ, Politico, NYT). My working assumption has been that he sticks with the administration for the duration. Here’s how Reuters puts it: