James Pethokoukis

Senator Supply-Side?

March 9, 2010

Former Bear Stearns economist David Malpass is considering a run for US Senate in New York. If you believe in the wonder-working power of lower taxes, economic freedom and entrepreneurship, then you would probably find his candidacy an interesting one. The Washington Consensus, of course, is that spending cannot be cut so taxes must rise dramatically. Thus, Malpass would be a contrarian voice inside the Beltway.

Zuckerman for Senate?

March 2, 2010

Heavens, a Mort Zuckerman bid for US Senate in New York would be great fun. Not a guy who loves to press the flesh, but supersmart and interested in getting things done. I just wonder if these CEOs who want to go to Washington fully realize how incredibly boring being a senator is.

Bayh’s good-bye

February 16, 2010

A few thoughts on Evan Bayh’s stunning retirement announcement:

1) It helps move the prospect of a GOP Senate takeover from a fringe idea to consensus. Not there yet, but getting there.

Illinois Senate race … meh

February 3, 2010

Illinois voters are not too thrilled with their choices for US Senate, according to Public Policy Polling: