James Pethokoukis

An obvious tax cut

August 31, 2010

Josh Barro of the Manhattan Institute give a wonderful explanation of the wisdom of indexing capital gains taxes for inflation. Here is  a taste:

Now here is a tax bill I like, mostly

May 4, 2010

The good folks at the Heritage Foundation alert me to a House bill proposed by Republicans Jim Jordan and Jason Chaffetz: Here is what H.R. 5209 would do: 1) Eliminate the tax on capital gains; 2) Reduce corporate income tax to 12.5 percent; 3) Kill the death tax; 4) Immediate expensing of business expenses; 5) Reduce payroll tax by half for 2010.

Greenspan agrees with me: Save the stock market, save the world

December 18, 2009

All year I have been saying a great way to boost the economy is to boost the stock market. Make it easier to raise capital and restores net worth. Now Alan Greenspan is saying the same thing: