James Pethokoukis

Civil War 2.0 may turn governors into presidents

February 24, 2011

Six men with the rank of general during the Civil War went on to become ¬†president of the United States. But a new kind of union battle — one being fought in places like Trenton and Madison and Columbus and Indianapolis — may be forging the next generation of leaders who will ascend to the White House. How state governors fare as commanders in this escalating conflict with Big Government Labor may determine who makes it all the way and who falls short.

Why Chris Christie’s war may determine America’s future

December 20, 2010

Why the combative governor of New Jersey must succeed in dismantling the NJ teachers unions:

Chris Christie’s presidential campaign speech

November 22, 2010

Just substitute “America” for “New Jersey” and replace “North Carolina,” ¬†“Florida” and “Virginia” with “China” and it works pretty well (via New York Magazine):

Christie’s moment of fiscal opportunity

July 12, 2010

The end of this NYTimes piece on N.J. Gov. Chris Christie sums up why Uncle Sam should not bail out the states: