I wrote a Reuters column yesterday about the GOP alternative to Obamacare just offered by Sens. Coburn and Burr and Reps. Ryan and Nunes. Read the column. Study it. Memorize it. But here are a few observations:

1) CBRN would go a long way toward moving the U.S. healthcare system from being employer based to individual based. If you a want to create a consumer-driven healthcare market, that’s a biggie.

2) It shows that GOPers realize that a 1994-style, “just say no” strategy won’t be enough to defeat Obamacrat healthcare reform.

3) The language surrounding the GOP bill does make it almost sound like it is a Democrat bill. That could confuse the public into thinking there are no real differences between the GOP plan and the Obama plan (which seems likely to create a public health plan option), helping the legislative momentum of the latter.

On a side note, here a story about problems with the Mitt Romney-designed Massachusetts healthcare system.