James Pethokoukis

The state of Obama’s approval ratings

July 21, 2010

Well, they’re not good and signal great danger for Democrats in the midterm election. The good folks at RealClearPolitics sums things up nicely:

Peter Orszag, the bizarro David Stockman

June 22, 2010

Peter Orszag never really seemed to want the job as President Barack Obama’s budget chief. His successor should be just as reluctant, having to deal with the fiscal aftermath of the stimulus and healthcare plans.

Rahm Emanuel headed back to Chicago?

June 21, 2010

That is the implication of this UK story about the White House chief of staff. But Marc Ambinder is dubious:

More on the future of Geithner, Summers and the Obama econ team

April 8, 2010

Bruce Bartlett adds this on the speculation about Tim Geithner and Larry Summers:

Why Geithner and Summers may stick around for a while

April 8, 2010

I am writing a column on this, given the rumors about Larry Summers soon departing.  But a few quick thoughts:

The campaign against Larry Summers

January 6, 2010

A quick exit for Larry Summers? That’s the goal of an incipient whispering campaign within segments of his own party. Detractors of the superstar White House  economic adviser blame his deficit-phobia for a skimpy stimulus and resulting jobless recovery in the United States.

Obama vs. Wall Street

December 15, 2009

As usual, Ed Yardeni is exactly on point:

1) While Washington wants them to lend more, the bank examiners sent by Washington’s regulators are all over them to improve their credit quality and to tighten their lending standards.

Why panicky Dems are bailing on Tim Geithner

November 23, 2009

One residual from Timothy Geithner’s rough confirmation back in January — “Turbo Tax Tim” and all that — is that his political position is probably a bit more precarious than that of the typical newbie treasury secretary.

Geithner Resignation Watch: Jamie Dimon Edition

November 23, 2009

Here is what I know, or at least what I think I know after talking with slew of folks today (and an expanded take to come in a bit):

On the calls for Timothy Geithner’s resignation …

November 19, 2009

If Republicans had any fear of the Obama White House on the economy, congressmen wouldn’t be calling for Tim Geithner to resign, much less right to his face as happened today. Then there is Peter DeFazio, the Oregonian Democrat, on MSNBC’s Ed Schultz show when asked if the treasury secretary should resign: