Geopolitical thinker and strategist Tom Barnett is disappointed with the resilience of the global economy and institutions:

As always, I am disappointed that roving gangs don’t roam my streets and we haven’t all been reduced to survivalism. Still waiting on the many wars as well. Not even getting a slew of new leftist governments.

As global recessions go, a complete disappointment for the professional hysterics. But I’m sure it’s a complete anomaly to be explained away. I look forward to the posts, and place my continuing faith in an electronic Pearl Harbor (over a decade now in the frantic predicting/making) that will bring the entire world to its knees overnight, ending life as we know it. Certainly, when it comes, it will render all our current problems completely meaningless in comparison, so I wonder why we’re even bothering to debate healthcare reform.

Me: And all that money I spent on a bug-out bag has been wasted! Wait, there is still Captain Tripps, I mean, the swine flu! And what about peak oil?