James Pethokoukis

Relitigating the 1990s boom

October 19, 2010

Over at e21, former Bush administration official Joel Harris provides a nice reminder about the real  foundation of the 1990s boom. And it was not the Clinton tax increases:

Cocky CEOs have more innovative companies

June 2, 2010

That is the conclusion of this paper, “CEO Overconfidence and Innovation,”out of the University of Toronto:

Silicon Valley getting no love from Obama White House

November 18, 2009

Peter Thiel, billionaire founder of PayPal who now operates a hedge fund and a VC fund:

Is there where economic growth will come from?

September 11, 2009

Barry Ritholtz ticks off ten technologies:

My top 10 list (in order of biggest near term potential):

1. Nano Technology (Think of the line “Plastics” in The Graduate).

2. Green (low carbon) Energy  (generation)

3. Battery technology  (storage)

4. Genomics/Stem Cell Research

5. Web 2.0/3.0 — smaller, niche companies using increased bandwidth

6. Robotics — the continued replacement of humans by machine, for both labor and judgement