James Pethokoukis

A China reality check

October 28, 2009

Thomas PM Barnett makes good sense, as usual:

Japan’s rise and decline should serve as a grim warning to China right now.

Japan got old, but China will get older faster. Japan kept its environment relatively clean, China is trashing its own. Japan built its manufacturing power on excellent goods, China is fly-by-night by comparison (reading a book on that now).

Globalization and war

September 8, 2009

Something to think about  from Tom Barnett when contemplating globalization and the revolt against it:

How global capitalism (and the U.S. military) is defeating Al Qaeda

August 6, 2009

A lengthy post from Thomas PM Barnett always makes it a great day. Here he talks about the video truce offer from Zawahiri, and why it is another sign of Al Qaeda strategic weakness and failure: