James Pethokoukis

‘A whole mess of crazy’ coming from Capitol Hill

November 20, 2009

That is how one Congress watcher from the financial industry describes the current state of affairs, from the Fed audit bill to calls for a transaction tax. I think this William Greider piece gets at the heart of it:

Tobin taxes, the dollar and gold

November 9, 2009

Perhaps the real reason Gordon Brown suggested a securities transaction tax was to tamp down on currency speculation that driven down global currencies vs. gold. Willam Rees-Mogg explains:

A $150 billion a year financial Tobin tax? Really?

October 12, 2009

The idea of a Tobin tax, a tax on financial transactions, is gaing some mo’ in Congress (via WSJ):

Tobin taxes: a bad idea whose time should never come

September 2, 2009

American unions. Democrats, anti-globalization wreckers and British regulators may love the idea of financial transaction, or Tobin, taxes, but not me. Here is why (some of these points came from a great article by  Dan Matthison of Credit Suisse):

Tobin taxes, again

August 27, 2009

If FDIC chief Sheila Bair really wants to cause a regulatory stir, she ought to take a look at what Lord Turner, chairman of the Financial Services Authority, is up to. He wants to trim down the size of the U.K. financial sector (via the Telegraph):