3 numbers spell danger: $100, 3.44, 20

February 24, 2011

If you think the recovery is firm and the risk of deflation has vanished, look at the three following numbers: $100, 3.44 and 20.

Investors should “Viva!” the revolutions

February 22, 2011

Rather than fear the spread of people power revolutions, investors should welcome them.

No jam today or tomorrow for Britain

February 17, 2011

Poor Mervyn King — damned if he doesn’t raise interest rates, futile if he does.

The great bad news of housing reform

February 15, 2011

The reform of U.S. housing finance proposed by President Obama will drive the price of mortgages higher and be a disaster for house prices, construction and the real estate industry.

Bonds, risk and Bernanke’s intentions

February 10, 2011

Will bond investors keep faith with U.S. government debt amid signs of growing global inflation?

Currencies: war, tragedy or farce?

February 8, 2011

Call it what you like — war, tragedy or farce — but the disagreement over global currency exchange rates shows no sign of coming to a peaceful negotiated agreement.

Good luck hedging against inflation

February 3, 2011

Looking to hedge against a spike in inflation? Equities may not be much help.

Neither, for that matter, will you do all that well over the longer haul with bonds, cash or even commodities, at least on the historical evidence. In short, when it comes to investing, inflation is a real drag.

Egypt, inflation and Japan debt crisis

February 1, 2011

Markets are busy speculating on which country might follow Egypt on the revolutionary road, but watch out for the impact on a country where bellies are full and the chances of revolt are exactly nil: Japan.