Equities face hurdles after buyback boom fizzles: James Saft

August 14, 2014

By James Saft

(Reuters) – Share buybacks by U.S. corporations, a key source of support for equity prices in recent years, are slowing, raising questions over why and what it will mean.

The better investors get, the less it avails them

August 13, 2014

Aug 13 (Reuters) – The good news is that active investment
managers are almost certainly better than ever.

ECB has an Italy problem, and vice versa: James Saft

August 12, 2014

By James Saft

(Reuters) – (James Saft is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own)

ECB calls in the consultants. Hurrah?: James Saft

August 7, 2014

Aug 7 (Reuters) – Relax, people, the ECB is going to hire a

You might think that the threat of deflation, a recession in
Italy and some alarming signs of slowing growth in key member
states like Germany would call for action from the euro zone
central bank.

Mature tech companies make you want to GOSOBB

August 6, 2014

Aug 6 (Reuters) – It is hard, often thankless work being a
mature technology company.

Abenomics has two problems – consumers and companies: James Saft

August 5, 2014

Aug 5 (Reuters) – Companies and consumers alike are
declining to play their assigned roles in Abenomics, undermining
Japan’s chances of escaping deflation and economic malaise.

Rising rates not always emerging markets poison

July 31, 2014

July 31 (Reuters) – The taper tantrum was brutal, but rising
rates do not have to mean lousy performance for emerging

Fed to widen Main St/Wall St gap: James Saft

July 30, 2014

July 30 (Reuters) – The Federal Reserve carried on its merry
tapering on Wednesday, and though the accompanying statement was
probably rightly viewed as dovish it signals a potential sting
down the road.

Trade may be flagging, global growth at risk: James Saft

July 29, 2014

July 29 (Reuters) – While most investors are transfixed by
trying to anticipate the next jurisdiction-hopping, tax-driven
merger, there are small but growing signs that global growth may
be headed for a slowdown.

Coming up: five lean but volatile years: James Saft

July 24, 2014

July 24 (Reuters) – Even adjusting for extraordinarily low
interest rates, global equities are expensive and finding
double-digit annual real returns over the next five years is
going to be tough.