For Greece and euro, much hangs on a word – insolvent: James Saft

February 3, 2015

Feb 3 (Reuters) – Much hangs on the interpretation of a
word, and in the case of Greece and the euro zone that word is:

Alibaba combines China and hot stock risks: James Saft

January 29, 2015

Jan 29 (Reuters) – If the political risk of Alibaba isn’t
enough for you, maybe the very considerable execution risk will

Conflicts of interest make the markets go round

January 28, 2015

Jan 28 (Reuters) – Money managers, because they do their job
with an eye to their own bottom line, tend to drive over-valued
assets higher and undervalued ones lower.

ECB QE, small but imperfectly formed: James Saft

January 22, 2015

Jan 22 (Reuters) – QE, European Central Bank style, passed
the markets test but will have a harder time doing as well for
the euro zone economy or the currency union project.

Central banks are not your friends: James Saft

January 21, 2015

Jan 21 (Reuters) – Investors are feeling a rather unfamiliar
sentiment towards central banks: betrayed.

ECB QE set up for disappointment: James Saft

January 20, 2015

Jan 20 (Reuters) – Rarely has a major market event been as
expected as quantitative easing from the European Central bank;
rarer still has something been so likely to underwhelm.

SNB remains neutral, surrenders: James Saft

January 15, 2015

Jan 15 (Reuters) – The Swiss National Bank’s surrender to
markets argues that next week’s Greek election and European
Central Bank meeting will bring much danger and volatility.

Diversification, a bet on human ingenuity

January 14, 2015

Jan 14 (Reuters) – To diversify investments is to bet on,
rather than against, human ingenuity.

Kaisa an object lesson in the perils of China: James Saft

January 13, 2015

Jan 13 (Reuters) – The apparent default of leading property
developer Kaisa Group Holding Ltd shows clearly just how badly
global investors are at pricing China risks.

SNB faces test amid euro woes: James Saft

January 8, 2015

By James Saft

(Reuters) – The somewhat forlorn euro has a friend in the Swiss National Bank, an ally that is unlikely to be well pleased by having to play defender.